MI5 can determine the outcome of any UK election. End Postal Voting Fraud.

Kevin Boyle – June 2018

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

4 responses to “MI5 can determine the outcome of any UK election. End Postal Voting Fraud.”

  1. Petitions do not work
    Just over 1 milion people signed to have churchills statues taken down and his face removed from British currency.
    2 separate petitions of almost 2 milion signatures to have any new incomers to our land who commit serious crimes to be deoprted back to country of origin, were ignored.
    half a million signatures not to have the olympic games held in the UK, again ignored.
    3 million signatures, plus marches by millions of people not to have a war on the people of iraq, again ignored by a very racist government.
    James Goldsmith started the referendum party for one reason to split the conservative vote which it did allowing in New Labour, ” The New Labour ” in numerology is 666
    It had 2 remits a war on the people of iraq and to force homosexuality through as a legitemate lifestyle.
    New Labour was a Mossad front party.
    I rememeber doing vote counting many years back where the counters were putting the massive vote for the National Front into the Labour pile,and penciled NF votes being rubbed out and changed.
    The Post office brought in machine sorting, these machines can be programmed and
    a huge number of conservative postal votes were taken out and hid up in the back of a Dorset sorting office until many weeks after and then destroyed, they wanted New labour in as they said they would save 30,000 postal jobs which they did not.Tha answer is to always elect those who are non aligned to the main parties.
    Whener you vote tory labour or lib dem, these MPs have no autonomy
    all decisions are made by 3 or 4 people in head office, these take their orders from who funds them, in each case it is rothschild.
    Remamber this when you vote

  2. What you have to rememeer and i found this out when Malcolm Rifkind
    ( malcolm the poof) is Michael Howards brother and was in charge of british intel
    that Jews run our intell services
    So we are already controlled by israel
    this is why so many jews are opening up about the holocaust hoax

  3. New Labour came to power largely with financial help from Sainsburies Tesco and the CWU
    The CWU is the postal union, they donated heavily from members pension funds because New labour wanted to sack 30,000 workers and bring in sorting machines into every office.
    A deal was struck between Peter Mandelson and postman Allan Johnston,
    the sorting machines in use were programmed to throw out people on the Tory voting list
    and a small postal van took boxes of these postal votes down to a sorting office in Dorset where they were kept until well after the election then destroyed.
    The man behind the programme “Chris Cooper investigates” tapped the phone of Lord Levy Tony Blair’s handler, and he claimed that the single remit for New labour was a war on the people of Iraq for Israel.
    Some while after New labour was in office Peter Mandelson went back on his word in true jewish style
    and asked for 30,000 postal workers to be sacked on any grounds possible to save on redundancies, and Royal Mail trawled through sick records, non team players, religious men especially Christians , those nearing retirement etc and let them go often on trumped up charges.
    In less than a year postman Allan Johnston was made a minister in the New labour government
    and machine sorting was brought in to postal offices.
    So for anyone who is thinking about a postal vote I really wouldn’t, also every voting paper has a secret number on it, at the end of voting day its an easy thing to see who has not voted on the computers
    and then take this vote for whom you want, in the past its been New labour

  4. The BNP were cheated out of their first Birmingham council seat in 2006. After the party’s candidate was declared the winner, the officials went back in with everyone else outside and declared they had “counted the votes wrongly”.

    I seem to recall there had ever only been one case like this in all election history. It so happened to be involving a city breakthrough for an establishment disapproved party. Given the thousands and thousands of results over the years for establishment approved parties, even on a statistical basis this is most peculiar.

    There are other dimensions to this. But basically it was establishment sponsored fraud.

    I won the Great Bridge seat in Sandwell for the BNP in 2006 and knew the Birmingham candidate. She described how the other candidate acknowledged she clearly had got the most votes as per the initial “overseen count”.

    I subsequently resigned from the party in 2007 regarding what I perceived as internal problems with the accounting. I served the remainder as an independent. Whatever my beef with the BNP financial management, the party were cheated in 2006 out of a Birmingham council seat. It’s historical now, so there’s nothing to be gained from me reminding folks of this, suffice to underline the corrupt system we live in.