Putin predicts 10-year COLLAPSE of EU – and compares event to Soviet Union fall

Carly Read – The Express.co.uk Nov 21, 2019

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has predicted the downfall of the European Union in a chilling warning comparing the bloc’s demise to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

President Putin believes the EU will crumble completely in just 10 years, the same amount of time it took for the USSR to disintegrate on Boxing Day 1991. His remarks hint that the beginning of the end has already started. Sharing his doubts as to whether the EU will be preserved in its current form by the year 2028, he cited Brexit among one of the main causes of the collapse of Brussels, adding it is why it follows “with concern what is happening there”, in reference to the EU itself.

He added that because the EU is Russia’s main trading partner that is why Moscow is interested in everything “working well”.

He said: “By 2028 some countries in Eastern Europe will reach a sufficient level of development, so that they will no longer receive support from the European budget, but they will have to pay as the United Kingdom did and still does.

“Perhaps the same initiatives that exist today in the United Kingdom will arise.”

He also said that European leaders are considering different scenarios to achieve “more stable forms of integration”.

He added: “I don’t know if they will succeed. In any case, I want to wish them success in that task.”

President Putin’s words come after claims he is using his growing influence to rebuild the USSR to garner more power for the Russian state.

His most recent power play saw Pantsir-S missile systems touchdown in Serbia as the Russian President strengthens ties with the autocratic administration in Belgrade headed by President Aleksandar Vucic.

Putin has already overseen monstrous arms deals with the Balkan state, supplying various weapons for both ground and air combat, including fighter jets, attack helicopters and battle tanks.

The deal comes despite warnings from US President Donald Trump’s administration that Washington would impose crippling sanctions on Serbia should they decide to invest in the deadly weaponry.

Serbia is not the only country in the Balkan region feeling the Kremlin’s overreaching authority, though.

Paul Stronski highlights in his paper ‘Russia’s game in the Balkans’ that the Kremlin’s influence in the Wester Balkans is geared towards undermining the countries’ hopes of joining the European Union and NATO.

This is done by contributing to instability in the region making the nations less likely to be accepted into Western alliances as security fears rise.


11 responses to “Putin predicts 10-year COLLAPSE of EU – and compares event to Soviet Union fall”

  1. There is nothing monstrous about Serbia being provided with the means necessary to defend the country against NATO terrorism. It’s just common sense — something which eludes this writer.

  2. Written from the perspective of a corporate media hack. The anti Russia narrative doers not stand up to scrutiny. Russia is helping to save the world.

  3. As Andrew above states, there is nothing wrong in this and Russia is well within its rights to try and buffer NATO aggression. Russia has absolutely no intent to attack European states, all Russia wants to do is sell its oil and gas, and the US and the UK doesn’t like anyone doing trade unless they pull the strings. Amerika would love to have everyone buying shale oil and gas, because the shale business is absolutely bust. The real threat to the EU is the US. The UK leaving via Brexit will allow the US to place trade sanctions on Germany & by the economy, on the entire EU. The UK will become the 51stState.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with Andrew Smith

    We all know what happened to Gadaffi when he co-operated with NATO

  5. The brytz do not realise that the eu. just does not want them to leave. Hence the “Backstop” this is to keep the idiot brytz paying into the SCAM with their fake cash. All produced from a Keyboard ! The whole thing is nothing bust a SCAM ! Best they all join Russia and keep their heads above water. For the us is sinking BIGTIME !!

  6. Another UK hitjob on Brexit and then Putin/RUssia… classic. Not that the EU issue isn’t true, only the author is very selective in what pieces of Putin’s speech he cherrypicks for the slant chosen for this article, which is to prevent Brexit from occuring, to save the NWO in the EU etc.

  7. The EU deserves all that is coming to not just because of tits behaviour to other Nations but because of its Arrogance and dishonesty and threats to nations that voted No and were forced to vote Again, a union of Nations is good idea but not this one Because it was bent from the Off, Many Nations if they had the Balls should opt out and do straight Trade with Russia right now and without America.

  8. The business organisations: “eu” and “nato” is nothing more then just that: private businesses owned by jews and fronted by narcissistic retards, they are doing their very best to usurp de-facto(illegitimate) power over other de-facto businesses masquerading as “countries”.. People are just too ignorat to grasp that it all is gigantic FAKE show.

  9. IMO, Russia at the end of the day will “save insane Europe” from the EU mafia.
    No more oppression by Soros-CIA-NATO-Brussel Pact. Europe will be saved without violence.
    EU Europe will die down slowly but surely. It is built on lies and deception to the people, when you follow the setup and operating of the monster from the beginning it is clear.

    Back to the nation state again. In other word: free, independent, open with own borders, away with corrupt politicians and institutions and a stop to the stream of UN-Agenda21 Migrants and trade and friendship with everybody open for it.

    The power of democracy (?) as described in many “Constitutions” will be back reactivated and in the hands of the People. They will decide from then on.

  10. I believe the extension of the economic cycle with never ending bank credit is making the masses broke and the controllers giddy mad with greed. Everything is fake. The CEO’s of many corporations are fakes, like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. We are witnessing a fake out like the world has never seen.

    Both FB and TSLA stocks are way overpriced and ready to collapse.

    Facebook Zuckerberg Never Wrote a Single Line of Code (Yeah absorb that one!)


  11. This article and Putin’s statements about the EU are a RED HERRING / false trail. The EU will survive. The whole point of the EU (ECSC – European Coal & Steel Commission)from its beginning to the stresses of today and in the future, is that the EU as a group will have to change / morph into a final World Empire. This final empire might be 10 primary nations/nation states ( most important – Germany, France, Italy, Belgium except UK) and the rest (remaining 17 nations) be secondary nations, feeding the primary nations. Kind of like a master – slave setup. This reformed EU will shift its trade toward Russia / China in an Eurasian block, where it forms a trading triangle of Berlin (Germany) , Moscow (Russia) and Beijing (China). This closes the door on the USA and UK, whereby they fade away into history. This triangle block has 2 sides: Germany (EU) and Russia/China. If you think this is far fetched, think again. All that has to happen is Turkey leaves NATO (NATO dead), Germany (Brussels – EU) shifts east to trade with Russia over USA. NATO dead, USA shut out. These changes are very likely: why are Eurasian (Russia/China/Iran/India) countries DE-Dollarizing. Trade without US Dollar. US dollar ends up coming home to USA; too many dollars, money worthless. Think Weimar Germany and wheelbarrows of paper money to buy bread. This is USA’s fate. Then as USA goes so goes UK. That is the picture that Putin sees but hides by his statements here in the article. Putin never lets the cat out of the bag – ever. Putin plays chess will other leaders play checkers. The only other person playing chess at the moment is President Trump in the Impeachment sideshow, where he will eventually destroy Obama and his administration flunkies!