How To Fix The Media

Brother Nathanael Kapner — Real Jew News Dec 3, 2019

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

4 responses to “How To Fix The Media”

  1. Bro Nathaniel….offering up good advice again….trouble is the Jews CONTROL everything and when that happens you get Jewish tyranny…..RUSSIA post 1917.
    Well Americans have got guns and are better informed than illiterate Russian peasants…..
    It really is a dangerous situation for Americans……and the military style police are preying on the poor….
    HOW CAN THIS SITUATION BE TURNED AROUND…..perhaps only a severe economic turn down could initiate change….and the Jews will want to be running their own opposition with crypto Jews….

  2. Can’t say enough about Brother Nathanael, he’s done it again, with the only solution possible at this point in time – temporarily nationalize the media, plus institute a quota system. But Jews control so much, it would be a difficult up-hill battle all the way.

  3. Follow the advice of Brother Nathanael and America, just do it! and take your country back.

    For more and real information about the status of the American Republic, see
    and you will be a lot wiser what is happening to the Republic and what to do to get it back.

    Good luck, America!

  4. America must inevitably experience a military coup to rescue itself from Jewish Rule, which has saturated our political, social and legal systems. Jewish Rule is why America is so sick and degenerate and overrun by aliens.

    This is not far-fetched, as we can plainly see with the sudden and unexpected fall of the House of Murdoch. This Jewish propaganda machine is self-destructing. The rest of the Hollywood /New York axis must also be dismantled. Jews must not be allowed in any positions of power or influence, ever again.

    We can see what has happened in the past once this effort is begun. Jewish retribution comes in the form of mass annihilation. In those days, the true nature of Judaism was not understood. The “newspaper of record,” the New York Times, deliberately concealed from its readers the truth of what a bunch of New York Jews did to the Russian, Ukrainian and other peoples, with American help, starting in 1917.

    Most Americans did not understand the Jewish declaration of war against Germany in 1933, or what it would lead to. Some did, the members of the America First Committee, but they were silenced by the FDR-contrived attack on Pearl Harbor.

    The American military is the key to survival, just as it has been the key to Jewish Rule. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and an even more dangerous master. And, as with everything else in life, it depends on good men in charge – always a problem.

    There just might be enough good men in the American military who have the guts and the brains to seize control of the murder machine and arrest the traitors who have been propelled to the top by bootlick, degeneracy and moral cowardice.

    You lieutenants and captains and majors who aren’t on the make can seize control and end the slaughter and torture of innocents. You know damn well that no one in Guantanamo is guilty of anything other than resisting American barbarism. And that’s if he’s not just some cab driver you stupidly bought for three grand.

    Think back on the disgrace of Abu Ghraib and reflect on how such a thing could happen. Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo, prison ships, renditions, torture, mass murder, depleted uranium munitions that have produced deformed babies of your own, not to mention the horrors in Iraq. You are in total disgrace for your participation in crimes against humanity.

    Of course, you were just following orders given by draft-dodging pukes in DC. You still are. Honestly, how could you take orders from a soft piece of chicken-shit such as Dick Cheney? Or an obvious lying spook such as Barack Obama? Are you that delusional? That impotent? Maybe not.

    America is dead, and much of the blame comes from the crimes of the US military in the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries. We can bring it back to life, which will take a while, but it can’t be done without the revolt of the US military and the overthrow of the war lords, the finance lords and the propaganda lords headquartered in Washington DC, New York and Tel Aviv.

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