Gender Change Regrets: A sad but increasingly familiar tale

Woman reveals she ‘deeply regrets’ decision to become a transgender male 20 years ago – and is now ‘de-transitioning’ to live as a female again

Jo Tweedy – Daily Mail Nov 27, 2019

A woman who decided at the age of 44 to transition to become a transgender man has revealed how she ‘deeply regrets’ her decision and is now ‘de-transitioning’ to live as a woman again.

Appearing on Newsnight, the UK woman, known as Debbie, discussed with presenter Deborah Cohen how she feels she ‘mutilated’ the body she was born with by surgically transitioning.

Appearing on Newsnight, a former trans man, Debbie revealed how she deeply regretted changing her gender from female to male at the age of 44. Click to enlarge

Born female, Debbie realised she wanted to be a transgender male after watching an episode of 90s television show Kilroy, in which the host Robert Kilroy-Silk was interviewing female-to-male transgender people.

She told Cohen: ‘I just happened to turn the TV on at the right time. Kilroy was on and he was basically talking to female to male transgender people and it was like a Eureka [moment].

‘I thought ‘This is me, this is what I’ve got to do”‘

Debbie, who says she was sexually abused as a child, set about taking testosterone and photographs of her three years into her transition show her clearly presenting as male.

Now in her early sixties, Debbie says in the footage that she thought she would become a different person if she became male, saying ‘I thought I’d become accepted in the world.’

After undergoing a full female-to-male surgical transition including having a penis made from skin on her forearm, Debbie lived as a man, Lee, for 17 years, continuing to take testosterone and wearing a full beard.

Now she is in the process of detransitioning after saying she deeply regrets what’s happened.

She describes her realisation that she no longer wanted to live as a trans male, saying: ‘I remember breaking down, it was like “‘This was a mistake, it should never have happened”‘.

Debbie adds: ‘But what the hell do you do about it? How do you go through another harrowing transition? I’ve got no hair, I’ve got a beard, I’ve had my body mutilated – what do you do about it? To get back to being the Debbie that I was?’

She believes she transitioned as a result of the sexual abuse she suffered in childhood and hopes she can now change her appearance with the help of oestrogen.

She told Cohen: ‘I think I’d have to wave a magic wand but I hope that my hair will grow back in time with the oestrogen and the body hair will reduce and I can get rid of this beard.’


6 responses to “Gender Change Regrets: A sad but increasingly familiar tale”

  1. Very tragic tale of a person who wanted to be accepted without realizing the only person who had to accept her was herself. Instead of receiving help to understand her emotional problems she was transitioned. Now along with the pain of another physical transition she needs to simply love herself and her femininity. God bless and hope she finds peace.

  2. How can people be so stupid?

  3. Peter, most of us could probably write our own six volume series entitled “Stupid things I have done in this life” –I cannot help but suspect that if “Debbie” had received quality counseling and real warnings about what the “transitioning” could do to her, she may have not gone through with it. My real anger is with people in the medical profession who did go ahead with this. and profited off this person’s desperation, and lack of wisdom. I’ve read that these transitioning procedures (just the physical aspect) can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars!

  4. Get used to it idiots: these dramas are happening and will happen more and more often and eventually will not be news anymore but millions of lives would have been destroyed. God created us in TWO genders: MALE and FEMALE. There is no genders in between but simple sexual deviations. The Christians always had a problem with normal, wholesome sex and created convents, religious orders, priesthood etc in celibacy. The result is your pedophiliac minds and LGBTxxx generations. But, this is divine punishment for you all: you went in other parts of the world and destroyed their people, young, old, adult & child; now watch your own to be destroyed souls and body. You will not be able to stop this disease: it is payback time.

  5. Alan D.Dale; Evolution has nothing to do with god and though i agree with your appraisal of the church being a heterosexual male i do feel that the LGBT aspect of our world today is just a part of evolution, who are we to pass judgment on something that may have connotations for our species in centuries to come… I mean how long have we been around, a couple of hundred thousand years? A drop in the ocean in evolutionary terms. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone, each to their own i say, and for the more enlightened well they will make their own minds up as to what is acceptable and what is not..

  6. Christian’s have little responsibility for this mess. Look at what happened during the Weimar Republic period in Germany. The first transgender operation was performed there. Homosexuality and sexual degeneracy were out in the open. Then, look at the LGBT movement in this country, and who largely controls the media, which pushes this agenda. I don’t like it, because I’m half Jewish by heritage, but Jews were largely behind the Weimar’s republic degeneracy then, and largely behind the LGBT agenda now. Perhaps I will be roasted as an ” anti semite” for pointing out these facts, but I don’t really care. Let the facts speak for themselves.