Stockholm: Elderly Residents Kicked Out of Apartments to Make Way For Migrants

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News Dec 4, 2019

Dozens of elderly residents were forced to leave their apartments in an area of Stockholm after the block was closed, only to be re-opened again for migrants to replace them.

Residents at Dianagården were told they would have to leave because the toilets in the facility were 5cm too small to comply with regulations.

However, soon after the 48 apartments were emptied, they were filled with newly arrived migrants.

“It was later revealed that politicians planned that immigrants would instead move into the premises,” reports Fria Tider

In 2015, Sweden accepted more refugees per capita than any other country, and despite worsening problems with sexual assaults, grenade attacks and violent crime, the inflow shows no sign of being seriously restricted.

A recent opinion poll found that the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats are now the most popular party in Sweden. The Sweden Democrats would get 24.2% of the votes if an election was held today, beating the ruling Social Democrats.

Back in October, Leif Östling, former CEO of trucking company Scania, warned that Sweden is heading towards civil war due to uncontrolled mass immigration.

“We’ve taken in far too many people from outside. And we have. Those who come from the Middle East and Africa live in a society that we left almost a hundred years ago,” he said.


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5 responses to “Stockholm: Elderly Residents Kicked Out of Apartments to Make Way For Migrants”

  1. Being a majority and the descendant of thousands of years of ancestors owning the land, and you are kicked out of your own home for immigrants who have contributed nothing to a nation, is criminally insane.

  2. Is it not better for the entire country Sweden to swap country with one of the countries of “the poor and distressed migrants”? It will save lives and costs, indeed.

    I can imagine the Swedish people making a country swap, for instance taking over Mali, or Libya, or other parts of Northern Africa or Afghanistan.
    They will bring their brands Volvo, Scania, Saab and other valuable assets with them of coure to their new home-country. Can you imagine to see all these Volvos, Scanias, Saabs with their combustian motors running through the Sahel and other parts of Africa or Afghanistan. Their new home country will have no problems with the socalled Climate Change hoax for that is only in the West with are taxing the people with “Carbon Tax” as the results be used to save the Banksters again.

    Of course they will leave the current government in its finally “Islamic Kingdom of Sweden”. They have been the insentive for the Swedes to swap country and live a normal life.
    I think the idea is good and it sounds good.

    Maybe a combination move with Norway which have the same style and attitude toward Migrants.
    In their new country there are no more killings, no more rapes of white women anymore and the migrants in Sweden are finally self supporters and have their new islamic republic, with king.

    And, finally the globalist socialist communist Swedish Government can have a quite sleep at nighttimes. Their orders from Higher Hand have been fulfilled.
    They can from then on be assured at any election they will win and stay in government.
    Maybe a good idea for the German people as well?

    I suggest that is called mission accomplished.

  3. It is far more than plainly obvious unless one has their head stuck in a latrine that the present immigration program for Europe is too destroy national boundaries enabling a faster approach to the New World Order. The leaders of these countries who are supposed to represent its people ( who do not want this forced immigration ) are either bought out, threatened, or are New World Order stooges.

  4. One problem I can see in that argument is that if a country swap took place and immigrants did indeed fully populate Sweden , it wouldn’t be long before Sweden would be trashed by the new occupiers . They wouldn’t be able to sustain anything other than a very basic /barter economy . It would , in short , collapse and those generations of migrants by now disaffected would seek new pastures and perhaps attempt to rejoin the Swedes in their new country . The only outcome is likely to be armed conflict …civil war .

  5. But when it collapses the cold will get to the new occupiers and they will want to return to where their descendants came from. The circle of life!