The Prince, the pauper and the paedophile peer: the dangerous questions the BBC failed to ask

Jospeh de Burca – The Nov 16, 2019

Some Really Dangerous Questions Were NOT Asked

Prince Andrew pictured during his interview with Emily Maitlis. Click to enlarge

The BBC’s Emily Maitlis has broadcast the interview she conducted with Prince Andrew about his relationship with the convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. It was billed as a ‘no holds barred’ interview. Unfortunately, Maitlis did not ask a single question about his relationship with the notorious child molester, Lord Greville Janner.

Yet the Prince’s relationship with Janner raises as many questions as that of his friendship with Epstein.

The British media has turned a blind eye to the Janner-Duke of York relationship.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex (IISCA) in London chaired by Professor Alexis Jay may soon abandon its inquiry into Janner completely. If it does, the Prince will get to heave yet another deep sigh of relief for he will not have to face questions about his friendship with Janner from that quarter either.

Alan Kerr, an Irish victim of sex abuse from Belfast, has provided the IICSA with details about the Prince’s friendship with Janner. Kerr’s story was revealed exclusively by this magazine. Readers who are not familiar with it are invited to read ‘The Boy on the Meat Rack’  and  ‘Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire’ on this website. (Click on the ‘Alan Kerr’ tab at the end of this story.)


The possibility that the IICSA will not investigate Janner comes in the wake of an announcement last August that the Metropolitian Police were not going to investigate the Prince for having had sex  in London with Virginia Roberts when she was 17. A spokesperson for the Met announced that it investigated allegations he had “had sex with Virginia Roberts Giuffre aged 17 in Ghislaine Maxwell’s bathroom” in London and confirmed that while they had received “an allegation of non-recent trafficking for sexual exploitation’ that ‘no further action is being taken”.

Last August Channel 4 News discovered that the Met had “reviewed the available evidence” and decided that the matter “would not progress to a full investigation”. The Met’s purported inquiry had begun with a review of the “available evidence” in 2015 after receiving a complaint over claims in US court papers that a girl was “forced to have sex with Prince Andrew”.

Independently, Roberts’ lawyers contacted the Met in 2016.

A further complaint concerning the sexual trafficking of Roberts to the UK was received by the Met in 2015 from an unconnected third party.

As Channel 4 disclosed, ‘The Met Police has refused to answer detailed questions about the allegations and whether they ever spoke to Epstein, his friend Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew or anyone from the Royal Household. Channel 4 News asked the Metropolitan Police a series of questions about Virginia Roberts’account of what she says happened to her at Maxwell’s London residence in early 2001. The Met told Channel 4 News: “[We] can confirm that the Metropolitan Police Service [MPS] received an allegation of non-recent trafficking for sexual exploitation. The MPS reviewed the available evidence and the decision was made that this would not progress to a full investigation. As such, the matter was closed”.

It will come as no surprise that the Prince chose the BBC, not Channel 4 for his interview about Epstein.


Ghislaine Maxwell procured and trained underage girls to have sex with adult males, as part of Jeffrey Epstein’s now infamous international paedophile ring.  Roberts has spoken about how she was taken to London in 2001 by Epstein. During her trip, she was awoken from her sleep by Ghislane Maxwell who told her ‘you’re gonna meet a prince today’. That night she went out dancing with Prince Andrew in a club where he gave her alcohol and she was later ‘forced’ to have sex with him.

She claims had sex on two other occasions with the Prince. Although the Prince had precise dates, times and places at the tip of his fingers, he affected genuine surprise at the suggestion he had participated in an orgy in America with her. This demonstrates that he was putting on a performance for the cameras. His facial expression was tantamount to a lie:  how could he have been so surprised at an accusation – acting as if it was the first time he had heard it – if he was long since familiar with it?


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7 responses to “The Prince, the pauper and the paedophile peer: the dangerous questions the BBC failed to ask”

  1. Young boys from various care homes would be sent to Victoria St station to be picked up by Grevile Janners driver/bodyguard and taken to a flat owned by Janner.
    Thse boys would often have to wait for the driver to collect them, some knew what was in store and they would be crying, one 11 year old was so afraid he wet himself where he stood and the station master was my cousin.
    He phoned police several times and complained that this was going on, eventually a senior police cheif came to see him, and he said we all have children ourselves, we dont like this any more than you do, but orders from above are to ignore it, Janner and his filthy crew are protected my hands are tied, if you ring again you will be the one in trouble.
    My cousin and myself were furious thata foreign jew would be allowed to do this.
    He spoke to the driver who came to pick up a crying boy named Adam, th driver did know what he said was being taped, and he said look thes eboys are well looked after they are given sweets and a hamburger and coke, they just need to satidfy a few homosexuals end of story
    makes me sick

  2. There was some graffiti found on the wall when boy brothel Elm House was redecorated
    “The boy stood on the burning deck
    armed only witha spanner
    he knew today the poofs were coming
    and wanted to cosh Greville Janner ” Janner was head of the Board of British deputies some times called the secret government, these control the NWO polices of all 3 main parties Tory Labour and LIb Dem thingey parties

  3. What we cant understand is OK Andrew was having sex with girls and hes lost his mojo
    but Obama was having boys delivered for sex and nonly th CIA whistleblowers were shouting about it
    talk about double standards

  4. what in the hell did we Expect, they have had everything else on the BBC besides the creep who screws dead Bodies Jimi Saville the Australian painter, the Murder of Princess Diana by the Royal Family even if they don’t want to call her a princess Anymore, when she is the Only one out of the Whole lot of them who is a Real Princess in the Eyes of the Whole world, and that includes Harry is Brother and all the Rest of them.

  5. Maitlis usually displays her legs to the knee, but wasn’t taking any chances here.

  6. While I would not condone his or her claims, the statement that she was ‘forced’
    then then later had sex on two other occasions with the Prince just don’t jive.
    Kiss and tell later claims (by everyone) are NOT damning evidence, but enquiring
    minds always seem to want to know, and it just smacks too much like sexual
    blackmail. Everyone always seems to just want to get to the truth, but the whole
    truth is no one ever really gets there, just the character smut.

  7. Thank you all for continuing to peel back the layers of this evil “royal” onion. My eyes run with tears when I reflect on their utterly nauseating existence throughout the centuries. Keep pealing and revealing!!!