British Historian Norman Davies reveals how the anti-Polish narrative of the Holocaust began – Nov 24, 2019

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon:

In my book  The Wandering Who, I delved into the fascinating and well accepted notion that historical thinking is foreign to Judaic thought. It is a recognised  historical fact that Jews didn’t produce any historical texts for almost 2 millennia or more precisely, in between Flavius Josephus (37 CE – circa 100 CE) and Heinrich Graetz (1817[1] –1891). Within the context of Judaic Rabbinical discourse, the religious text effectively replaces historical and temporal thinking. The present and the future are realised and interpreted in the light of the Biblical canonical narratives.  Hitler, Stalin and Corbyn for instance, are reduced into ‘Amalek figures.’ Those western leaders who serve Jewish interests fit nicely with the Judaic notion of the “Sabbos Goy.” From a Judaic perspective, Jewish suffering is regarded as inherent in Jewish destiny and experience, it is implied by the Biblical narrative and it is, to a certain extent, accepted.   
In 19th century Europe, following the rapid process of Jewish emancipation that resulted in vast secularisation and the decline of the hegemony of the Rabbinical authorities, assimilated Jews felt a growing need to understand their past, present and future within a historical context. As Israeli historian Shlomo Sand argues, this process involved, inter alia, a lot of imagination: the Jews invented large parts of their past.  This creative tendency was not practiced by Zionists alone, it is actually a crucial part of every Jewish Identitarian narrative. The Zionists invented the notion of a ‘historical right’ to other people’s land, and their so called Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist foes have been at least as duplicitous. When they preach to us in the name of ‘Jewish universal ethics,’ they are just fibbing, albeit in an institutional manner, as there is no such a thing as ‘Jewish universal ethics’ (moral philosophy). Judaism replaces ethics (a mode employing cognitive moral judgment)  with Mitzvoth (a legalistic moralist apparatus that replaces judgment with obedience to rules). Judaism also replaces universalism with racially oriented tribalism that is largely chauvinist if not supremacist.  
it is crucial to add that inventing one’s past is not solely a Jewish domain. An element of creativity is present for most people and probably all nationalists when they construct a narrative of their pasts. In his book Heidegger and “the Jews,”  French Philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard points out that – history may claim to tell us what really happened but what it does in practice, most of the time, is the opposite. History conceals our collective shame in an aggressive, and institutional manner.
Americans have been hard at work concealing their genocides by peppering their cities with Holocaust museums. The Brits are no different, they have made their Imperial Wars Museum into a holocaust monument. For obvious reasons neither the Americans nor the British Holocaust shrines chronicle the embarrassing fact that both Britain and America closed their gates to Jewish refugees at the time of the Holocaust. History  serves to conceal our shame rather than address it.
But Jewish history goes beyond mere concealment of Jewish shame. Jewish history often appears as a unique intellectual domain that seeks the participation of everyone else in the concealment of Jewish shame. Not only do Jews build their historical narrative in a fashion that prevents Jews or anyone else from the crucial study of what it is that makes the Jewish past into a chain car accident saturated with colossal tragedies, pogroms, expulsions and shoahs, ‘Jewish history’ is often a ‘system of thought’ that recruits others to participate and sustain the Jewish concealment apparatus.
The following article is an English translation of a Polish piece that appeared on BritishPoles.Uk a few days ago. It describes how Israeli History Professor Yehuda Bauer “taught young British historians how to describe the Holocaust.” as recounted by British Polish Oxford History Prof. Norman Davies in his recent autobiography. 
As far back as 1974, Bauer, according to Davies, instructed British historians to refer to the Poles as merely “observers” rejecting all references to Polish suffering and ignoring the fact that Poland is the country that suffered most during World War II, losing over 17% of its population. The Israeli ‘historian’ referred to the Poles as “bystanders” despite the  fact that Poles make up more than a quarter and more than any other country of the 26.793 Righteous Among the Nations recognized by Yad Vashem.  More than 50,000 Poles were executed by the Germans solely as  punishment for saving Jews.
Assuming that Prof Davies’ account is true and I have every good reason to believe it is, then what motivated Prof. Bauer to depict the Holocaust and the Poles in such a misleading light? Presumably, truth seeking wasn’t his prime motivation. Even more telling, if Prof. Davies account is accurate,  then it is reasonable to assume that the Israeli historian wasn’t at all interested in uncovering the truth, instead he was investing in the concealment of truth and seeking support for his project from the British historians.
Jewish power, as I define it, is the power to suppress criticism of Jewish power. Similarly, Jewish history, can be seen as the attempt to conceal the fact that Jews actually have a history. Everything that is happening to Jews now, has happened too many times before and will keep repeating itself as long as we are too shy to unveil that which Prof. Bauer attempts (presumably) to conceal. 

Norman Davies reveals how the anti-Polish narrative of the Holocaust began:


Norman Davies described in his autobiography how an Israeli historian instructed British scholars to classify Poles as “observers” during the Holocaust.
80-year-old historian Norman Davies described in his recently published 800-page autobiography the way Professor Yehuda Bauer taught young British historians how to describe the Holocaust. In 1974, Prof. Bauer met with over 30 historians at the Israeli embassy in London and instructed them to use the “perpetrators-victims-observers” divisions to describe those involved in the Holocaust.  The term ‘observers’ was reserved for Poles. All references to the fact that Polish citizens were also victims during World War II were rejected.
“It was a closed meeting for professional historians. Yehuda Bauer, an Israeli historian, was the main speaker. They were to be workshops on teaching about the Holocaust, and the beginning of a large campaign promoting knowledge about the Holocaust in the world.The diagram prof. Bauer presented was clear: former perpetrators – Nazis (not Germans), victims – only Jews, and witnesses – Poles, “ said Professor Davies in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.
“Professor Bauer clearly outlines the historical pattern. It was based on the fact that during the war, in Poland, because it all took place in Poland, there were performers, there were victims and there were those who looked at it all passively, the so-called “Bystanders”. The performers are Nazis …”   said Davies.
The British historian emphasized that the word “Germany” was never used, only “Nazis” or “Nazis”.
Professor Davies said that Poles were presented only as observers and one is not allowed to mention Polish victims and suffering: “The probable result of this meeting was to show that Poland was historically the center of anti-Semitism and describing Poles as anti-Semites was justified. I said: I’m sorry, my father-in-law, a Pole, he was in two concentration camps during the Holocaust (…) I was talking about the father-in-law who survived Dachau and Mauthausen. I was shouted down. I heard: “Sit down!” And “Polonofil!”. 
According to prof. Davies, in the ’70s and’ 80s Poland’s role in the scheme was as an “observer”, and that became the dominant narrative. “Unfortunately, this pattern was adopted in the West not only at universities, but as common knowledge and dominates the narrative of World War II, ” said Norman Davies.
The Oxford historian also described how he was refused work at Stanford University under unclear circumstances after the selection procedure was completed. After completing all formalities, a university official contacted him and said that he would not get a job.” After a few weeks, I was told that the matter concerned Jewish issues, namely my writing about Polish-Jewish relations,” said Davies.
Norman Davies, born in 1939 in Bolton, is the author of several books on the history of Europe and Poland, the most famous of which is “God’s Games”, first published in 1981.

From the editor:

Poland is the country that, in proportion to its population, suffered most during World War II.  We lost over 17% of our citizens – about 6 million, including up to three million Polish Jews murdered by Germans. Poland is still demanding compensation from Germany for these terrible losses.
Poles constitute the largest national group among the Righteous Among the Nations recognized by Yad Vashem. So far 26,793 people have been commemorated. Over 25% of them were Polish. You can read more on the official Yad Vashem website. We must remember that during the German occupation of Poland many Poles risked their lives – and their families – saving Jews from Germany. To date, 6992 Poles, mostly Christians, have been honored by the State of Israel with the title of ‘Righteous Among the Nations.’ This is more than from any other nation (only 616 in Germany). The entire list is available here. Given the harsh punishment that threatened the rescuers, this figure is impressive. Polish citizens lived in the most extreme conditions in all of German occupied-Europe. Occupied Poland was the only territory where the Germans enacted the law that all help for Jews would be punished by the death of the rescuer and his entire family. At least 50,000 Poles were executed by the Germans solely as a punishment for saving Jews.


Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

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  1. Non Nazi nations not taking in Jews before and after WWII was exactly what the Zionists arranged. They ended up in Palestine. As well, they were coercing Jewish families all throughout the ME to move to Palestine.

    Apart from the obvious Anglo racial hypocrisy regarding apartheid, reservations and genocide for indigenous peoples in the US and in Brit colonies, the Anglos had no reason to build any museums. They preferred just to turn their backs on that part of history, which has now come back and to bite them in the ass.

    Atsmon is just blowing smoke here. The Jews wanted to use their persecution in WWII to steal the show as being the only real victims, and especially of white and Christian persecution for two thousand years. The history is that they made their advancements through their own exclusiveness, intelligence, international monetary concentration, and often a great deal of stealth, which antagonized the sometimes more open and other times equally exclusive peoples in the host nations where they resided.

    In the US before WWII, the Jewish elites were in control of the media, the entertainment industry and likely Washington inself, just as much as today. They brought the US into WWI, and into WWII for their own interests. They backed the communist revolution in Russia and promoted its spread to other nations, all through stealth, money and influence. Like the US Constitution, Western Imperialism, the Koran, their religion and customs extended no rights to outsiders. Everything was and remains fair game. Apart from Anglo hypocrisy, nothing in history can compare to the violence and evil of the 20th century, which Anglo, Jew, Russian and German dupes all share various measures of the blame.

    What Atzmon may be saying is that we are all guilty for ignoring or trying to deflect public attention from the evils our ancestors have caused or contributed to in their hate, greed, plundering, and exclusiveness. No one gets off the hook. Yet, it does present a huge contradiction for the Jewish establishment to be harping on the WWII ethnic persecution of their own people while they are doing the same to the Palestinians.

    The real question is whether or not the decent people on the planet have to rise up and strip all the super rich of their wealth and all power brokers of their power before there is any justice or before we blow ourselves to bits.

  2. Well said Fred B……He forgot to mention the Jews role in the American slave trade…..Not mentioned of course because the Jews DO control the media.
    Right now its early morning in NZ….there are two (supposedly competitors) morning TV shows.NOT coincidentally the two shows have Jewish hosts (John Campbell on TV1 who is a repulsive Marxist and Duncan Gardiner TV3….owned by an Americsn Jewish owned multinational).Jews ran the white slave trade in Europe in the Middle Ages….this fact is not disputed.
    So these fiends have the incredible gall to raise “antisemitism ” when it was the Jewish Zionist elite which was preventing Jews landing in western countries….BECAUSE THE TOP JEWS WANTED THEM TO BE FORCED TO GO TO PALESTINE.The early MOSSAD let off bombs in Iraq to encourage Iraq jews to flee to Israel.
    You really do get sick of the Daily Mail and its CONSTANT mentioning of the “Nazis”…but it’s all done for a reason… they’re going on about Labour Party “antisemitism “…..BUT Corbyn and Johnson and the pathetic garralous idiot Farage are ALL crypto Jews……its the same in France….Sarkozy,Hollande and Macron…..all Jews….Le Pen is constantly having to fight off cooked up legal challenges…..because she is not Jewish.
    How about the mass opium addiction in China….caused by an Iraqi origin Jew…..who used Indian slave labour to produce the raw material which was then shipped to China.
    Jewish owned pharmaceutical companies have made billions out of the Opoid crisis in the USA… could go on like this……the internet is exposing the Jews….guess WHO is attempting to shut down the net…..why its the giant Jew Owned Corporations…..surprise surprise…..

  3. @ Fred B & Vespasian:

    Well stated, both of you. Fred B forgot to mention Chairman Mao and the death count he caused in China for Chinese Bolshevism (Communism). Just another ISM invented by Jews. And just as you both imply, Gilad is nothing but CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. The Illuminati Khazarian Mafia (phony Jew pretenders) control both sides to produce chaos for their goal to achieve their Order, more Wealth and more Power, for their few Elites to destroy the goyim (useless cattle – humanity). Just for fun, I know that excrement is used to help roses grow, but I never knew / thought that Gilad’s excrement would try to smell like a rose. How sad!

  4. It is all very sophisticated. However, just because you see the Jewish hand in the Opium Wars (the Sassoon’s & the Anglo Rothschild’s) and also in the slave trade, we cannot forget the vast fortunes made by the many non-Jews, and especially Brit and European gentry and royalty, including Queen Victoria. Where for any of them were the moral restraints which usually come from their “universal” religions? Look at the hypocrisy for those who called themselves Christians. In the US until the civil war, it was easy for an American to justify slavery. All you had to do was dehumanize blacks and native indians which they did, and therefore they were not included in the Constitution. The Jews on the other hand were totally free of such restraints and hypocrisy, at least to their own way of thinking, which shows a fundamental anthesis. Although they have fared better in Christian nations than in most other parts of the world, by our bad example we have done a thoroughly bad job in trying to show them something better.

    However, if in fact there is some reason why slavery, killing, doping and exploiting others is morally or intrinsically wrong then I challenge anyone to say why, and if you have a reason then please tell us upon what moral force you expect to reform mankind.

    Social contract? Does that theory have the moral force in include everyone, or to stop slavery? Did it?

    Utilitarian Ethics? The greatest happiness principle? Where is the authority and the moral force to make it work other than laws imposed by elites for what they deem harmful, as they proceed to get rid of the unwanted? As long as you are happy who cares if others are happy?

    Marxism? What a joke. It is crudest and saddest stab at universalism every conceived by of group of outcasts who have rejected God and constantly has to resort to external force for even superficial compliance, and has to obliterate everything standing so their empty little materialistic idea of man’s purpose can be planted in the ashes.

    So where do all of the lofty principles like “the brotherhood of man”, “intrinsic worth”, and “inalienable rights”, “universal justice” come from? Oh yes, some reform-minded politician or philosopher, no doubt, coined the expressions and provided us with rationales to see the advantages, but nothing has ever given any moral force to any of these concepts without religion. Even Jefferson who was very irreligious said pretty much the same thing.

    You can cite Judaism as having have such moral force, and it obviously does if your are eugenically found fit to become one of the chosen. But what of the rest of mankind? Are we all here to sever the chosen? That does not seem very satisfying. So, we are left with the other major religions of the world which are more universal, and where the moral force comes down so something far more internal and supernatural – incorporating eternal consequences for both helping and harming your fellow man, woman and child. That is real moral force.

    British tort law in the 1930’s enunciated the neighbor principle which is a good example of the embodiment of at least one Christian principle in our secular lives, giving it the force of the common law. The principle essentially stats that everyone has a duty of care to anyone (i.e. not to harm) in their proximity who foreseeably can be affected by their actions. However, with the loss of Christianity in the West, even that area of law is fast becoming extinct, as is the idea of the “individual” which for socialistic and utilitarian reasons is also disappearing. In Western civilization the integrity of the individual has always been based on the belief of the immortal human soul, and virtue thereto. However, for there to be any real moral force for every human being having any “intrinsic worth” in order for our laws to protect them, you also must have something a great deal more than just platitudes in the air, or secondary ideas like a social contract. In our civilization you also have to have the backing and the belief that we are all children of God and loved by Him. Without such we quickly see all of our lofty ideals like “intrinsic worth” being thrown out of the window, to make way for more totalitarian and Godless regimes where the elites get rid of everyone of us they deem as unwanted. .

  5. what real evidence do you have that Poles were executed for protecting jews and for the “at least” (so it might be more…you mean) 50,000 executed……….??
    I want accurate, checkable evidence not “a woman told me that a woman told her” nonsense; hearsay in other words….

    Also, why do you use the CE ‘common era’ date form instead of the AD (anno domini-year of our Lord) and BC (Before Christ)?? Are you a talmudic jew….??

  6. Very well written comments Fred B!


    Fred B wrote:

    “In our civilization you also have to have the backing and the belief that we are all
    children of God and loved by Him. Without such we quickly see all of our lofty ideals like “intrinsic worth” being thrown out of the window, to make way for more totalitarian and Godless regimes where the elites get rid of everyone of us they deem as unwanted. . ”

    There must have been millions of German Christians who believed “we are all children of God and loved by Him”, just before they were bombed, maimed, raped, tortured, shot and burned to hell during WWII. There must have been millions more
    “who quickly saw all of their lofty ideals like “intrinsic worth” being thrown out
    the window” just as they awaited their turn to be shot in the head and pushed into the mass graves by the Bolsheviks in Russia and Eastern Europe…

    What was the purpose for such demonstrations of sadism, barbarism, evil and destruction?!

    And if “Character if Fate”, how does one explain having so many characters deserving the same fate all conveniently assembled in the same place to be bombed into oblivion or spiritually tortured by a bunch of flying demons and Mad Men Across The Water?

    These are the kinds of questions a citizen of Dresden might have asked on Valentine’s Night in 1945 while he or she was slowly dying, crushed under a collapsed building, having multiple burns and injuries, perhaps a fractured spine and broken limbs…

    Perhaps similar questions were asked by citizens of Paradise California on November 8 2018 just before they were toasted to a crisp in a line-up of cars desperately trying to escape the “forest fire”…the “Campfire”…

    Maybe the purpose for such a demonstration of sadism, barbarism and evil is to reinforce the stranglehold the controllers/slave drivers/parasites have over humanity through the imposition of sheer terror in all its forms.

    These would be the same ones who announced the “War On Terror”, destined to last 100 years according to Donald H-Bomb Bumsfelt.

    That sounds pretty bad… especially for the Children of God who loves all his children… Maybe God just likes to torture his kids as a way of showing his love.

    Beware of anybody who gives you a command to love. Ask for a complete definition of the word “love” before you sign up with that regiment.

    For a God who can do anything, anytime, anywhere, anyhow, He seems to have been favoring the most immoral, amoral and criminally insane among all His Children.

    And if we’re all children of God, why is Jesus singled out to be the only Son of God?! But Jesus is also the Son of Man apparently. So if Duke is the Son of Man, I suppose He is also the Son of God. So just pick up your cross and follow Duke.

    I don’t think the “Believers” know where He’s going because there’s still lots of room on the bus…in case you want to join the caravan to midnight.


  7. Fred b – i keep reading about ‘the chosen ones’ to which you refer. I assume by this you mean jews. Two facts – 1. there were no jews during the time of Christ. They were referred to as pharisees, scribes and saducees. These people were from the tribe of juda whose king herod antipater. Juda was incorrectly translated as jew which isincorrect. 2. Referencing the chosen ones is incorrect as israelites refer to the house i.e family of Israel whose previous name was Jacob. He had 12 sons two of whom the jews are descendant from. The WHOLE world population are israelites as Israel’s sons departed to the 4 corners of the earth (n,s,e,w). 3 the chosen ones are the british descendant from Menassah who was tasked to spread the word (the sun never sets on the british empire) and has failed miserably. 4. The Union Jack refers to Jacob

  8. Very few people (for obvious reasons!) now know that for quite a long time before WWI (and during the war itself) most Jewish political activists pinned their hopes for the creation of a Jewish “homeland” on … Germany!

    120 years ago, the Zionist colonization of Palestine was still Plan B. What was then seen as being a more realistic project was the creation of “Judeo-Polonia” — a new buffer state that would be carved out of “inevitable” German territorial gains in Eastern Europe following a future military conflict with Russia.

    By September 1914, all the details had been worked out by a joint German-Jewish Committee — the Deutsches Komitee zur Befreiung der Russischen Juden — working in liaison with the German ministry for foreign affairs. The Committee also regularly warned about the dangers posed by Polish attempts to bring about the restoration of the Polish State, which over a century earlier had been partitioned by Prussia, Austria and Russia.

    Judeo-Polonia would be a German protectorate (ruled by a German prince) and — given that it would be inhabited by the 6 million Jews of that part of the world — would, of course, be conveniently run by German- and/or Yiddish-speaking Jews. The population of Judeo-Polonia would also comprise 8 million Poles, 2 million Germans, 6 million Ukrainians, 4 million Byelorussians and 4 million assorted Lithuanians and Latvians. Its capital would be the city of Lublin, which is now in eastern Poland.

    Unfortunately — notwithstanding the support that she had received from worldwide Jewry — Germany lost the war and — worse still — in 1920 the Red Army (Plan C) failed to defeat the army of the newly resurrected Polish Republic, whose government was at that time regularly being accused of tolerating and/or organizing anti-Jewish pogroms (for which, as the American ambassador in Warsaw Hugh Simons Gibson confirmed, there was actually no evidence at all).

    Although Jewish demands for the creation of autonomous Jewish districts (i.e. ghettos) in every Polish town were rejected by the Polish parliament in the same year (1920), Polish citizenship was granted (in 1926) to the 600 000 illegal Jewish immigrants who had fled the new Workers’ Paradise of Soviet Russia.

    Between the two World Wars, most (but not all) Jewish political activists in Poland still dreamt of setting up some kind of Jewish homeland in the eastern part of the country and so — remembering the Judeo-Polonia project — they continued to place their hopes in Germany. Even the Polish Communist Party (most of whose members happened to be Jews) then supported German territorial claims against Poland!

    This, of course, would explain the willingness of Jewish elites to co-operate with the Nazi German invaders of Poland in 1939. By contrast, Polish (i.e. Christian) elites consistently refused to collaborate with the Germans and Russians who had invaded and re-partitioned their country, preferring instead to set up a government-in-exile and an extensive Resistance movement (known as the Home Army).

    Hitler cleverly lulled the vigilance of the Jews by granting them (a cruel parody of) the “autonomous Jewish districts” that the Poles had refused them in 1920. In September 1939, crowds of Jews actually came out into the streets of various Polish towns in order to welcome the victorious German troops, while in that part of Poland which had been invaded and occupied by the Soviets they also actively collaborated with Stalin’s secret police (on a truly massive scale).

    Initially, the Nazi plan — dropped in the second half of 1941 — was to gradually herd all the Jews of Europe into one part of eastern Poland, thus creating a Jewish region that might eventually become some kind of Jewish entity. At that time — i.e. during the first half of the war (before Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union) — most of the people who were being butchered in Poland were not Jews, but Poles. If they were very rich, Jews were then more likely to be murdered by their fellow Jews in the ghettos (often with the connivance of the Jewish ghetto police).

    Writing in Britain in 1940, the Jewish political activist Jabotinsky saw this concentration of Jews in the Lublin region as a great opportunity for a future Jewish homeland once Germany had been defeated. Indeed, maps of the future Jewish “Lublinland” began to appear in various other publications of the time.

    It was only in the middle of WWII that Hitler suddenly decided on the mass extermination of his Jewish subjects and it was only then that the leaders of Poland’s Jews finally realized that there was going to be no Judeopolonia after all. Most of the leaders of the Jewish ghettos (who had earlier steadfastly refused to cooperate with the Polish Resistance) then committed suicide, seeing that the long-standing loyalty of the greater part of European Jewry towards the German cause had been unrequited.

    One explanation for Hitler’s callous decision could be that — having observed the behaviour of many Jews in that part of Poland which had been occupied by the Soviets in 1939 — he wrote them all off as incorrigible communist agents and fifth-columnists. However, Feliks Koneczny — a Polish historian who experienced the German occupation at first hand — offered a different explanation: writing in 1942, he argued that the Germans were so convinced that they had finally gained eternal possession of all Polish lands that they simply no longer saw any need to accept the Jewish offer of collaboration — and so proceeded with the next stage of their plan for them. Poles were next on the list, of course, though Polish elites in both occupied zones had already been decimated at the very beginning of the war.

    During the first half of the twentieth century, Jewish propaganda in Europe and America consistently denigrated all things Polish (even in Hollywood films produced during WWII!), mainly in order to further the cause of the Judeo-Polonia project. Since the early 1970s it has been doing exactly the same thing — but this time in order to lend credibility to the new “Holocaust” narrative, which would quite simply collapse if the American public ever found out what really happened in Poland during the Second World War.

  9. In other words, it would seem that it took Norman Davies all of 45 years to summon up the courage to share his inside knowledge of the origins of the fifty-year-old “Holocaust” narrative. Better late than never, I suppose!