Moral Blackmail: Chief Rabbi of Britain holds Brits to Ransom by Playing ‘Antisemitic Card’

Chief Rabbi of Britain, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, sticks his nose into British politics by instructing people how to vote in the upcoming elections. Is this self-important autocrat finally getting too big for his boots?

By Finian Cunningham — Darkmoon Nov 29, 2019

Updated by Lasha Darkmoon with video and commentary added 

LD :  EPHRAIM MIRVIS (right), Chief Rabbi of Britain, plays “the anti-Semitic card” by accusing Labour Leader JEREMY CORBYN (left) of being “unfit for office” because of Corbyn’s alleged “antisemitism”. By doing so, the Chief Rabbi shows  that powerful Jews are no longer afraid to show their hands but are ready to make it clear who is calling the shots in Britain and elsewhere. [LD]
It is a ludicrous situation when anyone criticizing Israeli state violations against Palestinians or neighboring countries is then instantly discredited as being “antisemitic”.
We see this in Britain and the United States all the time. Congresswomen like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have been denounced for being “anti-Jewish”, including by President Trump, simply because they protested Israeli policy of occupying Palestinian lands or for having a malign influence on US foreign policy.
In Britain, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his party have once again this week been vilified as “antisemitic” in prominent news media.
The reality is that Corbyn is neither racist or anti-Jewish. The specious allegation stems from him and sections of Labour being vehemently critical of Israel and its conduct towards Palestinians.
If elected in the general election next month, Labour says it will cut military trade with Israel and move to officially recognize a Palestinian state.
This conflation of valid criticism of the Israeli state with being “anti-Jew” is a cynical distortion which is wielded to give Israel impunity from international law. It plays on moral blackmail of critics by equating the historical persecution of Jews and in particular the Nazi holocaust with the sanctity of the modern Israeli state.
That distortion is exposed by many Jews themselves who have spoken out in the US and in Britain to defend the right of people to criticize Israeli policies. They understand the vital distinction between the Israeli state and the much wider existence of Jewishness. They understand that to be opposed to Israeli state practices is in no way to mean animus towards Jews in general.
Only in the past week, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared his government intends to expand annexation of Palestinian territory in the West Bank. The land occupied by Israeli forces since the 1967 Six Day War is illegally occupied, according to multiple UN resolutions under international law. Now Netanyahu wants to increase the violations. And with the support of the Trump administration which also announced it was no longer viewing Israeli settlements on Palestinian land as illegitimate.
Over the past month, the Israeli military has stepped up airstrikes on the Gaza Strip where nearly two million Palestinians subsist in abject poverty largely because of an Israeli blockade. One family of nine, including children, was killed by an airstrike on their home on November 14. As always the death toll among Palestinian civilians is grotesquely disproportionate to Israeli victims of rockets fired from Gaza.
Israeli forces have also been carrying out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria, including the capital Damascus, over the past year. Russia, among others, has condemned those attacks as “unlawful aggression”. Arguably, war crimes.
When Jeremy Corbyn and Britain’s Labour Party and a handful of American politicians speak out to denounce Israeli violations they are doing so to uphold international law and voice support for victims of state violence. That is a principled and honourable position.
Shamefully, the US and British governments and much of the corporate news media never do speak out. They shield Israeli leaders from international accountability by vetoing UN resolutions or by turning a blind eye to Israe’s crimes.
Pro-Israeli lobbies funnel massive donations to politicians in Washington on both sides of the aisle, and to the British Conservative Party. Their silence is bought. Not only silence but outright distortion, such as when people criticize Israeli malfeasance – and there is much of that – then they are absurdly character-assassinated as “antisemites”.
Admittedly, many British Jews phoned into radio stations this week to complain that they feel unwelcome in Britain due to what they perceive as growth in antisemitism under the Labour Party. To be fair though, their claims were not backed up by hard evidence of specifically anti-Jewish behaviour. They were eliding their Jewishness with Labour’s criticism of Israel.
The claims made against Corbyn this week by the British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis of being “unfit for office” because of an alleged complacent attitude towards antisemitism in his party should be put in context.
Corbyn has apologized several times for a tiny fraction (less than 0.1 per cent) of party members accused of antisemitism. Why should he be obliged to keep on apologizing, as BBC interviewer Andrew Neil imperiously demanded again this week?
Chief Rabbi Mirvis is a self-declared friend of Conservative leader Boris Johnson and an ardent, uncritical supporter of the Israeli state.
(LD: Former British prime minister, Theresa May, was an equally ardent Zionist. She had dinner with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis on the very day she became prime minister. ) 
Mirviz got prominent media coverage for his views this week in the London Times and Daily Mail, among others. Britain’s rightwing media are owned by billionaire oligarchs who despise Labour’s manifesto for progressive wealth redistribution.
Official race-hate figures for Britain show that physical attacks against British Muslims are preponderantly more than attacks against any other religious minority, including Jews. Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have evident problems of fomenting Islamophobia. Yet we don’t see British media providing proportionate criticism on that to balance their focus on Corbyn and his alleged views.
The antisemitic card is played to shield Israel from important criticism; and by Britain’s plutocrats and their media who would rather see the public squabbling over spurious claims about antisemitism so they can keep on plundering wealth from the majority of British people.


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LD: Before you watch the 4-minute video below, it would be useful if you were to read this trenchant comment by our star commenter ‘Saki’ who is, I am told, a respected published writer on the internet under another name:
In my view, Corbyn has nothing to apologize for. The interviewer Andrew Neil is a Zionist stooge who knows which side his bread is buttered on. He is a paid lackey of the Zionist Lobby, formerly on the payroll of Rupert Murdoch who made him editor of The Times. It does not occur to this Zionist sycophant that his repeated insistence that Corbyn should apologize ASSUMES GUILT IN ADVANCE.

ANDREW NEIL,  left, to Corbyn, four times:
“Apologize! . . . Apologize! . . . Apologize! . . . Apologize!”

Andrew Neil is like the Mad Queen in Alice in Wonderland who decides to pronounce the defendant guilty  first and then have a “fair trial” later on. If only the beleaguered Corbyn had countered each demand to apologize by the words: “What is my crime exactly? What do I need to apologize for?”
But he couldn’t do that. There would have been universal outrage at his suggestion that Israel was a pariah state in breach of international law, that Palestine was an illegally occupied country, that Israel was guilty of war crimes, and, above all, that the Holocaust should no longer be accepted as the canonical truth but that people have a right to question it, to doubt it, to dispute it, and to debate it.
I am not saying the Holocaust did NOT occur. I am not “denying” it. I am simply stating that the subject  ought to be debatable and that skepticism in regard to its details should not be regarded as a crime. Implicit and unquestioning belief in the Holocaust under Jewish coercion has to be seen for what it is: worthless. And punishment for not believing in this quasi-religious dogma, this new religion of Holocaustianity, should be regarded as a crime against reason and human rights.
LD:  These telling words by Jonathan Cook, in a new article on Truthseeker, will drive home the point that Rabbi Mirvis’s irresponsible intervention in British politics will produce an inevitable backlash, helping to fan the flames of antisemitism. It is my contention that this could be exactly what this meddling rabbi wants. As we all know, antisemitism is the glue that binds the Jewish community together by fostering the illusion of never-ending victimhood:
Mirvis’s intervention in the democratic process will drive them [British voters]  more quickly and more deeply into the arms of the far-right. It will persuade them once again that “the Jews” are a “problem”. 
Like Lord Balfour before them, [the Brits] will start thinking of how to rid Britain and Europe of these supposed interlopers.
This is why Mirvis was irresponsible in the extreme for meddling. Because the standard of proof required before making such an intervention—proof either that Cobyn is an outright Jew hater, or that white nationalism is no threat to the UK–is not even close to being met.
The sooner we allow our countries to be run by those we elect, and not by rabbinical bossy-boots, the better.

VIDEO  :  4.04 mins


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Foreign entities are trying to take over our country. Jews and muslims working together in their nefarious tasks.

  2. the real British will bring Kristallnacht II on their heads
    …the only way to wipe that smirk off Mirvis and Neil and Wieners faces
    They really think theyve won…

  3. And more reason just why Jews are so loathed. They make up 0.4% of the UK population and the way they behave, you would think they made up 99.6%. They have absolutely no regard, whatsoever for the British people (European as there is only one kind of British and that’s white).
    Just getting tired of all the lies. The constant lies and BS about Jews, Jewish suffering, Jewish persecution etc. Jews never suffered. They were punished for their crimes against humanity.
    And at the end of this article a ‘star’ commenter of course, ignorantly promotes the holocaust lie when he states “I’m not saying the holocaust did not occur”. There was no holocaust, period. There wasn’t any holocaust to even deny, for crying out loud!!!

    I really, really, really, really wish people would consider three, simple facts:

    1. In all the pages, of the memoirs, of the traitors to the European peoples – Eisenhower, Churchill and de Gaulle, there is not ONE mention of gas chambers, extermination of Jews, 6 million, Zyklon B, extermination agenda and holocaust. There were over 10,000 pages altogether. The reason there was nothing written about it, is because the holocaust fairy tale, hadn’t been written yet.

    2. The International Red Cross were going in and out of all camps. They were taking notes and there wasn’t one mention of persecution, mass murder (although there were executions, due to most being communists and enemies of Germany, which Hitler put a stop to), gas chambers, or any of what the west was told, that is the lies of barbarism and human suffering. The total number of those who died, in the camps, was put at around 271,000 of which the overwhelming number were victims of starvation and typhus, as a direct result of allied bombing of German supply lines. They allies knew, courtesy of allied aerial photography, intercepted communications, that the ‘death’ camps, weren’t death camps but work camps and a VITAL part of the German war effort.

    3. The world almanacs put the world Jewish totals at 15.7 million in 1933. In 1948 they had fallen to around 15.3 million. Where is the 9.7 million figure, that should have been in there in 1948? It isn’t there because 6 million Jews is a lie.
    When are people going to wake up and realise that when presented with pages from memoirs of leaders, international red cross figures, world almanac figures, no DNA to prove of deaths, no mass graves and a host of other facts on the number of Jewish deaths, the Jew say that they’re all lies and they’re telling the truth, when Jews, throughout history have been known to be renowned, pathological liars? Their talmud permits lying to non Jews. Their Kol Nidre prayer during Yom Kippur permits it. Everyone else is a liar, but not the Jews? Seriously people? I mean seriously?

    Until people wake up and see that the holocaust is the stick, Jews beat anyone with who criticise their bad behaviour, with, nothing will ever change in this world. The holocaust has allowed Jews to do whatever they’ve wanted to, rob, beat and murder, to their heart’s content, with complete impunity. And whenever the goyim start waking up, along come Stephen Spielberg to churn out another holocaust movie, with traitorous shabbos goy and Jew actors alike, clamouring for the role and the chance of yet another Oscar to promote the fallacy and lie of Jewish suffering.
    And to add to that, the ADL and other Jewish organisations are now rallying to shut down the internet – “The goyim are finding out about our lies! Oh vey! Shut it down. Shut it down!” And still the utterly braindead, brainwashed goy still can’t see the writing, there on the wall, in front of them.

    Judaism is a cult. It’s a religious cult of self worship, hatred, racism and in group supremacy over non Jews. Jews ARE NOT a people. Judaism is a cult followed by people from every race. People need to wake up to understand that essentially Judaism is no different to the Ku Klux Klan. One is Jewish supremacism while the other is white. And they do their best to hide this from the goyim, with their constant lies of persecution, vicitimisation, hatred, racism and anti Semitism.
    Just getting tired of all this crap because that’s what it is. Nothing more than lie upon lie upon lie upon lie that the dumb, moronic goyim aren’t in the slightest bit interested in seeing.

  4. The Jews take up 90% of our media mud slinging in this election yet are less than 2% of the population!! Why? because that less than 2% run EVERY outlet for media in the West!! Even the Cabalist Jew Piers Morgan wants the Monarchy gone and our National Anthem replaced with that TOXIC hymn Jerusalem!!” Time people fought back against these b’ tard cowards and sent them to HELL to join those before them that also FAILED in their quest!!

  5. Look let’s get one thing straight….Theresa May (avec hooked nose) is a crypto jew as is her financier husband.Lord Balfour was a crypto jew FACT.Boris Johnstein is a crypto jew….infact,rumour has it he worked on a kibbutz in Izrael in the 1980’s.There are certainly photographs of the fat thug kowtowing at the Wailing Wall avec paper kipper.
    As for the grotesque Andrew Neil the jury is still out,suffice to say he is mates with Murdoch the dirty digger and now works for the Jewish dominated BBC.
    Private Eye magazine used to run stories on him including his association with high class prostitutes.His very appearance suggests he should be the target of the satarists….he is almost spherical,enormously fat and extremely abbreviated in height…..a pompous social climber….a fat toady doing the business of the elite AND nothing like a REAL journalist……he should be melted down and turned into a boutique range of soaps.
    Private Eye magazine USED to offer some alternatives to the pap offered by the MSM…..but since the Maxwell years has gone down hill under the editorship of the midget Hislop….The little c**t loves the limelight and this fact may have been recognised by the Zio-BBC and thus he routinely appears on the gameshow like funny ha ha “news” entertainment show…..which is well past its sell by date.You can be sure Peter Cook never wanted the noxious little shit Hislop to be editor for life…..

  6. Jews have been in control of Britain for centuries. However their hubris have skyrocketed over the last few decades especially after pulling off 911 and getting away with it, they really believe they are above everything.

    June 16 2016 – jo Cox murder
    June 23 2016 – EU referendum

    June 3 2017 – London bridge attack
    June 8 2017 – general elections

    Nov 29 2019 – London bridge attack
    Dec 12 2019 – general elections

  7. @ Y’all:
    All well said and correct. Unfortunately, we are speaking to the converted (Truthers), while the sheeple remain asleep due to being bombarded by Propaganda (lies) which causes cognitive dissonance. The truth just hurts too much, but it will set you FREE. That freedom comes at a high price!

  8. The brothel madam Lindie St clair exposed Andrew neil for bullying her girls that he slept with.
    The fact is British people take no notice of being caled antisemitic in fact in some colleges and schools its almost a badge of honour.
    No one in their right mind would NOT be antisemitic.
    WE need to clear them out once and for all and take our country back.
    David Cohen said on conspiracy radio last week that all the muslims were piled in here
    for a civil war, breaking us down for the jews.

  9. Right. War against the Muslims is designed to weaken all factions and strengthen the Jews. Wake up people. And the Hindus are there to ally with the Jews.

  10. The chameleonesque occultists Illuminati have many ever-changing, transitory masks on their one true demon head and face, the Jews being merely one (plus also serving as misdirection from the Illuminists), which like all the others all down the ages, will be tossed into the all-consuming fire once they have served their function in the Grand Scheme of Things, and before such time that they gather up too much strength and independence from their Creators and turn back around to bite them like some ungrateful Frankenstein’s monster. It is the way of the occult Mystery Religion, which is the BIG MAMA of all religions.

    In the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, it is written how eventually the Elders will do away with the lower degrees of Freemasonry, orthodox Judaism, and even the Jews themselves, Judaism and Zionism. See how they are destroying, even as we speak, Christianity, the patriarchy, the White male, the nuclear family (after cutting it off from tribe and clan), patriotism and the nation state after having served Them so well and for so long. Once They attain Their dream of a totally brain-chipped population, then all their old control systems will be rendered obsolete and given the chop: police, psychiatry, the courts, prisons, media and entertainment propaganda, the show of politics, religion, the money seed.

    If only it were that easy. Truthfully, even though I am a Jew, if I thought it would do any good, and the whole of Jewry had one collective neck, my hands would be right around it. I think you’d find that the black magicians would be pulling so many fleeting, ephemeral, phantom manifestations so fast out of their sleeves, that there wouldn’t be enough hands in all the universe to keep up with all the necks they’d keep churning out (or like deranged gunmen blasting away inside of a kaleidoscopic hall of mirrors); and so also, not enough host worlds to keep these insatiable parasites satisfied for an instant. They’d just keep moving on and on as they got bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger from one sucked-dry and discarded host to the next, ad infinitum (with the Jews being vacuumed up down the hatch unnoticed), until the whole of Creation was just a burned-out cinder and all that was left was just them, if they had their way.

  11. @ Vespasian your comment regarding that disgusting bloated museum of treachery and reprobate useful idiot of the Jews, Andrew Neil…”he should be melted down and turned into a boutique range of soaps” LOLOL oh man, I shot good beer out of my nose when I read that!