Snowden What Don’t We Know About His Permanent Record?

Jason Bermas – The Infowarrior via YouTube Nov 13, 2019

4 responses to “Snowden What Don’t We Know About His Permanent Record?”

  1. This is the reason both snowden and asange got such little support
    they gave nothing on israels crimes

  2. Much like Jones and Drudge at al.

  3. I haven’t watched this but would like say that Richard D. Hall of claims that neither of the two mentioned can be Bona Fide whistle blowers. If they were they wouldn’t be breathing!

  4. Sure Assange hides out in an embassy for years and leaves the embassy looking like a homeless person…

    Snowdon may be a fake….he is a jew after all…but Assange is putting up a pretty good performance IF he is a fake.Why would Pamela Anderson show up….Does not quite add up.
    More like Assange got in over his head…’ll notice that the Australian govt has offered him no help.
    However it makes absolute sense that the British Secret Police MI5 WOULD seek to discredit him.
    Sorry those pictures of Assange leaving the embassy showed an individual at breaking point….rather tragic all round… DID however expose the sheer bastardry of the British elites.
    In ww1 the Australian government forbid the British authorities from using the death penalty against their soldiers (the scum in the British elite executed about 4 times the number of soldiers than the Germans)
    Today it’s a different story isn’t it…..the British Gestapo have been given free rein to do as they please with the Australian citizen….THATS because the Australian govt is no longer afraid of Australian citizens…..