Seattle is Dying

KOMO News – March 19, 2019

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  1. As G.Edward Griffin states in his seminar, about his book ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ about the creation of the American Federal Reserve:

    “If we had lived in Ancient Rome and had a one ounce gold coin, we would have been able to buy a fine toga, a hand crafted belt and a pair of sandals. That was the price. So today, what can we buy with a one ounce gold coin? We can walk into any men’s store and buy a really fine suit, a hand crafted belt and a pair of shoes. The real price of these items hasn’t changed in thousands of years when expressed in the terms of real money, but when it’s expressed in the terms of the things we carry around, we call them dollars, when they’re not. They’re really Federal Reserve notes. They buy less and less and less, because they create more and more and more of them and dilute the economic soup.”


    This is the problem people.
    This has always been the problem.

    Why are people homeless? They simply can’t afford rented accommodation and many had houses, defaulted on mortgage payments and lost them. I speak of the US Federal Reserve, the private banking and government cooperation, when really I’m speaking of everywhere in the west. The Federal Reserve was modelled on the European model of, you guessed it, Jewish banking control and usury. Now I know many of you will relate to what I’m about to state, but my parents, bought a 5 bedroom house, back in 1970, here in Scotland, with plenty of land around, a front and back garden in a well-to-do area. It cost them £6,000. Even then that was expensive. Today, it’s now worth £350,000+ which is an increase of 5,800%. The house is still worth £6,000, nay, much less, but because of inflation due to the printing of bank notes, not correlating with the amount of actual reserve gold/silver available, the price continues to sky rocket.
    The Jew, therefore makes more and more profit, on a product that’s worth most probably 10,000% less in actual monetary value.
    If you lived in a village and the total amount of money in that village was 100gold pieces and there were 50 people in that village. the total cost of 50 houses would be no greater than 100 gold pieces. That’s all the money available in that village. This is the reality with money, in that there’s a finite amount of gold in this world. The problem is Jewish bankers who have printed off trillions of bank notes, they’re telling people represent actual money, when they don’t. The effect is, the value of that currency depreciates greatly. The dollar today, is most probably worth well below 0 cents. The US currency is now a negative one, along with pretty much every European one as well, due to flooding of the market with bank notes that are nothing more than pieces of paper that represent nothing.

    This is why people are on the streets. Most people, courtesy of mass immigration are all competing with low paid jobs. More people on a given area requires more housing. This then results in landlords charging higher rent. Housing cost go up to match. It’s a vicious and wicked circle. I’ve been homeless, in London and it was a dreadful time, although I avoided the crowds and sought the trees and open parks when I put my head down at night. I was working while homeless on and off, but couldn’t get enough money together for a deposit for a flat and month’s advance rent. I did eventually but I can understand the frustration of many people who are homeless.

    Again, only one people to blame as always has been – Jews, destroying the economic system of the US, so they can financially benefit. Some even go the whole hog to create false flag attacks so they can knock down buildings, with terrorism insurance on them to make billions in profit. Larry Silverstein knows all about that doesn’t he?
    Seattle has a Jew problem.
    The US has a Jew problem.
    The western civilisation has a Jew problem and until people, the majority that is, wake up to this problem and know what it is, can they only then begin to institute measures to address and tackle it. This is the canary in the coalmine. It’s going to spread.
    This is the Weimar Republic all over again, post 1917 Treaty of Versailles mixed with post Bolshevik takeover of Russia. The similarities are startling. And it was the same people responsible today, as it was back then.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

  2. Seen this flick before. Want to know how to get a handle on this homeless situation. You will have to violate peoples Constitutional rights, but these people are violating the rights of the taxpaying public. Open up the Fema camps and arrest all homeless individuals. Strip them of their clothes, belongings, shave their heads, clean them up (like Hitler did in the concentration camps during WWII). Give them a clean place to sleep, food to eat, clean clothes to ware. No drugs or booze. One by one interview them. Once they are cleaned up and “reeducated” most could be salvaged and released back into society, some probably can never be let go. I could go into much greater detail but you get the picture. Without drastic measures the situation will only get dramatically worse.

  3. What else could you expect, when the political leaders so traitorous, sell the people out to Banksters and corporations, and nothing will change till, these low lifes are all hanged, along with the banksters and CEOs with their board of directors, of all corporations. the sheepe must wake up.

  4. An outstanding comment above by Harbinger, explaining the root of the issue. The world is doomed as long as this fraudulent criminal system of false currency and credit is allowed to fester, and the subversive pernicious evil Jew allowed to control the system.

    Good comment by Larry the Gentile as well and I agree with his suggested solution.