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  1. This used to be on Youtube, until the ADL decided that it showed too much truth about the real WWII holocaust, but since this one involved Gentiles getting mass-murdered by the Bolshevik Jew led Red Army, it was dropped down the Memory Hole.

  2. Such unbelievable, utter depravity and abhorrent inhumanity inflicted on those poor people. I’m only glad, if that’s any consolation, that it wasn’t my wife and daughters living in those days. If you are any semblance of a human being, you would be horrified and traumatised by having to live through such an experience that would be with you for the rest of your life and burn itself into your psyche. It’s certainly true that civilisation is but a very thin veneer… It makes me feel like crying my heart out. I just hope humanity has learnt something from this history. But the way things are going, I sadly doubt it.

  3. I am Greek. Our people suffered a lot from NAZI Germans and their allies during their occupation. They butchered, they raped, they made us starve to death, they destroyed infastructure, they stole our gold and treasures. These neonazi “documentaries” attempt to whitewash their crimes and pose the NAZIs as victims, but they were no victims, they brought everything that happened upon them to themselves. I think they got away lightly with what they did. The population at Germany partied and had fun all the while their armies destroyed and terrorized Europe… I have no pity for them and i wish the Russians had genocided Germany because clearly the Germans never regretted their actions, they only regretted they lost the war. “Documentaries” like this are proof of it. Also, they refuse to pay war reparations for the extreme warcrimes they commited and the treasures they stole.

  4. Just terrible, but only one of (((their))) many genocidal acts — one (((they))) don’t celebrate with an official “Holy Day.” Yet!

  5. TemplarGR I smell hasbara.

  6. When Germany over ran France they all got on very well and a lot of Frenchmen joined the German army but the greeks were a real pain, my father bought film of what they were doing to German soldiers, it was very stupid and of course they paid a price for this
    Princess Diana went to Silfield primary school, this still exists and is at 85 Gayton Rd near the Q E hospital. Norfolk England.
    The head gardener there, i cannot remember his name, but he said as British troops poured into Germany at the wars end, he was shocked at the total appalling desolation,with very few buildings still standing, the whole country was a bombsite.
    This man as a young British soldier said he was part of a team who had to go round with flame throwers, kick in the doors to the cellars and ignoring any screams, give a 30 second burst into all cellars.
    He said he was following orders, the whole team were, but on kicking in one door heard a small baby cry, he called out, come out come out now !
    and a stream of starving dirty frightened German women with babies and small children came out blinking in the sunlight.
    He realised that there were no German men, all either dead or captured, and the FT Team ( flame thrower team ) had been burning women and children, he said the Russians and Americans were the worst shooting hundreds maybe thousands of surrendering German troops, and women who refused to be raped
    Those close to Churchill had told the FT Team that the killing of Germans was the most important goal of the war, he said no one really took much notice of Churchill as most orders he gave were when drunk, he later forgot what he said and changed the orders, this man said the ordinary soldiers hated Churchill.
    Its interesting with the recent Zio-encyclicals that the white Anglo-Saxon race must be exterminated, and it endorses what the old gardener to the School said when he was on the Flame Thrower team.

  7. They do actually celebrate it
    the word Holocaust if you look it up means a burnt offering,
    this is why the jews wanted germans bombed and burnt in their homes, how dare they leave the rothschild banking system, japan got it to with 2 major cities burnt
    even in the UK jews campaigned to have witches burnt at the stake.
    Most experts see the old testament as a crap document but it does say israel will be burnt
    this is why the hasidics, want to stop stealing from and killing palestinians
    one day they will get it back, a nuclear strike would wipe out a large number, hopefully
    then the devil can claim his own

  8. how can I download this history ? want to post again and again on youtube , fb , they can’t block channels more then I can create . mtf , sense history is written by victors I don’t believe anything what they said about WW2 , truth have always two faces

  9. @ Templar GR

    I am German and I am asking You : How started it all, Who wanted it more than anything.
    England !
    Greece was stupid enough to beg the British for Troops . Because of Greece Hitler was forced to send Troops into Greece after YOU had declaired War on Germany on the 6th. of April 1941. By doing so you endangered Europe . Hitler lost 6 weeks in Greece , Time he lost in Russia . Stalin was prepared to ambush and destroy Germany and he would have taken the whole of Europe because of the Greek STUPIDITY .The Greecs helped to destroy more than half of Europe . Hitler went into Russia on 21th of June 1941 , already on 17th of June Russion Soldiers got cauht on German Territory . Stalin was on his way to conquer Germany . 20 000 000 Russians were going to rape Germany .German Troops SAVED EUROPE from Bolsheviism , wether you like it or not.They may have lost the War , but they weakend the Russians so that they nearly collapsed . Europeans have not realised this yet , it will come out .
    As for the Money we are supposed to owe you , I must ask : when will you pay back
    the 850 Billions ( inclusive Interest) you owe the State of Bavary and Germany wich you borrowed in 1855 , borrowing 55 Millions of Gold . The Money you owe us out of those last 40 years not counted . Now Greec ist getting ready , unwilling to pay it`s Debts. In 1941 we had to feed your Army , that is what you had to pay for.
    SO shut up und stop your Greec Way of thinking , stop beeing unwilling to pay your DEBTS , europe can not afford to support Greece any longer .
    Please exuse my english.

  10. To is so sed to notice that even today after so many years,some of us watching this documentary, find it as a justification for what our nations suffer from the German troops during the war.

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  12. this looks like the tales in Numbers 31 from the OT

  13. TemplarGR,

    I completely concur with Kellermann. Greece had absolutely no need to declare war on Germany. Why? Was it because Hitler invaded Poland? If so, why didn’t you declare war on Russia as they were doing just the same? And more so, if you think it was because Greece was being moral and fighting against wrongdoing, then why on earth did you never see fit to declare war on Britain, when it invaded Africa, India and China, along with other nations on this earth? I would imagine, that if anything, Britain posed a far, greater threat to Greece, with her empire, than Germany ever did.
    Being from the UK, there was no reason at all, whatsoever, for Britain to fight Germany, not just in WW2, but WW1. Both wars were orchestrated and Britain should have immediately called the war off and destroyed communist Russia, then and there, but they didn’t, because they funded the revolution and were partly responsible for the hell that happened thereafter.
    Greece was stupid and should never have got involved in WW2. Germany posed you no threat. It posed the international bankers a great threat, but no Greece. You messed up and were punished for it. You have no moral highground and your comments, condoning the horrific treatment of Germans is utterly deplorable. My respect for Greece has just dropped after reading your drivel.

  14. @ Templar GR
    Please do not blame the ordinary people of England, or Germany. The media of Britain and America were determined to destroy Germany and they almost succeeded. The Jewish establishment were demanding the destruction of Germany and declared economic war on Germany in 1933.

    I am still puzzled by Hitler’s decision to go beyond the German speaking peoples when he siezed Czechoslovakia, and then Poland in 1939.

    There were atrocities on both sides, but the Jews claim top place in the victimhood heirarchy, despite the evidence now showing that the holocaust was, at least, exaggerated. I am now convinced that there was no cyanide gassings in the camps and that Zyklon was an incecticide used to kill fleas in clothing, to prevent the spread of typhus. And why would the Germans use an expensive, dangerous and irritant cyanide when a badly ventilated stove would produce carbon monoxide to painlessly kill people?

    Like many Brits I am a great admirer of the beautiful country of Germany and the German people

  15. I remember someone I worked with a many years ago when I was a young man. He was an older man than I was and he told me he had served in the British army during WW11. He said during the end of the war, when Germany had been defeated, he was with some Canadian soldiers. He said the soldiers raped a mans wife and their two daughters, and when man screamed at them to stop, they pulled his trousers down and raped him. The guy who told me this tale seemed to think it was amusing. But, although I didn’t say anything, I was appalled and sickened by what he told me.

  16. Everybody is talking about “Russia” while it has to be “Soviet Union”.
    The Jews in New York called in 1933 on every nation on the planet to boycott Germany economically. Why? The Jews had been ordered to leave their “managing” positions and leave it to the Germans.
    In 1933, in New York, the Jews/Mr Untermeyer declared war on Germany.
    Mr Hitler advised and helped when needed the German Jews to adjust to German Law, nothing will happen to them.
    1937 The British Empire stokes Poland against Germany and promissed them to help them when Germany invades Poland. The Poles started pogroms against the German people in Silesia and other places in Poland. Knowing the backing of the British Empire, the Poles raped, mutilated, murdered about 240.000 German men, women, children and elderly, stole all their posessions and property and chased them out of Poland.

    When Mr Hitler took reciprocally actions to save his fellow Germans by invaded Poland, the British Empire was nowhere to find.

    Till end 1939 Germany was running economically like clockwork. Everybody had a job.
    That was not the intention of the Jews and the British. Germany had to be wiped from the map was the plan.

    Germany and its people are in one word: wonderful, they have always been and still are.


  17. The one lesson missed by the world was the different fates of Germans, those who had emigrated out of Germany in the 19th century missed the world wars catastrophes in Germany.

    Darwin’s survival of the fittest is a law of nature that works 24-7 regardless of whether you recognize it. Do you have the psychic awareness to get the hell out of the evil Zionist demon filled United States of Israel?

    Amerikans living right now in Weimar Amerika ought to think long and hard about living in a state run by Jew predators.

    Hellstorm may only be prelude to nuclear holocaust of the United States. Does it make any sense to keep living in the belly of the beast as the military industrial whoreplex spirals in?

    If you have two brain cells still functioning, what is the fate of a nation that bombs the entire world into rubble for Israel?

  18. @ Yukon Jack

    You have it right, the USA is now in its own Weimar period.

  19. kellerman is right
    i studied this for many years asking old mean about it
    hitler is he still popular ?
    see this
    adolf hitler actor walking about

  20. I have never understood why Germany and England went against each other ! I had to become 40 years of Age to realise that there a two sorts of english People . There are the common People and there is an Upper Class which is largely Yewish . As I anderstand it ,it happend with William the Conqueror who was finanzed by Yewish Bankers and later under Cromwell and the Rothschilds that England fell to the Yews. It´s so sad, two nordic Nations culling each other down.
    Some of my best Friends are english for more than 50 years . One of them ,now Aussie. spent a couple of thausand Dollars just to see me , having a Beer or two on 50 years Friendship .I was Born up North in Germany , the most northern Provinz of Germany is called ” ANGELN” , not forgetting the People of lower Saxony . From my place of Birth two Men rowed in small Boots with their People over to settle in England , in Sussex.. 3500 years ago ,HORSA AND HINGSA. I only have to think of a man like HÄNDEL and his Musik , who left Germany to become an englishman and took his Music into England.
    Yes. it has all been a Catastrophe and one can only hope that this has found an end .The Predators that constantly are trying to DIVIDE us ,are known . Let us take care of them. .