Why Do Western Governments Favor Immigrant-Invaders Over Law-Abiding Citizens?

Paul Craig Roberts – paulcraigroberts.org Dec 5, 2019

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NOTE: Some readers have asked why I’m not writing about the impeachment proceedings. The answer is that there are no grounds for impeachment. This is a purely partisan exercise of power by the House Democrats and the presstitutes. It is a pointless exercise as I cannot imagine that the Senate would convict a President on the basis of complaints by Jewish bureaucrats that Trump won’t let them run US foreign policy the way Israel wants.

The House Democrats are not sincere. Their hope is that some mud will stick on Trump and affect his reelection chances. Probably also the CIA is using its media assets to run an experiment to see if Americans are sufficiently braindead that a media campaign can succeed in bringing down a President despite the absence of any offense or evidence. It is a test to see the extent to which the presstitutes can be used to create a generalized false reality. I doubt it will succeed. As Russiagate failed to convince the public, the public is likely to see the second attempt to unelect Trump as another hoax.

As for the subject of today’s column, European governments have destroyed the quality of life for their own citizens by importing huge numbers of rape-prone men from cultures that are too different from European culture to assimilate. European women especially are paying a very high price for the idiotic policy of the European governments. Scandinavian readers in particular have asked me to report on the plight of women in Scandinavia as domestic media and police are not permitted to reveal that the extraordinary explosion in rape is due to immigrant-invaders and that the rapists are seldom punished.

Swedish police officer Peter Springare, frustrated by the blackout of migrant-invader crime statistics by the Swedish government which has refused to publish official statistics for over a decade, revealed that almost all of the explosion in major crimes, rapes, and gang-rapes are the result of the government’s immigration policy. Officer Springare was denounced as a racist, reported to the police and subjected to an internal investigation for inciting racial hatred. A police communications manager actually said that Springare had possibly harmed the public’s trust in the police by telling the truth. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2018/02/14/swedish-whistleblower-cop-notice-gang-rape-cultural-phenomenon/

The rape situation is out of control both in Sweden and Norway. Women are actually raped on street corners and on ferryboats despite the presence of other people who fail to intervene either out of fear of violence by the immigrant-invaders or fear of being charged with a hate crime for interfering with the immigrant-invaders’ pleasure. As rapes by migrant-invaders are seldom punished, recently a rape of a young Swedish girl was livestreamed on Facebook while it took place.

Sweden has the highest incidence of rape of all countries except Lesotho. Norway ranks 10th, which is extremely high considering that there are about 200 countries. Moreover, only one-tenth of rapes in Norway are believed to be reported. If the incidence of rape in Norway is based only on reported rapes, then Norway would have the highest incidence of rape in the world.

In both Sweden and Norway feminist government officials are more determined to protect the immigrant-invaders than they are to protect women from being raped. The likely reason is that the governments do not want to have to acknowledge the total failure of their policy about which they had ample warnings. The governments protect the rapists as a way of protecting themselves.

Why Do Western Governments Favor Immigrant-invaders Over Law-abiding Citizens?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has never represented Germans. She represents Washington, the CIA, and immigrant-invaders. Recently she gave a speech in the German parliament in which she put the right of immigrant-invaders not to be offended above the free speech of Germans. In Merkel’s sick mind, for German citizens to complain about the cost of supporting immigrant-invaders and the rape of German women by immigrant-invaders is offensive to the immigrant-invaders. She calls this spreading hatred and violating the dignity of immigrant-invaders. The violated dignity of raped German women is not her concern. Neither are the raped budgets of the German taxpayers. https://voiceofeurope.com/2019/12/merkel-claims-freedom-of-speech-must-be-limited-to-maintain-a-free-society/

In once Great Britain criminal jihadists are released early from prison because a “compassionate” justice system doesn’t want to marginalize the immigrant-invaders. It is only guiltless Julian Assange who is kept in prison.

The hapless Swedish population are the Europeans who are the worst afflicted by the importation of diversity. Swedish women are afraid to leave their homes. According to some reports only 7% of immigrant-invader rapists are convicted. Conviction would make the poor dears feel unwanted and unappreciated. The idiot Swedish government actually works to attract gang-rapists into Sweden by advertising the benefits available to immigrant-invaders. Little doubt that the absence of punishment for rape ranks up there with free housing and food.

The advocates of immigrant-invaders say the high numbers of Swedish rapes are the result of Swedish husbands raping their Swedish wives. The official position is that only racists and white supremacists complain about immigrant-invader rapists.


Swedish “justice” lets rapists of 11-year old girl go free:


When the rare and light punishment of migrant-invaders for rape is compared to the destruction of white Julian Assange who was never even accused of rape, it is clear that justice in Sweden is race-based. I know of no statistics to consult, but I bet white ethnic Swedes who rape are punished more severely than immigrant-invaders.

When migrant-invaders gain citizenship, they feel freer to rape:




12 year old undergoes endless rape by immigrant-invaders in UK:


South Africa now very dangerous for white population:

The presstitute media doesn’t report these stories out of fear of being labeled “white supremacist” or out of fear of validating “white supremacists’ concerns.” Little doubt “white supremacist” will now be added to my collection of libelous labels bestowed on me by those determined to control their false explanations.

The Obama regime made sure Americans also experienced the joys of multiculturalism by importing large numbers of immigrant-invaders and dumping them on the taxpayers of American communities. There is suspicion that Obama used immigrant-invaders to build Democratic Party constituencies. Minnesota got a lot of Somalis, as did Maine. The presstitute media tell lies about how well it is going for everyone and how the immigrants are restoring and rebuilding declining America. Occasionally a bit of truth gets out:


The strength of a country is in the unity of the people, not in their division. It is extraordinary that as Washington becomes more aggressive abroad, it supports division at home. With Identity Politics teaching hatred, how is America’s multicultural military going to function? Try to imagine an Arab army consisting of Sunnis and Shiites. The soldiers would be too busy fighting one another to attend to the opposing army. A divided army is what Identity Politics will create for America.

Assimilation is required if a country of diverse ethnicities is not to become a Tower of Babel. In the US an English population was able to assimilate Irish, Italians, and Polish peoples by having periods of no immigration. Moreover, all were from a Christian European culture. Today the situation is much more challenging. Somalis and Muslims are culturally different from Western populations, and assimilation is considered racist white superiority. The result is separate populations with the recent arrivals claiming to be victims of the white population. It is a sign of insanity that everywhere in the Western world governments are trying to marry unassimilable ethnicities, many of whom are victims of the West’s bombing and invasion of their home countries, with Identity Politics. This is a recipe for the destruction of Western countries.

The leftwing thinks that this is a good thing. Just as libertarians think that people in government are evil but people in private business are good, the leftwing thinks that white people are evil, but people of color are good. For libertarians getting rid of government is the solution. For the leftwing getting rid of white people is the solution. We see, especially in Sweden and Germany, white governments favoring immigrants over the native ethnic Swedish and German populations.

I am sure that white ethnicities have much to answer for. For example, as soon as the war criminal Union generals Sherman and Sheridan destroyed the South, they turned on the native Plains Indians. To become acquainted with the crimes of the Union Army against America’s native populations, read The Long Death: The Last Days of the Plains Indians by Ralph K. Andrist. https://www.amazon.com/Long-Death-Last-Plains-Indians/dp/0806133082/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2VKQOC72YMBDI&keywords=the+long+death+the+last+days+of+the+plains+indians&qid=1575508971&s=books&sprefix=the+long+death%2Caps%2C366&sr=1-1

But blacks and Muslims also have much to answer for. In the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, the black Hutus killed one million black Tutsis. The religious divide between Sunni and Shiite has led to numerous deaths, and the lack of Arab unity has permitted Western and Israeli colonizers to dominate Muslim lands. The disunity of Arabs makes them impotent.

Identity Politics has invented the fake news of a “white race.” There is no more a white race than there is a black race. There are numerous white ethnicities, most of whom have been at war with one another for centuries. The same for blacks. The international black slave market was the creation of the black King of Dahomey’s slave wars. He sold his surplus first to Arabs and then to Europeans. Yet in Identity Politics, it is the nonexistent “white race” that is responsible for slavery.

Very few interest groups are served by truth. But many are served by lies. As interest groups control the media and the Internet, lies take precedence over truth. Truth-tellers are excoriated. Once they are labeled, usually falsely, “holocaust deniers,” their friends abandon them in order to survive. When former President Jimmy Carter’s book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid https://www.amazon.com/Palestine-Peace-Apartheid-Jimmy-Carter/dp/0743285034/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=Jimmy+Carter&qid=1575576459&s=books&sr=1-5 , was published, all the Jews on the Carter Center’s board resigned. The Israel Lobby branded Jimmy Carter an anti-semite.

It seems to me that Israel creates its own enemies by branding those who give Israel good advice “anti-semites” and “holocaust deniers.” Jimmy Carter gave Israel good advice, and the Israel Lobby demonized him.

According to world polls, the two most despised countries in the world are Israel and the United States. The rest of the world has reduced the “axis of evil” to Israel and America. Yet both governments advertise themselves as the “chosen people” who are above both their own law and international law. Both governments expect the rest of the world to submit to them.

One can understand the self-satisfaction of Israel. Of all the countries in the world, only the Israeli government has enough sense to prevent non-Jewish immigration. Israel is a land for Jews only. The Palestinian citizens of Israel are being prepared to be cast out of their citizenship or any effective utilization of such.

In terms of the values of today, one has to admire the steadfastness of the Israeli Zionists. They have conquered a land and built a country for Jews during the years that the European ethnicities have destroyed their own countries by making them “multi-cultural.” There is no such thing as multi-cultural Israel.

As a person accused of anti-semitism and being a holocaust denier despite my many Jewish friends and supporters and despite that I have never investigated The Holocaust, I attest to my admiration for Israel, a tiny state with a tiny population that is able to control the foreign and in many respects the domestic policy of the entirety of the Western world, most of the Arab world, and also parts of the foreign policy of the Russian government.

It is impossible not to admire Israel’s ability to dominate. Unlike former great empires, only Israel has been able to conquer the entirety of the Western world and also parts of the Russian government.

For such a tiny percentage of the world population to achieve such domination over the world suggests that they are indeed God’s Chosen People. By comparison, Americans are nothing. Americans don’t even count in the importance of things.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

16 responses to “Why Do Western Governments Favor Immigrant-Invaders Over Law-Abiding Citizens?”

  1. The greater Israel project sometimes known as the Road Map,
    is the flushing out of all non jews from the Middle east, they are pushed anywhere that will have them.
    These folk have seen their countries, homes and families bombed terrorised and driven out.
    Many towns and cities in the UK are now No go zones for whites, areas of Luton Bristol Manchester Bolton and several others are now foreign.
    NHS figures show there are now far more of them than us here.
    Our traitorous and racist governments have done to to us, they have played the racist card in spades,
    Many of the folk i know only voted Labour as they were told labour was anti semitic,
    which is a lie.
    The road map stage 2 was covered 2 years back on the Moshe Solomons hour, where he interviewed Dr David Cohen, they showed that what is coming is race riots like you have never seen.
    An honest British politician broke ranks from the NWO controllers and warned us some years ago, Enoch Powell the man loved by all sections of the British community
    was given the graveyard post, e g Northern ireland minister and told by Pervert Edward Heath if he spoke again there could be a nice car accident lined up for him

  2. I don’t think that “God” has had anything to do with Israel achieving such domination over the world — more likely a consistent satanic influence.

  3. Its interesting that you criticize Israel yet defend Assange who has so far has himself never dared mention the rothschilds fiefdom. Indeed didn’t he point blank refuse to discuss 9/11 stating that Wikileaks only publicises “Real Conspiracies”? I would suggest that Russiagate and the latest impeachment farce a merely ploys to destroy the democrats once and for all and America will then be a one party state. The same thing is happening in Britain as labour implodes along with the royal family. The coudenhove kalergi/ Frankfurt school plan is now well advanced as every nations identity gets swamped by immigrant savages.

  4. You have to ask why Jewish Power is so great. My experience is that they help each other, to a point where it is harmful to gentiles.

  5. The evil attack in Maine is just like my high school days, although the ratiio was generally five to one.

    This scene could have best been dealt with via a semi-auto shotgun loaded with low velocity rock salt.


  6. (And a quick getaway vehicle.)


  7. It is “cultural” differences that cause the problems not peoples skin colour.
    If you want to wear dessert gear, long kaftan, sandals and turban while shopping in the rain in Tesco you are only going to make me think, why the Hell did you come to Scotland.

  8. So Paul Craig Roberts admires the Jews for bringing about the destruction of Western Civilization…..interesting.

  9. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) describes the problem very well. Then in some way he blames Israel for some problems, but he never really criticizes Israel and ZioBankster Jews in the Western World. The real problem in all this is that Jews and Crypto-Jews control all these countries and can not be criticized. If PCR really criticized them, his career would be over and he would be in jail like Julien Assange. Ironically, Sweden and most of Europe are suffering from a form of Stockholm syndrome. Europe’s Christian white people are being subjected to repeated, continuous and unending machine gun like abuse in order for the Jews to get rid of whites, Christians and the family. Ironically, Israel implements Hitler’s policy of national pride and purity, while they force diversity and multiculturalism without assimilation on everyone else. Hitler knew how to get rid of the JEW and the JEWS do not want the goyim to know. This article is the closest PCR has come to criticize the JEW. Wonder what may happen to him in the future?

  10. So now we know where his loyalties truly belong. “Whites” commit atrocities. “Whites” are destroying their own countries. “Whites” are evil. The devil-jew really is g-d’s favourite (g-d being the ANTI-god, usually known as the devil).

    It’s difficult to answer such BS while keeping my language polite. If this jew-worshipper likes the devil’s own COWARDS and PARASITES so much, he should go and live with them. Oh, no though. They won’t let him because he’s not of their (manufactured) “tribe”.

    Better stop there before my anger causes me to say something I shouldn’t.

  11. Thank You for your article. Always insightful, especially on the issue of European Governments self deceit.
    Please, I will beg to differ on your concluding sentence “that Jewish are Gods Chosen People”. You know quite well that this is a lie. The People occupying that Land has nothing to do with the real ISRAEL, they are KHAZARIANS. The Religion they practice was adopted in place of their Pagan Culture. They have no relationship whatsoever with Land. They are of Eastern European Stock.

  12. Dear Mr. PC Roberts,

    I was compelled to make a minor addition to one of your paragraphs, for the sake of completeness. I hope you will appreciate my effort to be more comprehensive…

    Other than that, I thank you for your very well written article. I agree with a lot of what you bring to the fore, be it somewhat belatedly.

    New and improved paragraph for Mr. Roberts`article:

    “As a person accused of anti-semitism and being a holocaust denier despite my many Jewish friends and supporters and despite that I have never investigated The Holocaust, I attest to my admiration for Israel, a tiny state with a tiny population that is able to control the foreign and in many respects the domestic policy of the entirety of the Western world, most of the Arab world, and also parts of the foreign policy of the Russian government” through bribery, blackmail, extortion, murder, mass-murder, the
    control of the money supply, propaganda, the promotion of degeneracy, the dumbing
    down of humanity, terrorism in all its forms, all that and more, while destroying the biosphere for fun and profit and blaming the whole mess on the powerless and soon to be voiceless mind-controlled slaves.


    P.S.: You’re welcome.

  13. The same people who tell you americans are citizens of a “Democracy” , when Ben Franklin told them bluntly that they had a REBUBLIC if they could keep it, have tried their best as traitors to the country to Make Israel and it’s false theocracy ruled by a false god rule as the fools jabber like chimps, as they have become.

  14. Most of the deluge were people herded out of Syria as part of the huge destabilization, destruction, and land-clearance programs in that nation, mainly for future prospects of Israel and of course, the Rothschild empire. Turkey still has hundreds of thousands mainly in camps. Also, tens of thousands were induced with money, promises of jobs, and transportation, by Soros and UN NGO’s (all Rothschild globalist) from other ME nations and from northern Africa to flood into European nations, either for cover for their huge heinous land-clearance, and ethnic cleansing operation in Syria, or simply to further the globalist attack on the nations of the north. It is so obvious what they have been up to and because the people in the northern nations are so dumbed down, brainwashed, and neutered, they just keep allowing their bankster puppet leaders to keep on devastating their nations, and making them want to leave. I thought until recently that the rational for the influx was probably also to do with the desire for low-cost labour in order to make northern nations more competitive with Asian nations, and also to supplement the birth dearth in dying European nations, but when you focus on the numbers from Syria, it becomes more obvious of exactly how duplicitous and diabolical our leaders actually are.

  15. I studied the holocaust after I watched the movie about the last lady gassed in America when I was about 12. So in one of the rare times Mr ju released some good ol viewing on the tube(oops please excuse flat screen) it worked against him. I deny the scam like I deny sour milk. So to hear the PRC say he never studied it yet denies it brings virtuous joy. PRC is pretty connected when his rhetoric extends this far you know something is up he latched onto and is being careful about it.
    Barney I witnessed (observance is the timeline of God, God saw through all) my fellow westerners behavior after 9/11 and what a disgrace it was, everybody was saying let’s go get em, as reason just seemed to float over their shoulders like salt.
    So to not acknowledge what PRC is saying is bearing false witness and a form of complete denial.
    Gadaffi RIP and many others warned of the backlash in unprecedented accuracy and you didn’t listen then you’re not listening now.
    Anyway it’s all about China now take your best crack of the whip(shot) go on I dare you.

  16. Did not Merkle, the commie jewess, just visit Auschwitz for the first time, where she donated millions of euros, probably German taxpayers`euros, to “hollocaust survivors”?

    @Fred B, Brizer, @Mamis Shit, recently supplied a reason why Africans are being immigrated out of Africa. The “global elite” want to use Africa to produce food supplies, which will be controlled by said “global elite”..