Doing God’s work

Irish Savant — Dec 3, 2019

Tell me what the following have in common:
Cosmopolitan elites
Liberal elites
Dual loyalties
Cultural Marxists
Yes of course. No prizes for getting that. But they also have something else in common: To a greater or lesser degree they’re despised by the general public. You’d imagine therefore that sensible people would seek to disassociate themselves from such objects of disdain. (Who? But Jews in many ways are not sensible people. Which characteristic, leavened as it is with a rich vein of paranoia, probably explains why they do the exact opposite, designating all of the above as ‘anti-Semitic dog-whistles’. In other words helping normies associate them with Jews.
Anyone using such dog-whistles will, irrespective of context, have the political death bone of anti-Semitism pointed at them. But that particular shaman’s curse is losing its power due to promiscuous over-use. And the more indiscriminate and over-used it becomes the angrier the eventual reaction will be; even when – especially when – backed up by the draconian penalties the ADL and others have in mind. Not a winning strategy in my book.
Things work the other way too in that certain memes which any normal person would agree with get designated anti-Semitic dog-whistles. Pride of place goes to ‘The Fourteen Words’  (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”). Who could possibly find anything wrong with that?  Well according to the ADL it will lead to annuda’ Shoah unless banned from public utterance. While everyone on here knows exactly what these words are about they represent at face value an aspiration of unquestionable righteousness. Talk about picking the wrong fight.
And finally there’s the publicity (“Streisand effect”) afforded by Thought Crime bans to memes hitherto confined to the most obscure corners of the ‘White supremacy’ netherworld. Despite spending much of my time there I had never become aware of the numeral ‘110’. But according to Jewish ‘anti-hate’ groups “the figure 109 is white supremacist numeric shorthand for the number of countries anti-Semites claim Jews have been expelled from. In calling for the expulsion of Jews from the U.S., they often refer to the U.S. as the 110th”.  Well thanks for updating me on that!
So keep shooting yourselves in the foot guys. Inadvertently you are, like Lloyd Blankfein, doing God’s work!



3 responses to “Doing God’s work”

  1. Actually you can buy lapel badges now saying ” I am antisemitic”
    my son wears one to work.
    lets face it anyone who is not anti jew is not normal.
    I saw my grandfather who lost both lags in w w 2 fighting for the jews, when the war was over the jews bombed the king david hotel, and again my grand father was injured
    his lat 30 years of his life were miserable,
    i tell youngsters today do not join the forces let jews fight their own battles

  2. I listened to a show yesterday, the guest said that jews were from another planet. I don`t know what proof she has, other than the word of a jew, and everyone should know by now that they can`t be trusted to tell the truth..

  3. Ingrid, the Sumerian tablets have come to light which give a detailed account of our origins in a test tube. It took many attempts by trial and error for the Anunnaki to create a good worker, very dexterous with just enough wit to do the work and I believe Mr ju could be one of those miserable failures left to roam as wondering cosmopolitans(PC for barbarian). The tablets do mention test tubes being spilled on the floor so I know I wouldn’t like to be called an Anunnaki floor scraping and I suspect that’s all a Jew comes from is those floor scrapings. The basics are aliens mixed their DNA with hominids to create us. Homo sapien sapien.
    In typical fashion the Jew is onto my rhetoric through monitoring as I drop him to the status of a floor scraping and naturally they’ll go all out and claim some form of supremacy as they always do. Now some believe they are the anunnaki so us inbred sophisticated hominids can just fight it out for ourselves. Where have we seen that before?. Wonder if there is modern protocols for this.
    No doubt there has been plenty of reptile talk around and I don’t believe if the Anunnaki are still around they are reptiles or cold blooded. In In the stories some anunnaki showed great empathy with humans as we are supposedly created from parts of them.
    In regards to being called anti Semitic most people can’t usually remember the word when trying to use it against me which tells a story in itself so I oblige them and just say why does it matter to me who speaks Hebrew.
    If antisemitism is a disease I must have caught it from a Jew. 110 what? Add the rest please typical yanks only thinking of themselves.

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