Veterans Rise Against New World Order Wars

Jonas E. Alexis – Veterans Today Nov 20, 2019

In 2012, about 50 Iraq veterans angrily discarded their war medals. In 2014, it was reported that “Probably no Americans are more abidingly tired of war than those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.”[1] One army sergeant, “who was about to be sent to Iraq for his second tour,” declared, “We’re getting maimed for bullshit.”[2]

If you think the sergeant is kidding, USA Today declared last January that “As two of the nation’s longest wars finally end, most Americans have concluded that neither achieved its goals.”[3]

In other words, the six-trillion dollar war was a total waste. Men, women and children who ended up losing their precious lives were all pawns in the Zionist schemes. The only people who are still laughing right now are New World Order Agents, the very people who will never send their own children to die in the Middle East.

The sad part is that when US soldiers are done fighting Zionist wars and come back home, they are largely discarded as non-humans:

“Nearly 50,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were either homeless or in a federal program aimed at keeping them off the streets during 2013, almost triple the number in 2011…”[4]

Our American men and women deserve better. We certainly cannot continue on this Zionist path and expect to have a bright future as Americans. And the statistics about the wars are just intolerable.

More recently, the National Interest has reported: “George W. Bush’s War on Terror began eighteen years ago, with no initiative on the part of the U.S. government to bring it to a conclusion. In those two decades, Americans have spent $6.4 trillion and lost seven thousand soldiers. . Polling this year indicates that a majority of War on Terror veterans now feel that it, and its military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, were not worth fighting at all.”[5]

Obviously no thinking American would approve this pernicious enterprise, not even US veterans. As the National Interest moved on to say: “After a series of panels and speeches, 120 veterans traveled to Capitol Hill to lobby lawmakers to repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Force and end the ‘forever wars.’”[6]

After serving ten years in the Idaho National Guard, including an eighteen-month deployment to Afghanistan, former Sgt. Dan McKnight came to the conclusion that he and others need to start fighting the ethnic cleansers who want to drink the blood of other people in the Middle East. McKnight then founded the Bring Our Troops Home organization. Why? He said

“It was in an effort to try and keep my brothers and sisters from going back to war on back to back to back combat deployments, and I was tired of seeing them come home broken, divorced, and emotionally scarred.”[7]

From National Interest:

“In less than a year Bring Our Troops Home has garnered thousands of members and opened chapters in twenty-two states (primarily the mountain west). ‘The support we’re seeing from around the country has been nothing but full support from the veteran community,’ says Pryce Robinson, who has been involved since the beginning. ‘If you actually talk to the veterans on the ground, they are done. They are sick and tired of these endless wars that continue to affect them, their children, their parents, their relatives.’”[8]

Let’s just hope that US veterans continue to reject the diabolical enterprise which the New World Order has forced upon us all. The NWO movement certainly can be destroyed, and the seed is already being planted.

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7 responses to “Veterans Rise Against New World Order Wars”

  1. The all american hero Pat Tillman figured this out and like gen Patton was murdered by the jews for it.
    All letters to and from British servicemen fighting in iraq were opened and read
    Rupert Murdoch was involved with Royal Mail, and any men who were not online with the war by pure coincidence of course were killed.
    Milie Dowler had all her corespondence monitored by Murdoch operatives
    so did our troops, thos who were sitting on the fence with fighting an illegal wa\r
    found themselves sacked afterwards.Many folk now realise that our eneimies are not peasant farmers across the world not religious towel heads not freakers or politicos
    but our own government here in westminster and their controllers back in tel aviv

  2. No rebellion will succeed without the police and national guard being onside. Work on getting them to agree with your point of view and you will win.

  3. Just after w w 2 my grandfather was on of approx 100 men who marched to Parliament
    and threw their medals in the Thames, after W W 1, i was told something similar happened
    as anger as the men reaised it was all based ona pack of lies, as Alex Salmon said
    ” Tony Blair was the new Churchill”

  4. “Men, women and children who ended up losing their precious lives were all pawns in the Zionist schemes”.

    Amen to that. As plagiarist joo Einstein once said “all wars will stop when men refuse to fight”. You hear it all the time, all wars are banker wars. I was drafted during the Vietnam war, didn’t have a clue, believed the bullshit Monroe Doctrine. 58000 Americans killed, ten times that wounded, thousands more left mental cases/suicides and for what??? We are great friends with Vietnam now. I used to live in Colorado Springs, Intel closed the plant there and moved many of the jobs to Vietnam. Some of the people working there might have had their dads killed in that war. Get IT YOU YOUNG FOOLS? Don’t throw your life away for corporate America or the Zionist (basically same thing). It is fortunate for the US military that many young people in this country are borderline retarded or they would have a tough time recruiting.

  5. I used to visit VT regularly, until I was blocked by Duff, and Dean, because I objected to their push for war on Libya. I kept wishing that US military would realize who the real enemy is, and point their weapons in the right direction. Sounds like it may happen now..

  6. Holy xxxx… -and they are waking up NOW and this has gone on for over 100 years already.. but it proves the point: the majority is damn near well completely brain dead..

  7. You cannot blame 2% of the Western population for everything, despite the fact that they just happen to own most of the money, over 85% of the corporate media, the US military and about 100% of the US politicians.

    Afghanistan is simply another nation caught between powers. No leaders, politicians, or establishment power brokers would stoop so low as to disclose why the Americans are in Afghanistan. Disclosing one’s true or long-range interests is never provident. The reason is certainly not to keep the $450 billion a year heroin industry owned by Western oligarchs going. They could set up shop in 50 other places any time and get their troops to assist. It is not just about pipeline routes either. That is just another pretext and reason to occupy the nation permanently. Even the Taliban and now ISIS were a Western pretext to enable a US presence and occupancy for major future plans by the true globalists.

    The simple facts are that the Western oligarchs, banking cabalists, and multinationals are hugely invested in China. These people plan at least 100 years in advance. Just ask who owns the undeveloped property around future busy intersections in your city before the plans are actually made public and you will understand how wealth spawns more wealth into the same hands.

    The big economic plans for the Western wealthy (heavily invested in China) is the proposed southern route of the silk-road corridor, the Belt and Road initiative (the BIR), which the US has pretended in the UN to oppose. Afghanistan is in the path and Iran or Syria could likely be terminus nations. Afghanistan has recently agreed to cooperate and the reason for the US “partial” withdrawal. Iran also has tentatively agreed to cooperate. However, there is just too much money to be made at stake, and Iran has to be taken over again. Israel, which mainly is a creation of the Rothschild’s, is the key proxy for expansion into Syria and to bring Iran back under Western control with the help of Israeli provocations, the crippling effects of US sanctions, and the threats of US-backed destruction.

    The BRI will need an estimated $26 trillion in infrastructure investments (rails, roads, pipelines, etc.) With the BRI through Afghanistan, the not just Iran but the central Middle East nations will form a hub not only for shipping, but for land trade routes to and from Asia, Africa and Europe – a sort of centre of the world.

    Despite the amount of foreign investments and ownership, China is now a power in its own right and the main route to and from Europe will be could now well be the northern and central corridors through Russia and Kazakhstan, and despite the political plays between the US and Russia over the Ukraine, both such corridors can go north and around the Ukraine.

    For all of these great plans of our Western megalomaniac money barons to control future trade routes, it all could have been conducted peacefully by simply recognizing the sovereignty of the nations involved and negotiating deals with them. Instead they are directly responsible for all the deaths and ruined lives of soldiers and citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, even if they say it was over oil, pipelines, the petrodollar or heroin, and not over these future macro trade routes, they remain the real culprits. They are also the true globalists and the united world they envision is not one based on fair play or the integrity of anything they do not own or control.