France adopts resolution equating ‘anti-Zionism’ with ‘antisemitism’

The New Arab – Dec 3, 2019

France’s parliament voted late on Tuesday to adopt a definition of anti-semitism that includes anti-Zionism, prompting angery from activists who believe it will restrict legitimate criticisms of Israel.

French lawmakers adopted the controversial bill, which was tabled by Paris MP Sylvain Maillard from Emmanuel Macron’s La Republique en Marche centrist party, with 154 votes against 72.

The resolution adopts the definition issued by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), which states that some criticism of Israel could be anti-semitic.

“Anti-Zionist acts can sometimes obscure anti-semitic realities,” the resolution says.

“Criticising the very existence of Israel as a collective composed of Jewish citizens is tantamount to hatred towards the Jewish community as a whole; just like collectively holding Jews accountable for the policies of the Israeli authorities is an expression of antisemitism,” it adds.

“Such abuses increasingly make anti-Zionism ‘one of the contemporary forms of antisemitism’ in the words of the president of the republic.”

The resolution, like the IHRA definition, is careful to state that “pointing out such abuses in no way prevents otherwise free criticism of the Israeli government’s policies and positions”.

Critics – which include the government’s human rights watchdog the Commission nationale consultative des droits de l’homme – believe this claim is questionable.

Dozens of Jewish intellectuals slammed the new French bill saying it “delegitimises the legitimate act of criticising the state of Israel”, France 24 reported.

James Cohen, a Jewish professor at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris was one of 127 signatories of the petition, which he dubbed as “problematic”.

“[…] by equating antizionism with anti-Semitism, you’re broadening the definition of antisemitism too much […] you’re going very far afield,” he said in an interview to France 24.

“Some of the people out there who oppose the policies of the state of Israel, who may even oppose the existence of the state of Israel, might also be anti-Semitic […] but that should not delegitimise the legitimate act of criticising the policies of the state of Israel,” he added.

“And when it comes to the existence of the state of Israel, there are questions that need to be asked whether a one-state solution or a two-state solution could be viable. Why should this discussion not be open?”


6 responses to “France adopts resolution equating ‘anti-Zionism’ with ‘antisemitism’”

  1. In the area of london i live stories of anti semitism in the labour party made a lot of folk go out and vote for them

  2. If you let any one exclusive group or tribe control the money supply, the media, the politicians you no longer have any kind of real democracy, freedom, or justice. You have a ruling elite exercising all that power which has made themselves exempt from criticism. This is the beginning of massive mistrust and chaos and it will end very badly for everyone.

    The British Resistance to the NWO has a long history, When King Harold was in the North of England fighting his half brother, The Jews financed William the conquerors army to cross the channel and make a base
    which they successfully used to take Britain.
    Hereward the Wake had a guerilla army in the Fenlands who fought the Normans, but they were betrayed by the Bishop of Ely and slaughtered.
    The jews erected harsh terms for financial payments and when their wealth rivalled the kings, the King expelled them all in 1290, they were not readmitted until Oliver Cromwell needed to modernise his army in 1656.
    The jews had a long standing curse to kill the king, Cromwell did not want to do this but in 1649 the king was killed to appease the jews.
    The crusades were fermented encouraged and intrigued by the same jews who lent money at vast interest rates to fight these wars, at one time there were so many waifs and orphans on the streets that the jews orchestrated a ” childrens crusade” to go to the Holy Land in 12 12.
    The farmlands of the Fenlands has always been a hotbed of resistance to the NWO agenda, and there was resentment in Britain when the lowest paid workers saw how much Adolf Hitler had raised the wages of these workers in Germany, and there was much envy, so much so that a local landowner Sir Andrew Fountaine promised economic parity with German workers just after the war
    in a local election, it was said by vote counters Sir Andrew won the election but he was seen by government as being on a neo nazi ticket so they squeezed in the labour candidate by a small margin, Churchill was so outraged by the success of the German bombing in the area that he claimed these men were signalling to German planes by leaving tractor tyre marks and burning brushwood to point the way, Churchill was stopped from bombing these men and the workers on the Queens Sandringham estate, by the intervention of Lord Lindeman, the cut out man between Churchill and his handler Lord Rothschild, who blamed Churchill’s alcoholism.
    The 2 centres for stopping the war on Germany were the Fenlands of East Anglia and Shropshire
    where many folk did not want to fight a war on Germany for the jews.
    It has been airbrushed from history just how many men were arrested in dawn raids and never seen again, Beafeaters at the Tower of London say a lot of graves suddenly appeared in W W 2.
    The Ely Cathedral is in the heart of the Fenland’s and it is this area where resistance was greatest,and renovation work undertaken just 4 years ago in Cathedral buildings which were used as an RAF hospital in W W 2 for both injured airmen and VD sufferers revealed a mass of anti-Churchill graffiti.
    An incident which again has been airbrushed out was the blowing up of an ammunition train on 2nd of June 1944 in Soham where 400 tons of bombs destined for D day exploded in cargo wagons being taken by rail.
    The train crew tipped off by the resistance and led by Benjamin Gimbert the train driver detached the wagon containing the bomb but it exploded killing 2 rail workers.
    Gimbert who survived the blast was awarded the George Cross, the popular TV series ” lovejoy” contains a character called Gimbert who is based on the rail man.
    It was said that the blast which left a crater 25 feet deep and 66 feet in diameter and blew in the windows of 700 local houses.
    The Royal Engineers and the US Engineers Corps had trains running next day, and a memorial stone was unveiled about the ” accident” on June 2 2007.
    The English resistance as typified by William Joyce and others is still active a 1000 years later and wants no more wars for the jews.

  4. France’s Parliament should be sent to a panel of Shrinks as they have demonstrated to be
    incompetent , bought off , ignorant friends of the Zionist scum that have ruined France in the last decades . The members of the French parliament do not know that the so called Jews living in France, in great numbers , are not semitic they are only zionists , they are descendants of the Khazars that converted en masse to the Jewish religion over 1000 years ago . The Palestinians in Israel are the true semitic . So the state of Israel is guilty of antisemitism and it has the nerve of accusing other people of the crimes they commit in
    Palestine . The state of Israel has also hijacked the word ” semitic ” that does not belong to it . It belongs today to Palestinian people , and other Arabic communities nearby . It is appalling that those parliamentarian ignore facts like these .

  5. bbb, ‘those parlimentarians’ aren’t ignoring so much as avoiding the facts. It’s apparently what they are paid to do. No other conclusion makes sense.

  6. The comment of Fred B above is a perfect summary of the situation we are in.