Merkel to Budestag: We Have to Take Away your Freedom of Speech or We Won’t Be Free

Jim Holt — The Gateway Pundit Nov 28, 2019

Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered an emotional speech to the German Budestag this week on the need for limiting freedom of speech. Merkel is the current globalist leader on the international stage. 

Merkel argued that the government must take away freedom of speech to save freedom of speech, or something.

Angela Merkel: For those who claim they can no longer express their opinion, I say this to them: If you express and pronounced opinion, you must live with the fact that you will be contradicted. Expressing an opinion does not come at zero cost. But freedom of expression has its limits. Those limits begin where hatred is spread. They begin where the dignity of other people is violated. This house will and must oppose extreme speech. Otherwise our society will no longer be the free society that it was.

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It doesn’t work that way, Angela.

Via Ezra Levant:



14 responses to “Merkel to Budestag: We Have to Take Away your Freedom of Speech or We Won’t Be Free”

  1. That’s a picture of Merkel? For a moment I thought it was Krampus.

  2. What a bought and RE-sold USED harlot!


  3. When she moves in right up close to me
    That’s when I get the shakes all over me

    Quivers down the backbone
    I got the shakes down the knee bones
    Yeah, the tremors in my thigh bone
    Shakin’ all over

    The way that she says goodbye to free speech
    Brings that feelin’ on inside of me

    Quivers down the backbone
    I got the shivers down the thigh bone
    Yeah the tremors in my back bone
    Shakin’ all over

    Angela Merkel seen shaking for third time in less than a month

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    in Blistering Monologue
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    Belong in Prison’
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    The Guess Who – Shakin’ All Over ~ Skeleton Dance


    Angrila Jerkel should be whisked off to Concentration Camp where she can have all
    the time in the world to concentrate on some REAL HOLOCAUST DENIAL regarding “her own” German people who were holocausted in far greater numbers than anyone else!

    Memories of Valentine’s Night in Dresden

  4. “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. -George Orwell.

  5. Merkel is a NAZI,

  6. The Western globalist establishment and puppets like Merkel who brainwash, exploit, lie, and commit all sorts of atrocities against the common people already behave as if the common people have no basic rights. Their constant message is that they own everything and even us. We have been brainwashed into thinking we are simply visitors in our own nations and must move over for everyone else forced into our nations by the globalist NGO’s – even out of our own homes. This Western establishment is thoroughly evil and has intruded in everything, even to the point of taking over the media, the political system, our courts, our churches and our schools, and they do not want any interference.

    The yellow vest movement in Paris is the only language they understand, and if it spreads they know their days are numbered. Citizenship is meaningless unless the common people can protect their borders and what is theirs. Without the ability to exercise the basic right of free speech to disseminate your view of what is right and wrong, and what is good and evil, they you are living in a tyranny, which has to be pulled down. The globalist money barons, the offshoring multinationals, and the socialists have abused their trust. They are deathly afraid of free speech because it spells their doom.

  7. Fred B,

    You do know that the western globalist establishment is Jewish, along with its shabbos goy traitors, who are happily accepting the scraps they throw at them from their table?
    Watch this latest video from E.Michael Jones, who is interviewed by a former Jew, who converted to Christianity and has been doing his best to stop Jews, following Judaism:

    He tells us that all Jews, from an early age are taught that non Jews hate them and want to kill them all, when the reality is the Jews hate non Jews and want to kill them all. He has shownfamioly members videos of Barbara Specter and yet they’re not interested. They can’t take it in, having no compassion or empathy, whatsoever for the non Jews, as they truly do believe the BS that they’re taught in Judaism about being God’s chosen.
    This is ALL Jews Fred B.
    You seem to think that it isn’t all Jews, but it is. All Jews, CHOOSE, to be part of the cult of Judaism which is an in-group cult of religious supremacist beliefs, hatred and racism towards non Jews. There are some brave people, within Judaism who see it for what it is and leave, such as the likes of the interviewer in the video and Brother Nathaniel Kapner. Why do you ignore people like him Fred B? Why do you argue with me and others on here saying it’s not all Jews? The very fact that a Jew identifies AS a Jew proves overwhelmingly what their beliefs are.

    Don’t believe this crap from Jews about “I’m a Jew but not a religious Jew” BS that they’ll tell you. Jews are not an ethnicity. They are not a race. Therefore the only kind of Jew is the Jew who is religious, follows the Talmud and the Cabala crap. They remain as Jews because it opens up a hell of a lot of doors for them and in doing so they have to be ‘good’ Jews to ‘fellow’ Jews meaning they’ll keep their mouths shut, when needs be and scream persecution and anti Semite when any non Jew is telling the truth about Jews and Judaism.

    I agree with your comment. I agree with a lot you have to state, but you are under the impression, from past replies, that it’s not the Jews when it is. It always has been. It always will be until they are seen as the enemy and they stop doing what they’re doing to the non Jews, whether it be murdering Palestinians, launching wars in the middle east, screwing everyone with control of the banking system, lying to the public through control of the msm and academia and of course trying to instigate a race war in the US and bring about WW3 and the destruction of the western civilisation.
    Yes, non Jews are working with Jews. And yes, I bet the majority of the them have Jewish ancestry and hence why they’re working for the Jews in the destruction of the western civilisation.

    Look, I see it simply this way. If the Jews continue doing what they’re doing to the non Jew, eventually they will snap and unlike in the past, where there have been pogroms (there was no holocaust) there will be a horrific fightback against the Jews that will result in either their complete annihilation or at least, their imprisonment on an island for good. They are pathological in everything they do. And quite frankly, Jews are victims of Judaism. They are taught to hate, not love from an early age and this is the root problem of Judaism. If they don’t wake up and listen to people like the interviewer in the above video and leave Judaism, joining the human race, then they’re creating a hell on earth for their cult.

  8. Sounds like Angela Merkel is doing Standup comedy of the Gestapo,Zionist,Soviet/Jewish and East German kind. They (read Zionists) write her script. She is the laughing stock of true German Patriots. This mumbling Buffon has nothing sensible to say each time they roll her out.Her latest gift to Humanity : “We have to take away your freedom of speech,or else society won’t be Free”. What the F..k! Am I brain dead or am I listening to a STASI Talking Head mouth piece? Oh thank you for nothing Angela, now please take your head out of your arse hole, wash off ALL that SHIT that they (your handlers) have pumped into you and you just might regain your sanity. German Patriots have purchased a generous gift card/voucher for you Angela. Surprise? A one way ticket to Somalia. Please redeem before the end of the month as the gift will expire. Enjoy your trip and the culture of Somalia. I am sure you will fit in and totally assimilate. You will be welcomed with a KURAN, Roses an AK47 and provided with your first personal Burka, WELCOME to your NEW WORLD of TOLERANCE and ASSIMILATION.

  9. Angela Merkel was an east german communist jewess
    what she is even doing as prime leader of Germany is beyond me,
    But all this was long predicted in the Protocols of the elders of zion.
    Adolf Hitler tried to save us from people like like her, how i regret what we did to Hitler and his wonderful people

  10. Agree with Ellis in what we did to Hitler and Germany.

    As for Adam’s reply above:

    “Sounds like Angela Merkel is doing Standup comedy of the Gestapo,Zionist,Soviet/Jewish and East German kind……”

    This epitomises just why the west is going down the road it is – people always lump International socialism and national socialism into the same basket when they fail to see that national socialism was the arch nemesis of international socialism.

    Don’t get me wrong, national socialism IS a left wing ideology – socialism hello? But it’s right wing of Marxism, just left wing of classic British liberalism, which is centrist and left wing of conservatism, libertarianism and anarchy.
    Had we united with Hitler, we would not be in this mess that we’re in today. “We’d all be speaking German and under the control of nazi Germany” is the usual, moronic retort of the indoctrinated ignoramus. Hitler wanted freedom for the western people, not slavery, but considering everyone in the west is essentially now a Jew (worshipping Talmudism instead of Christianity) then it’s understandable why they parrot what they do. Their history, their culture, their nation is now no different to that of the Jew. The westerners are, ignorantly, Shabbos goyim.
    I will sit in conversation with people and when they start moaning on about nazis and fascism etc, I’ll always correct them and destroy their argument, telling them firstly that they really shouldn’t get into arguments on subjects they are clearly ignorant on and secondly that listening to or watching a radio or TV program on the BBC is not going to give them the truth about history, far from it. And then of course I mention “and you shouldn’t even be watching the BBC, if you’re white anyway as it’s an incredibly racist organisation, communist and anti British in every regard possible”.

    But the problem is that no matter how you try people simply won’t listen. I’ve actually been in company with ardent socialists, not communists, like ‘The People’s Front of Judea’ (Life of Brian) and they’ll be talking about how it was great what the west did to Libya and then I’ll explain to them that Libya was, without any shadow of a doubt, a perfect example of the classic socialist state. Regardless they were simply incapable of realising this, no matter what I stated.
    Nazi Germany was the epitome of the socialist state. It was effectively what Britain should have been pre WW2 and after, but you see, because they’re all indoctrinated into accepting homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, equality, multiculturalism, multiracialism then this is why they hate Hitler. The enemy of the German state was the Jew. The enemy of humanity is the Jew, but the Jew, through control of Hollywood, the msm, academia and government has managed to take total control of the British psyche. They won’t hear any bad about the Jew, regardless the fact they want all non Jews dead.


  11. Harbinger,
    Our problems are not all from the Jews, nor are all of the Jews a problem just because they are Jewish, just like all Muslims, or Masons, or Catholics, or Protestants, or secular humanists, or atheists are not the source of all major problems.

    In order to judge something as bad in an objective sense, like having evil intentions, to subjugate everyone else but your own exclusive group, you have to have some principles of good and evil which you can articulate and then say “Ah, ha, you have broken this fundamental universal law which everyone including yourselves have agreed to.”. Unfortunately, it appears that mankind has not progressed that for yet, and we are left to our wild gyrations, where we are still unable to view our own histories from a single or universal point of view to know not only were we are heading, let alone what direction we ought to go. I would hope that it will be heaven, but first we might like to survive long enough from our evils and destructiveness to go to the stars.

    I have followed E. Michael for many years and agree with most of what he says. He has some answers and he keeps looking. if you are looking for a universal standard even to base high platitudes such as “inalienable rights”, “intrinsic worth”, “the silver rule”, or “the golden rule”, then you must first realize that they cannot subsist in the air by themselves, and that in order to have any substance they have to be based on something more than intellectual constructs like “the social contract”, or the “categorical imperative”, or even “the greatest happiness principle”. When you see what evil we do in making all things in our own images and interests, you have to do a lot more reverse engineering, and when you arrive at God, you are only intellectually there, even though you may also deduce the intellectual and the moral necessity of the “Logos”.

    However, if you want to get into “Logus” as to what is missing in our minds, as suggested in the Jones link you provided, then philosophically the idea is essentially based on Socrates, Plotinus and neoPlatonism, and their mystical experiences, which he and his guest appear to oppose. Perhaps in some respects the idea is based on the same sort of mysticism Pike and the Illuminati subscribed to, as well as other mystically-based belief systems including much of Catholic monasticism, and a great deal of Christian orthodoxy. Perhaps, they all arrive at the same “light”, and that is the basis of their “authority”, and then from there they start casting everything in their own shadows, some good and some bad. However, the saints go even higher, and we also learn from them that a little mystical knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially when it leads to the occult.

    My own view is that our main purpose should be seeking to be personally connected to the true image or likeness of God, so that we can start a pilgrimage through various levels of reform, repentance, and purification, so that what we think and do in this life will be pleasing, and perhaps memorable, to He who made us, and a preparation for the next. It is a climb which is possible for anyone, and there is an up and a down. In Christianity, that is why the Logos, the Word, that Image, that Person actually was sent into the world – after a lengthy preparation and pre-announcement by a very special people – namely the Jews.

    Only the holy Jews before Christ had a sense of the magnitude and importance of their real purpose, which went far beyond their personal selves and even their own ethnicities. They were chosen to put God in the right perspective. For instance, the succession of prophets which made up the book of the prophet Isaiah, all knew that it was not their oral talents or personal egos that mattered, but what mattered was that all of their gifts, their very lives, were merely tools being used by God. They were messengers or mouthpieces for God to say what he was saying to the people. It was not them, or their egos, or even their talents, it was the fact that God chose them for a timeless message from Him, fitting into a universal plan for all mankind. They may not have realized how vast their purpose was, but the last thing a true prophet would want to be is a focus of human praise or attention for being such a good and clever poet, writer, or exhorter.

    As for the Jews, themselves, through their various means of concentration and control, they have advanced on monetary, material, and worldly esteem levels, and end up with fat bank accounts, swelled egos, more emptiness, more restlessness, and goy resentfulness and hostility. If they realized the honor and importance of their true mission, the purpose of their multifaceted “grasp” (not for the forbidden fruit but to be used for a tenacity in the true faith) we would then have the good fortune of another large batch of them, or hopefully all of them, converting to Christianity.

    If anything the world desperately needs is not only their tenacity, but also a large dose of what Jones seems to condemn, which is their revolutionary nature. Christianity from its inception is the most radical and revolutionary faith ever, and it came from the Jews, but in its present materialism and corruption, it seems to have run out of the steam and the spiritual force which started it off. If just that revolutionary spirit was channeled, as it ought to be into the right places and in the right way (realizing that deceptive and evil means never justify good ends), not only would Christianity be refreshed and renewed, but the world would be transformed.

  12. Big Sister (merkel) is double-plus ungood, but don’t let the thought-police hear you saying that.

  13. You cannot say Christianity is the most radical and revolutionary faith ever and “it came from Jews?” in the same line that doesn’t compute Christianity was a movement against the Jew especially the Jew corruption and subversion that sought nothing but power for the benefit of a sect only. Take your corrupt revolutionary Jew subversion and swallow Fred B what a silly thing to say when it is those same Jews you cover for are playing little revolutionaries in lobby groups and movements such as open borders, the gay, transgender program, vaccines, abortion, climate change” and the list goes on to the point of how nearly every Jew must be employed in the subversion game world wide especially with the “supposed” minorities of numbers they are. That is Not an unreasonable comment so the last thing we need is any Jew revolutionary society soul destroying shit. Why are all these lobby groups and movements administered by Jews. To watch them lobby even the local councils is a pathetic display of humanity in itself. Kissinger has just admitted exceptionalism has to go and I couldn’t agree more with that, one off the ugliest straits the Jews bestowed on our societies is exceptionalism without a doubt and Fred B if you can’t see modern Christianity is exceptional in thought only then re read your own comment until you realise where it is you displayed this trait that Christianity never teaches to begin with but in fact teaches the very tools to avoid such Jew traps. Being exceptional is not a virtue and it certainly doesn’t supplement them.
    Christianity`s only claim to fame can be in the influence(evangelistic, apocalyptic which is something the traveller never taught) and the willing ability for it to join the corrupt if it can’t beat them. However it did slow down the Jews world wide reach for well over a millennia while now it can be blamed almost single handedly for pushing that world wide reach to what it is now, a f..kin disaster of epic almost biblical proportions.
    Give a bloke a fishing pole and he eats for life, give a bloke Judaism and he takes ownership of the fish out of thin air. No Jew is safe until the sect in itself can show some introspection,self reflection and self awareness of what it is in reality. Gain a little conscience at the least.
    Anyway Merkel is traditionally German with this kind of speech and the comment so well put about Germany being the Jew state I couldn’t agree more, hell I live in Australia and consider it the Jew capital of Asia.
    People have been through the Jew Ban more than once in history we shall struggle through it again with a consequence for the sect in worldly terms.

  14. Harbinger 1 December, reading your comment I have come to the conclusion you are a UTOPIAN and Fantasist lacking a sense of humour. Your idea of Political Power is a somewhat cute form of wishful thinking.
    Socialism is a soft form of Communism. Like Soft porn is to Hardcore Porn (both are PORN). National Socialism/Hitler – Stalinist/Jewish Communism are the same Totalitarian Enslavement System created to Destroy & Enslave Western Civilisation (read Christian). The same COIN Left side/right side. The important question you have to ask yourself is: Who Minted this Coin and WHO is setting the AGENDA? Look at the world now Post WW2 and ask yourself if the current Political,Economic and Spiritual situation just evolved out of thin air and where did that LITTLE RAINBOW FLAG come from? Just fell out of the sky? Your Poster BOY Adolph HITLER was just a front man for the COIN MINTERS and so was Uncle Stalin. Frau Merkel is one of their current (Coin Minters) creations (read mindless Golem). We are only now entering the NIGHTMARE so brace yourself and enjoy.