What Really Happened in Dresden – Eye Witness Victor Gregg

Renegade Tribune – Nov 28, 2019

Some of the victims of the Allied holocaust in Dresden. Click to enlarge

British rifleman Victor Gregg was being held as a PoW by the Germans in Dresden when the Allies bombed the city in 1945. He witnessed unimaginable carnage that brought him decades of mental turmoil.

In 2011, Victor Gregg published Rifleman about his time on the front line in World War 2. Here he talks about his memories of his experience during the Dresden bombing.



6 responses to “What Really Happened in Dresden – Eye Witness Victor Gregg”

  1. He describes it as unimaginable evil. Referring to those who did it, and not so much the pilots, he blames the evil masterminds who planned every detail of the holocaust, and those who gave the orders, and he says. “They never paid their dues for it.” People are what they do and in the end are judged accordingly. The sociopaths running things if effect simply act out their own spiritual fate. For anyone with the faith in the other end of our spiritual dimensions, our job is not to become like them, follow them, suck up to them, or do what they say, and our duty is to remove them from power, putting them where they can do nor more evil. The Americans, if they were decent people would start with 9/11.

  2. Churchill…… again.

  3. Bomber Harris the psychopath in charge is like Rolf Harris the convicted pedophile….BOTH ARE (OR WERE)CRYPTO JEWS……”Harris” is an exceedingly common crypto Jewish surname.
    The name Harris could be regarded as the English equivalent of the Spanish Sephardic surname FRANCO….a very good indicator of ethnicity.

  4. Allied bombing of Dresden had no value for the war . It was untouched because it was a museum and greatest accumulation of German Christian culture ; therefore an object of envy and jealousy for the enemy of culture , the jew.

    It was bombed twice , 13 and 14 February 1945 when the war was over. Perhaps it was to demonstrate the devastation of fire bombing to the inexpiable Russian, use of high explosive and incendiary to create the phenomenon of “fire storm.” The river was on fire and no refuge for those fleeing the city. Unspeakable creatures, that invent such abominations have lived too long.

    It represented obdurate the symbol of allied self righteous merciless judgment ; and will be justified by the infamous invention of preempting free selfless testimony of history , the holycost.

    The Americans would bomb the prostrate , Florence on the Elbe , again in early April . It is not document ed in American accounts.

  5. Good grief Vespasian. Happening to have the surname Harris makes one evil and /or Jewish?

  6. Vespasian,

    The name ‘Harris’ is Anglo-Saxon for ‘son of Harry’ with Harry a medieval form of Henry and from the Germanic name Heimerich, from heim, meaning “home” and ric, meaning “power, ruler”.
    The name Harris spread from the Anglo-Saxon to the Celtic nations of Scotland and Ireland. The Angles and the Saxons, arrived in (what is now) England, starting around 400AD onwards. There were no Jews in the then England at that time and there weren’t any Jews in England until William the Conqueror landed in 1066. So effectively, the name Harris was an Anglo-Saxon/Celtic name, long before any Jews decided to change their name to it. And you know that’s one of the ploys of the Jews, to hide become chameleons in the lands they infest, by blending in with the indigenous through changing their surname and forenames.