Chinese riot police fire teargas and beat up protesters in Guangdong province

Introduction – Dec 1, 2019

Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker said recently: “what is happening in Hong Kong is just the start”. According to the UK based clairvoyant (at around 08:27), the Hong Kong protests foreshadow a process of broader change in China. Ed.

Lily Kuo — The Guardian Nov 30, 2019

Riot police have fired teargas and beaten residents in southern China after they took to the streets to protest against a local construction project.

Hundreds of residents in Wenlou, a township in Guangdong province about 60 miles from Hong Kong, protested on Friday against plans for a large crematorium in an area officials had previously said would become an “ecological park”.

Footage recorded by residents appeared to show riot police firing teargas, throwing rocks and beating protesters. Videos also showed residents throwing firecrackers at the police and tipping over a car. One protester was seen holding a sign that read “The people of Wenlou do not agree”.

“The whole town is protesting. The government has violently deployed people to suppress it,” said one resident, who asked not to be named, adding that police had beaten elderly residents and young students. “Now police are like crazy dogs, beating whoever they see. Where is the law? Where is morality?”

Small-scale protests against projects such as incinerators, chemical plants or crematoriums are not uncommon in China’s more rural areas. But the Wenlou demonstrations come at a time when authorities are especially sensitive to the possibility of protests spreading from nearby Hong Kong, where anti-government protests are now in their sixth month.

While many Chinese in the mainland oppose those protests, the risk may be higher in Guangdong province where many have family or personal connections with Hong Kong.

Residents in Wenlou expressed sentiments similar to those in Hong Kong: anger at what they perceived to be police brutality and a sense they had been forced into the streets after being misled by local officials.

“If not pushed to a dead end, who would choose to hit their heads against a rock,” said another resident from Wenlou. She said police had sealed off all the roads and she was unable to share videos from the scene.

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2 responses to “Chinese riot police fire teargas and beat up protesters in Guangdong province”

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  2. From the Guardian? Pushin establishment propaganda and still people fall for it every time.
    The Guardian has NOT proven China has re-education camps and trying to link a provincial mainland protest to the Hong Kong western government backed riot destabilizing movement is laughable unless the Guardian is suppressing information that the same orgs and NGOs funding the Hong Kong destabilization are funding this particular protest on the mainland which is illegally interfering in China’s sovereignty and the very autonomy “freedom and democracy” sprouts so hypocritically.
    So what? China stops communications running between destructive subversive groups and knocks on doors late in the night to arrest those who thought they would be free of consequence from causing destruction. Same things happen in the west over less and in China you don’t get a knock on the door for pointing out a male is just a male or the Jew is just doin the Jew.
    Compared to the jew French government the Chinese government is tame for now and about as far from being Jew as one can get on the planet.
    Guardian trash that in previous times would have been recycled into toilet paper.