2020 Psychic Predictions for India, Hong Kong, and the Middle East

Craig Hamilton Parker – psychics.co.uk Nov 8, 2019

6 responses to “2020 Psychic Predictions for India, Hong Kong, and the Middle East”

  1. He’s full of it.

  2. Total Rubbish! He has Gleaned information from political analysts, current non mainstream news reports and from the internet!

    Matthew James is possibly the best known fraud but psychic sally and others are also fakes.

  4. In tonight’s lottery: firefighters, florists, and elevator engineers will be lucky….

  5. While I don’t put much stock in most psychics, I did enjoy this one, and I do hope he’s
    right in all these predictions.

  6. In the run up to W W 2 The British Government researched psychic abilities
    and got together a whole team of the best of these, Archbishop Cosmo Lang and other church officials objected but were silenced.
    There are real psychics but you wont get them on phone lines