FBI’s 2018 Data: Blacks 2.6 Times More Likely Than Whites to Commit Hate Crimes

Paul Kersey – The Unz Review Nov 26, 2019

Let’s paraphrase an article from American Thinker back in 2017. It’s an important one, helping us understand the truly malevolent forces of the corporate media.
Here we go.
Data contradicting the approved narrative of the anti-white left rarely garner headlines. Non-whites must always be victims of the heartless white majority, correct? So our helpful government bureaucrats bury data contradicting the approved story, forcing those interested in the truth to bring out their calculators and crunch the numbers a little.
You might have heard or read a story regarding the FBI’s release of 2018 Hate Crime Statistics.
Buried below the headlines in the report was this nugget of racial pertinent information
In 2018, race was reported for 6,266 known hate crime offenders. Of these offenders:
-> 53.6 percent were White.
-> 24.0 percent were Black or African American.
-> 6.9 percent were groups made up of individuals of various races (group of multiple races).
-> 1.3 percent were Asian.
-> 1.0 percent were American Indian or Alaska Native.
-> 0.3 percent (19 offenders) were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.
-> 12.9 percent were unknown.
Odd the FBI doesn’t break out Hispanic offenders, right? Are they lumped in with whites?
According to US Census data for 2018, blacks made up 13.3 percent and whites made up 76.9 percent of the population, respectively. If blacks and whites committed hate crimes at the same rate, you would have expected Whites to commit five times as many hate crimes as African-Americans, and three quarters of all hate crimes would be attributed to white offenders. In reality, when you adjust for population, you find that blacks are about 2.6 times more likely to commit a hate crime than a white person.
What percent of those 12.9 percent of individuals whose race was “unknown” who were reported to have committed a hate crime were probably black? Does the corporate media even acknowledge a news story where a black person is accused of committing a hate crime?
In a country where Jussie Smollett was capable of motivating every major corporate media institution into publishing stories attacking white people wearing MAGA hats as the ultimate embodiment of hate, it’s worth noting blacks in 2018 were 2.6 times more likely to commit hate crimes than whites.
If democracy dies in darkness, why isn’t this fact universally known?


8 responses to “FBI’s 2018 Data: Blacks 2.6 Times More Likely Than Whites to Commit Hate Crimes”

  1. What amuses me is that the people who shout about hate racism and similar are the very people doing it, i watched a real hate program on TV called ” The Nazi Hunters”
    this was about jewish gangs looking for German people from w w 2
    and big rewards are paid to informers, they catch people and charge them with 6 milion murders as they claim they were part of the German holocaust machine even thos its been proved gain and again that there was no gassing incineration etc in the work camps
    can you think of more hatred than after 70 odd years doing this ?
    and jews wonder why the world hates them.
    I wonder if in 70 odd years time there will be people hunting down jews for their crimes against the people ?

    Black gang leaders after the London riots claimed the riots were because of black people being stopped and searched. Home office figures show blacks are 8 times more likely to commit crimes particularly mugging and fleecing, flecing is a mugging by intimidation without violence.
    These are known in police jargon as Zebra crimes, Gang leader wayne Dobbs said
    they would put spotters out side railways and bus stations in the cities who would look for well dressed people leaving these stations after work, they would casually ask them the time and if they had an expensive watch the spotter would wave to the gang who would follow and mug them.
    Police were told there would be more riots in major cities if thes egangs were targetted
    so they carry on with their evil work.
    BTW several petitions carrying over one milion signatures to deport to country of origin
    any one carrying out crimes was ignored by the racist blair governmentwhich experts said was more racist than Churchills

  3. There is no such a thing as a hate crime. How can you commit a crime on the basis of what you might have been thinking. How come there were no hate crimes thirty years ago? Is hate a recent phenomenon? A person should be tried on the basis of their actions, not what they might have been thinking. This hate thing is just more legal bullshit.

  4. Hate is also rising in Germany but the source is the globalist establishment:


  5. Carry Ann Johnston,

    I remember in London, Camden, blacks would hang around cash machines and watch people putting in their pin numbers. They’d then make a mark on their jackets with chalk. When they left the machines, they’d then be mugged, their credit card’s stolen and money taken out using the pin spied on earlier. It was 100% a black run, crime business.
    I lived in London for nearly 18 years and can safely state that the overwhelming majority of crime (assaults, muggings, rapes and murders) were done by blacks, compared to whites and they made up a tiny minority, smaller than the demographic percentage in the USA.

    Immigration doesn’t work. You cannot integrate people into your nation, because it’s a physical impossibility. The elites knew this, but the msm and academia just shout out racism at anyone who mentions this fact. Civil war will come. It’s inevitable and bloodshed will be the result. They want this. They want murder and chaos. They’re evil.

  6. Some things should be hated.

  7. The globalist plan in operation is to attack white cultures with droves of migrants from the ME, Africa, and Central America herding them into North America and Europe, using their money and NGO’s to pay their way and promising them jobs. To do this they have to curtail any protectionist criticism and reaction against their obliteration plan. Their attitude is they own the citizens of the norther nations as well as everything in the nations including their brainwashing media, so they can do what they want. The only question people of the north should be asking is who exactly are these totalitarian bastards and how to stop them now.

  8. What bollocks those percentages are. How many crimes were committed based on race with black perpetrators and white victims, not only in the States, but UK, Europe, and Scandinavia as well that just weren’t reported that way? I’d venture to say A LOT of black on white crimes were under-reported if not covered-up entirely, I’ve seen it happen multiple times this past year, so what am I going to believe, skewed bullshit statistics or my own lying eyes? Nevertheless, that author of the piece is correct as it’s very clear blacks are much more likely than whites to commit crimes of violence against people based on the race of the victim.

    Plus, those percentages in the article come from the FBI, an agency with zero credibility at this point.