The Left is from Jerusalem

By Gilad Atzmon – Nov 23, 2019

We learned yesterday that Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion (“XR”) apologised after his comments about the Holocaust sparked outrage.
I was curious to find out what it was that Hallam said that led to such indignation. German Green politician Volker Beck accused Mr Hallam on Twitter of bringing the climate movement into disrepute.” German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the Nazi genocide was “uniquely inhumane” (can the German foreign minister provide a list of what he considers to have been  ‘humane’ genocides?). Ullstein, Hallam’s German publisher announced it had stopped publication of Hallam’s book on climate change and that it was disassociating itself from his comments.
Judging by the  scale of the histrionics I assumed that Hallam had broken every rule. He must have praised Hitler or perhaps justified or even denied the Holocaust all together.  Apparently, he said nothing at all like that. In an interview with Die Zeit, Hallam stated that the Holocaust was  “just another fuckery in human history.”  The “fact of the matter,” he said, “is, millions of people have been killed in vicious circumstances on a regular basis throughout history.”  He concluded by observing that genocides have occurred repeatedly over the past 500 years and “in fact, you might say it is like a regular event”.
At least on its face, his statements were factually correct, Hallam didn’t deny or diminish anyone’s suffering.  Quite the opposite, he expressed a universal disgust with all forms of oppression and hatred.
What was Hallam’s crime? Apparently, that he spoke both authentically and ethically, and ignored the fact that this form of discourse is extinct within contemporary ‘Left’  and progressive circles.
XR’s Annemarie Botzki tweeted: “We distance ourselves from Roger Hallam’s trivialising and relativising comments about the Holocaust.”  Hallam is being accused of ‘trivializing’ and ‘relativizing’ the holocaust simply by noting the clear and undeniable fact that history has witnessed more than one systematic destruction of one people by another.
The study of history benefits from a  comparative approach. Our scholarly understanding of the past expands when we can see, for instance, the equivalence between the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and the 1948 Palestinian Nakba. Our understanding of Zionism grows when we delve into the parallels between the national socialist aspirations of the early Labour Zionists and  those of German National Socialism that surfaced later. Yet, within the domain of the Holocaust religion such a scholarly comparative approach is regarded as the ultimate heresy. To examine the Holodomor, the Boer War, Stalin’s crimes, Neocon global atrocities, or Israeli War Crimes alongside the Holocaust is perceived by some as the ultimate profanity as it ‘relativises’ that which ‘must’ extend beyond history and reason, namely ‘The Holocaust.’
For Jewish institutions, Holocaust:  ‘Relativisation,’ ‘Trivialization’ and ‘Universalization’ are the ‘ultimate crimes’ as they tend to prevent the crystallization of the Holocaust as a unique chapter in human history. The attempt is made by these institutions to prevent  the application of language that is ‘specific to the holocaust’ to events that are unrelated to it or to Jewish suffering in general.
We are stumbling upon two core elements at the heart of the Holocaust religion.  One is, of course, the primacy of Jewish suffering. The other is the Orwellian attempt to dominate language, terminology, vocabulary and expressions by restricting the usage of certain words so the words themselves serve Jewish identitarian causes.
The great Israeli thinker Yeshayahu Leibowitz noticed as early as the 1970s that the Holocaust was morphing from an event in history into a dogmatic religion. It was he who coined the notion “Holocaust religion.” Leibowitz perceived that, although Jews believe in many different things, Judaism, Bolshevism, Human Rights, Zionism and Anti Zionism: all Jews believe in the Holocaust.  A decade later in 1987, Israeli philosopher Adi Ophir expanded on this shift in Jewish consciousness and identification. In his paper On Sanctifying the Holocaust: An Anti-Theological Treatise, Ophir admitted that “a religious consciousness built around the Holocaust may become the central aspect of a new religion.”
Ophir listed the four commandments of the new religion:
  1. “Thou shalt have no other holocaust.” 
  2. “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or likeness.”
  3. “Thou shalt not take the name in vain.” 
  4. “Remember the day of the Holocaust to keep it holy, in memory of the destruction of the Jews of Europe.” 
Ophir’s commandments illuminate these two Judeo Centric core elements of the Holocaust religion. The primacy of Jewish Suffering (1, 2 and 4) and strict lingual restrictions (1,2 &3).
Orwell’s insights into left authoritarianism that made 1984 into a prophetic masterpiece together with Ophir’s thoughts  provide us with the intellectual framework to understand both the Jewish and the Left’s attitude toward the Holocaust. The Left that, at least in the past, attempted to unite us in the name of a universal ethos is now at the forefront of the battle against each of its own core values: the ethical, the universal (equality) and, most important, freedom.
Noticeably, not a single Left politician or thinker stood up for Hallam and his expression of a genuine humanist and universalist outlook. This is tragic but not surprising. It can easily be explained by the concepts of ‘Athens’ and ‘Jerusalem.’  If Athens is the birthplace of philosophy and Jerusalem is the home for Torah and Mitzvoth, then Athens teaches us how to think while Jerusalem produces a set of directives as, for example,  what ‘not to say.’ The Left’s call that was born of an Athenian instinct that was both dialectical and universal has generally been reduced into a Jerusalemite set of ‘commandments’ that are totally removed from truthfulness, authenticity or human nature.
It is this Jerusalemite authoritarian mode that is quintessential to contemporary Left politics and explains why Corbyn’s Labour has expelled its best members for truthful speech. Why is it that Corbyn himself never stood for Ken Livingstone and others who were telling the truth? This systematic failure of Left politics may explain why the promised revolution never materialized.   It also explains why Hallam was stabbed in the back by his allies for telling the truth.
Truth is from Athens but the Left is from Jerusalem.



Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

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  1. Mr. Hallman should wash out his mouth with (((soap))). After all, only Jewish deaths are worth mentioning. How dare the hateful bigot equate alleged Jewish deaths with the demise of goy animals!

  2. Another excellent article by Gilad Atzmon. Adi Ophir’s listing of the 4 commandments of the new Holocaust religion is almost laughable if it weren’t for the fact that these aspects are being carried out resulting in the diminishing of the suffering and deaths during the 20th century (and now in the beginning of the 21st century) involving many other groups that are not Jewish. Personally I regard the entire 20th century as a group of Holocausts. No one group should monopolize the suffering as only being there own…….let alone using it for financial and political gain.

  3. The festering Holocaust lie is driving the world mad. The mind virus (insanity of religious beliefs) has now jumped ship and is infesting political beliefs. Religion has been weaponized, you must believe the unsubstantiated political claims or you’re a heretic.

    It is time to take drastic action and burn the virus out of human consciousness by nuking the center of world madness – Jerusalem. There is nothing “holy” about a center of religious power, more people have been gutted and killed in that town than almost any other. The contentiousness of which Abrahamic cargo cult gets to squat on the Anunnaki space port can be resolved by turning the Dome of the Rock into a Crater of Glass.

    But sadly, since people love their enslavement to the filthy lies of Neanderthal holy book they can’t even imagine that they could be free of religion and the Jews. How fortunate are we all that Jews have left our countries and moved to one spot on the planet. These monsters keep the Palestinians around them as hostages probably so we don’t get any big ideas of ridding the planet of the pestilence.

  4. It is not only that the Holocaust of the Jews should not be questioned and that it is the most “singular” and most “important” event of the 20th century but that it may really not be what it has been made out to be. However in it by itself it should not matter whether we have 6 million ( the written “law ” ) or 1 million deaths ( average Holocaust revisionist figure ) as we still have a Holocaust of one group of people. There is absolutely no question that the European Jews more than in general did go through a tremendous period of upheaval and suffering resulting in the death for so many. Of course a number other groups also went through their periods of upheaval and suffering during the other Holocausts of 20th century ( just check the historical record ). The fact that the Jewish Holocaust cannot be questioned and that there should not be an open and fair debate on the Holocaust suggests strongly that there is something to hide / and or that there is fear in the revealing of the real truth in terms of the historical accuracy on the size and extent of the Jewish Holocaust which I feel is significantly smaller ( again, as I have reiterated, the actual size does not really matter in it by itself ). The Holocaust authorities will combat any attempts to create an open and fair debate on the subject by stating (1) that the historical record is so obvious and/ or (2) it will be an insult to those that suffered and died during the Holocaust in respect to their memories. A rebuttal to (1) is that the even the Holocaust authorities themselves ( let alone the Holocaust revisionists ) have constantly changed and revised what has happened to the Jews in WW II. For instance the total ” official” number of deaths ( including Jews) at Auschwitz has officially been lowered from 4 million to 1.5 million. ( Interesting enough 4 million figure included about 50% Jews and now the 1.5 million figure includes mostly Jews ). Also the Jewish Soap stories have been officially written off as a possibility and not proven historic fact. Both the lowered Auschwitz figures as well as the denunciation of the Soap stories have been officially sanctioned by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel. A rebuttal to (2) is that a number of Jewish authorities and individuals have used the Holocaust for financial as well as political gain as well as a shield for a number of aggressive Israeli policies. See Norman G. Finkelsteins ” The Holocaust Industry – Reflections on the exploitation of Jewish Suffering “. If anything there is little regard here for historical Jewish suffering and the dead and in this respect the Holocaust authorities are being hypocritical. In other words the (2) reasoning exists basically as a defensive ploy.

  5. @ Admin

    From: Stormin’ Norman