The 2019 American Music Awards: It Was Hell. Literally.

Vigilant Citizen – Nov 26, 2019

A look at the hellish symbolism in the performances of Kesha, Camila Cabello, and Post Malone:

Billie Eilish’s performance was basically about the world slowly turning into hell. Click to enlarge

Before the 2019 AMAs even started, I knew exactly what would happen: The same seven artists would be paraded on and off the stage, the same mind-numbing agenda would be promoted shamelessly and the same pseudo-satanic symbolism would a central part of the performances. And, unfortunately, I was right.
But I was not expecting how right I would be.
The 2019 AMAs was a satanic extravaganza mixed with a whole lot of “woke” brainwashing. And, to top it off, there was a recurrent theme that was difficult to ignore: Hell. Like, literal hell. Indeed, several performances featured artists performing in actual hellfire. And, when there was no hellfire, we had to suffer through another kind of hell: Virtue signaling. Heavy-handed and contrived virtue signaling.
If you did not watch the AMAs, you did good because you did not miss anything. Except for a boatload of agenda-pushing. Here are the lowlights of this three hours of hell.

Bad Start

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4 responses to “The 2019 American Music Awards: It Was Hell. Literally.”

  1. Humanities future is in plain sight, out in the open: eyes wide shut. This is also predictive programming like movies such as Hunger Games (all 4 in the series), The Purge Trilogy and The Hunt ( from future back to the past to kill MAGA hatters). Movies like Terminator X ( fill in a number) or Minority Report are old but still told us our future many years back. My personal favorites are 1984 and Brave New World. Finally, HELL is one place I want to avoid! how about you?

  2. To imagine that the evil international power base, IS in control, and is ever increasingly shoving it in our faces, denies the possibility that a good international power base is a possibility. Well it is and the real perpetrator is of another realm, and is wreaking havoc, because he knows his days are numbered. Unfortunately true Christianity has been hijacked…….if you can’t see through these billionaire televangelists, cults etc that purport to be Christian, then you need to pray hard that discernment will be part of your life! Oh yes there will be a final countdown, and Jesus told us all about it…….read Matthew 24 for starters! Vigilant Citizen is doing a fine job in highlighting the agenda of these demons in power. Keep up the good work.

  3. only one future, his name is Jesus. He died to prove it. ‘The meek shall inherit the earth’.

  4. The only weapon that can be used to clean out our Churches is exposure and then to try to use the facts to remove people from positions of power. However, people do not attend church to become embroiled in political or theological controversy. If the pastor or priest is too far out and not compatible with the faith, then generally the faithful find another church.

    Christian institutions are the easiest to infiltrate. The devil is always hard at work while we sleep at the switch. Unfortunately, when things get too bad the only remedy is further division. I really think that the globalist movement which is set to raise its ugly head again in 2020, will lead to major splits in most leading denominations. As for Satanism like all evil, it is parasitic on the good. It cannot exist on its own. Only God can. For instance, a brewery in Houston Texas presently is kicking off its new brand called “Black Mass” with a black mass, and with instructions. If there was no regular mass there would be nothing to corrupt. If you are ever beset by demons, you can dispel them in the name of Christ and it also helps to know that they are all simply parasitic on the good and are dependent on and accountable to God, no matter how much they rail away against Him. I