“Sexism” is Heterosexuality

henrymakow.com – Nov 17, 2019

Heterosexuality is based on the exchange of female worldly power for male power expressed as love.
This heterosexual contract (marriage) is symbolized by exclusive sex.
Cabalists (Satanists, Communists) neuter both sexes and destroy gender identity by calling heterosexuals “sexist” and demanding “equality.”

By Henry Makow PhD — (updated from April 2002) 

Feminists think they’re fighting the “patriarchy” but in fact, they are victims of a pernicious plot to bring down the birth rate by spreading sexual dysphoria.
Search for “Women’s Studies, Rockefeller Foundation” in Google and you’ll discover two million links. These people funded depopulation and Nazi eugenics are funding feminism. This is not a coincidence.
The Rockefeller Foundation and its allies are responsible for war, deprivation, terrorism, and disease. Ladies, do you really think they’ve suddenly taken a genuine interest in women’s rights? Or gay or transgender rights? You are being used.
Second-wave feminism is an attack on heterosexual society. Starting in the 1960s, the media have disparaged the importance of wife and mother, father and the nuclear family. Women must find personal fulfillment in a career. We naively believed this social engineering was spontaneous.
Second-wave feminism was created and promoted by Communist activists like Betty Friedan and CIA operatives like Gloria Steinem.
By making women compete with men for the male role, feminism is classic Communist “divide and conquer”. They use race and class as well.


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One response to ““Sexism” is Heterosexuality”

  1. So “if” you do finally meet an earthly woman free of the engineered conditioning and you decide to have kids the Rockefeller foundation has got news for you. Guess who endowed the US education system in 1906 with the line “we will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their father’s and mothers did in an imperfect way” JD Rockefeller Mr ju. His name and that family just keep appearing again and again as a lowest common denominator with ol Rothy who is really a Baur anyway supposed descendants of the Hebrew tribe of Dan which their Viking red shield is all over the British and American flags. Yeah that’s going to wind up the Viking wannabes all over the place but that’s life.
    If this don’t spell it out nothing will.
    “The ability to deal with people is a purchasable a commodity as sugar and coffee and I will pay more for that ability than any other under the sun”. JD Rockefeller. This was around the time Rothschilds invaded America on two fronts J.P Morgan and Kuhn and Lobe, banks and media while being just before the Zionist bible(Scofield Oxford) was introduced.
    It is an ugly world and thank God we are getting a good unconditional understanding of who sits on the ugly throne along with their cohorts, jesters and lackeys which are mostly inbred swine.