Zimbabwe on Brink of Man-made Starvation, UN Expert Says

Columbus Mavhunga – Voice of America Dec 28, 2018

A U.N. official is warning that Zimbabwe is on the brink of starvation, with millions facing food insecurity.

Hilal Elver, U.N. special rapporteur on the right to food, said Thursday that the government must reduce Zimbabwe’s dependence on imported food and increase self-sufficiency to counter effects of the struggling economy and recurring drought.

Orpah Chiwashira, founder of Faith Community Support, a charity that provides meals to those in need, said Zimbabwe’s struggling economy was taking a toll.

“In the last two months, the organization that gives me 200 kilograms of maize meal per month has been struggling,” Chiwashira said in Kambuzuma, one of Harare’s poorest townships, where Faith Community Support was providing a group of orphans with their only meal of the day. “They didn’t have any maize meal to give us. So, we have to buy maize meal to be able to feed the children. For December, I don’t even know — maybe we will get a meal, maybe we won’t.”

Elver told reporters in Harare that Zimbabwe was facing its worst food shortage in years, with 60 percent of the population food insecure and 5.5 million people dependent on food aid.

“Child deaths from severe malnutrition have been rising in the past few months,” she said. “Ninety percent of Zimbabwean children aged 6 months to 2 years are not consuming the minimum acceptable diet.”

Elver, wrapping up an 11-day visit to Zimbabwe, said the country was on the brink of man-made starvation.

“Why I say man-made? … Something happened. Not from the nature but from mismanagement, political and conflictual issues that bring people to starvation,” she said. “It comes from a dysfunctional system. Yes, drought is not man-made, but if there is good management, it is possible to survive even during the drought periods, which neighboring countries did. Zimbabwe used to do it historically, in earlier periods.”

Elver called on the Harare government to increase food production to avoid shocks from the shrinking economy and recurring drought. She warned that food insecurity and land mismanagement were increasing the risk of civil unrest.

Mthuli Ncube, Zimbabwe’s finance minister, said the government was working to address the threat from food insecurity.

“Given the drought, we need to climate-proof our agriculture, so investment in infrastructure for evacuation of water from dams is absolutely critical,” Ncube said. “That’s why in the [2020] budget you find this large allocation for agriculture around the infrastructure investment. Because, without this irrigation, then we are exposed to climate change. And we need to deal with that.”

Meanwhile, what once was the breadbasket of Africa has become dependent on food aid, and the most vulnerable in Zimbabwe — like orphans whom Chiwashira feeds — are left guessing when they will get their next meal.


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  1. Yes, Zimbabwe was the breadbasket of Africa before the government started stealing farms off white farmers…

  2. “It is possible to survive even during the drought periods, which neighboring countries did. Zimbabwe used to do it historically, in earlier periods”.
    Of course Zimbabwe used to do this in earlier periods. But this happened when Zimbabwe was still called Rhodesia and white farmers used to secure a big agricultural production thanks to which Rhodesia, not yet Zimbabwe, was denominated the african Switzerland.
    But later Mugabe confiscated the grounds from white farmers, white farmers was obliged to flee, agricultural production drastically dropped, starvation became normal, crime rate raised incredibly, etc…
    Why do i have to care about this? You made your bed, lie in it.

  3. ‘Live Aid 2020’ has a certain ring about it doesn’t?
    Who’s to bet that some pop star (most probably Jewish) will rise up to do a repeat of 1985?
    But of course, no mention by them of the blatant racism towards the white farmers and their murders of them. No, if it happens, it will be one big promotion of black and anti white propaganda.

  4. Much of the Farm production left with the 4000 evicted White farmers.

  5. Unfortunately, their criminal leaders took the many productive farms from their rightful owners — some of them were murdered. Now the Africans can only grow a few vegetables, so they will starve to death, along with their children.

    Let’s bring them all to Europe and America! It seems like a “no-brainer!”

  6. I guess the EU’s sanctions on Zimbabwe have no effect, right? The colonists are entirely responsible for the mess in all of Southern Africa.

  7. South Africa and Southern Rhodesia should have combined to form an economic/ military block whilst Smith was still premier and defied the sanctions. Basutuland and Swaziland would have had to join being land locked. They could have bartered to avoid using the dollar as a trading currency and survived. The west could not blockade a sea border ‘000s of miles long. Not one single african country that received independence has managed their country properly. These coutries would have hsd to rely on SA and R for their wellbeing.

  8. Quick dial up Jewish Bob Geldof to the rescue…..and save Zimbabwe.

    Bob,in case you didn’t know is said to be worth at least £60,000,000 today and he only had one hit record…..Saint Bob along with his fellow tribesmen Midge Ure “somehow” became multimillionaires….not one branch of the “free” press has questioned all if this….tribal unity …..and we re not talking Matabele or Shona

  9. //Yes, drought is not man-made,//


    Don’t know whether that was the first country, but they created artificial starvation in Korea ~20 years ago.

  10. Bite the hand that feeds you, then cry because you’re hungry.
    = Cause and effect.
    Sorry, no sympathy.

    @Sam : 50 murders a day over there and you blame “colonists” . Nope. That’s them in their natural state left to their own devices.

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