YouTube Bans Top Christian Channel for Questioning Jewish Lobby

Russia Insider – Nov 28, 2019

On Monday we reported on an extraordinary denunciation of Jewish influence from Florida pastor Rick Wiles, who spent a whole show arguing that the impeachment proceedings were a Jewish coup. He also said on the broadcast that what he was saying would get him kicked off YouTube. He was right.

You can still watch the broadcast on their website.

The good people at the ADL made an excellent video about Wiles back in May. Hard to argue with what he says here.

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7 responses to “YouTube Bans Top Christian Channel for Questioning Jewish Lobby”

  1. The jewish NWO camp are preparing for CIA whisleblowers to expse Obama having small boys secretly taken into the white house, ” to play with ”
    this promises to be a dirty fight, and rather than have the clintons and obama forced into the light, for their crimes, there is already talk of preparing a manchurian candidiate.
    e g a Manchurian Candidate like washed chump like Sirhan Sirhan or Mark Chapman
    do do the dirty deed/

  2. 18 years after 911 it is refreshing to see a prominent pastor speak out against the Jewish lobby. He says Jews are in control and doing a coup against his beloved President. This Jewish power was immediately proved as Jews everywhere take action against him for speaking the ultimate sin, truth about Jews.

    It would be nice if god fearing pastor Rick Wiles would also say Israel did 911.

    “”That’s the way the Jews work. They are deceivers. They plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda,” Wiles added. ”

    Such a wonderful statement by a “reserved” and “well dressed” “man of God” makes me chuckle. Actually I laughed and called my wife over, looky what the good pastor said about Jews. LOL

    Such a blanket true statement drives the tribe members into a tizzy, their lying Jew eyeballs popping out of their skulls like shifty Schiff. I can only imagine Abe Foxman getting all red in the face and purple blood vessels popping out of his white Polish skin. How dare you say that Goyim!

    Hopefully the flock wakes the up soon before Trump-Pence-Netanyahu or whoever starts WW3. Since ET doesn’t want their planet turned into a radioactive dump, they will probably stop us at that point, but otherwise we can have fun killing one another in conventional wars as much as we want. Eventually such ruinous policies will bankrupt the empire Pax Amerikana and when all those wealthy jet setting television pastors lose everything we might see some real verbage about them Jews. I sure look forward to that shitshow.

    I am not worried about our fate because we are already doing time in hell on a prison planet. In my opinion we have already been condemned and cast to earth. We are in hell and Jews are the devils working us over. It would be nice for Rick Wiles to call Jews devils, or in league with the devil so the flock gets the right idea about the character of the Jews.

  3. Doesn’t anyone see that this is the beginning of the American Bolshevik Revolution? We’re all in big trouble.

  4. Rick Wiles And Trunews Are Deceiving You

    ” he is either a deceiver or he is very deceived.”

  5. Telling the truth in a world of deceit is a revolutionary act – George Orwell

    A time comes when silence is betrayal – Martin Luther King

    Rich Wiles is right, in addition the zionists have ruled America since 1913 when they fastened their privately owned FED and IRS on to we the American people.

  6. The whole Impeachment is in MY opinion staged , another story , a fable designed by the worlds greatest liars . Cover up Epstein , cover up Syria and Saudi Arabia / U.S. military ops and Venezuela . Of course the Chosen Ones will give only the side of the news fit for the goy …..