Ten Strange Things About the London Bridge Terrorism Incident

u-new-monkey – reddit Dec 1, 2019

In no particular order:

  1. A terrorist attack happened in the exact same area just before the last Election took place in 2017
  2. Coincidentally there was a BBC reporter on the bridge both times
  3. The attacker supposedly had a knife duct-taped to each hand. How this is possible without help is beyond me
  4. There’s no blood on the knife the ‘civilian’ carries away from the incident. There’s also no sign of damage or bending – kitchen knives are actually really crap for stabbing or hacking people – the blade may be sharp but they’re truly not designed for either activity
  5. Aerial footage from the BBC helicopter showed a jack-knifed white truck across the bridge. Armed police could be seen surrounding it and approaching it slowly with caution. The BBC presenter said they had received reports that police had fired at the truck, causing it to stop. This was never mentioned again
  6. The BBC spoke to a bunch of people on the telephone who had directly witnessed the event. Several of them reported two series of gunshots, which fits in with the police firing at the truck. Most of the phone calls were replayed in the rolling coverage, but not the ones that mentioned two lots of shots
  7. The ‘civilian’ with the knife takes a white bag out of his pocket and discards it in a curiously exaggerated fashion. Was that a signal?
  8. Footage exists of the terrorist sitting back up again, despite the fact he’d been shot twice at point blank range and badly beaten by the narwhal tusk ninja and the dudes with fire extinguishers
  9. The speed that the authorities declared the terrorist to be a lone wolf was far too fast – literally the next morning. That surely wasn’t long enough for the intelligence agencies to track down and interview everyone he hung out with, looked at everything on his electronic devices, and examined all possible links to terrorist organizations
  10. Everyone’s been named now – the poor victims and the brave vigilantes, all except for the ‘civilian’…


4 responses to “Ten Strange Things About the London Bridge Terrorism Incident”

  1. Cui bono? It is election related. MI5 is reported on TS to be able to rig every major Brit election. Like the Skriple poisonings, this op with so many loose ends has MI5 written all over it. What political party, therefore, is MI5 helping? Which party is most opposed to Muslim immigration? Or if there is no real difference between Labour and the Tories on that score, then was the purpose to support the party in power when a reinforcement of the sense of insecurity in the public would help the status quo party?

  2. In 2017 attack the attacker’s went Past several packed pubs, While there was an interview of an injured Millwall fan who to protect a cafe not a single door man was interviewed about anything they did or saw????

  3. And another one:
    Cressida Dick, who is the reporting police officer in this dubious incident https://doublesinreports.news.blog/2019/11/29/london-bridge-stabbings/, was involved behind the scenes in the obviously staged Mossad 7/7/2005 London bombings which were fraudulently blamed on the 4 Muslim patsies https://deuteronomy4verse2.wordpress.com/2019/06/25/129-7-7-2005-london-bombings-another-crucifixion-by-the-synagogue-of-satan/ – see brilliant movie at the link.

  4. Look the elction gives youa very big choice.
    You can have
    the Rothschild Tories
    Rothschild Labour
    Or the Rothild LIb Dem Thingeys.
    No MP has the autonomy to make any decisions, these are all made at party HQ
    Party HQ are just 3 or 4 people, they all take their orders from the bank who funds them
    e g that nice Mr Rothschild