Johnson May Be Bad but Corbyn Would Be Ten Times Worse

Commentary – Nov 16, 2019

A Labour Party leaflet illustrates why a victory for Corbyn victory in the forthcoming British general election would be a disaster. The proposals it contains may make affluent left-leaning London based intellectuals — who probably put together the party manifesto — feel good about themselves. But it also exposes how politically correct and totally out-of-touch they are with Labour’s core supporters.
Most of Labour’s support once resided in Britain’s poorer northern towns and Scotland but that changed with the advent of Blair’s New Labour. Much of Labour’s traditional support among the northern working class has since evaporated; in Scotland, a former Labour Party stronghold, much of it switched to the Scottish Nationalists. While in former Labour Party strongholds in northern England more erstwhile Labour supporters drifted right to the UKIP and the Brexit Party.
One glance at a recent party manifesto below will only confirm to many that they were right to stop supporting Labour. It all sounds fine until you get to number 8 on the list of changes that the Labour Party plans to implement, which reads:
“Welcoming climate refugees…”

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In other words the Labour Party would implement an open borders policy, just as Merkel did with “Syrian” refugees.
As Germany subsequently learned to its cost however, a great many of those claiming to be “Syrian refugees” were not Syrian at all. They were simply crooks, liars and opportunists from all over the world who were simply taking advantage of Merkel’s open border policy to access Germany’s generous welfare system.
Although the pretext might be different, the Labour Party policy would only mirror Merkel’s open border policy. Only this time it wouldn’t be “Syrian” refugees but “Climate change” refugees who would be allowed in.
In essence it’s a different label but the same principle. However, we think that many are now catching on to this political charade.
As a result we confidently predict that support for Corbyn’s Labour Party will plummet. While support for Farage’s Brexit Party will rise commensurately. In fact Farage’s Brexit Party could even supplant Corbyn’s Labour Party as Britain’s main opposition party.
Of course this all ignores arguments that “climate change” is not what we are being told it is. But like the crisis in Syria, which Russian intervention resolved, it is simply being used to force through more unnecessary and unwelcome changes the elite want imposed. Ed.

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  1. Corbyn doesn’t want No10. He was an MI6 backbench sleeper who was activated in order to get Brexit over the line. In fact, many policies outlined by Labour and Libdems will eventually become live government policies irrespective of who holds power (coalition cabal). Just to set this in some kind of context, consider the real objectives of 90% of MPs. Most MPs don’t give a monkey about Brexit, they want Brexit sorted so their media reputation stays intact and they can carry on being an MP so as to enjoy the gravy train that comes with it.

    Two things have led to Labour’s predicament. The sheeple believe they are middle class, despite the fact they are debt slaves and this means they effectively work more & more as Tory servants. This means that Labour requires lots & lots of imported poor people to swell their ranks. The Tories want £30k immigrants to bolster their ranks. I’ve held this view for a long time and that is the UK is a one party state.

  2. Again, and establishment rigged election, a choice between either of their two evils – the purpose being to end the Brexit issue lost if the political shuffle.

  3. Once again the underlying issue in this country, racism, veiled as nationalism, concern for our society, whatever dressing you want to give it, intollerance of those who you do not want in your country is nothing but racism.

    There was an open border policy after ww2 and without it, the UK would have turned out like Soviet Russia or any of the eastern block former USSR states.
    But thanks to the hardworking immigrants who came looking for a better life, the UK remained a superpower up until the last couple of decades.
    Let us not mention the 12 million plus Muslims and Hindus who died in the war as combatants, fighting on behalf of the British Raj!
    Compare that to the 200 thousand or so the British lost to combat (roughly the same for the US), says pretty much who you have to thank for winning the war, but as always it is never aknowledged or brought up.

    But never any mention of this because the hate spewing, fear mongers in our society keep equating the paid for policy by Jews to bring in fake assylum seekers, to all immigrants.
    In their eyes anyone wanting to come the UK is a criminal looking for a handout and to commit rape and murder wholesale.
    They keep reffering to Sweden and Germany, but even over there, the actual increases in those crimes is marginal, just people who like to weaponise anything enjoy twisting it to their needs and agendas.
    Not to mention movements like me too have empowered women to come forward when raped or assaulted, but according to the fear mongers, these increases in reporting have only come about due to immigrants coming to the country.

    If you want to go back and learn history, most of the UK are actually immigrants, given the original populace of the Isles are no longer existent, due to the continued invasions and occupations by the Nords, Saxons, Normans, Romans (which all had rape and slavery as a core of their rule over the British populations, leading to non British offspring who over the genrations have erroded the true British blood lines, esentially that which these racists claim is the plan to do with immigrants, yet it has already been achieved by most of Europe already…)
    The Queen is Bavarian blood line, so your Queen in the UK is German essentially, but Princess Dianas blood line had a stronger claim to the throne, hence the need for the whole Scandal with Charles and Camilla, he did not want to marry Diana but had to bow to pressure to legtimise the claim to the throne in the future, as now both Princes have a legitimate claim due to the blood line of their mother.
    Also the need to kill Diana, as any future children would have had just as strong a claim to the throne, at the minimum the title of Prince/Princess.

  4. Wikipedia reports 383.600 military deaths in WWII among British and Commonwealth forces combined, which would include India, Australia and Canada.

    So where do you get the figure of “12 million plus Muslims and Hindus who died in the war as combatants, fighting on behalf of the British Raj!”?

    Sounds like another 6 million to me.

    And regarding:

    “They keep reffering to (rape in) Sweden and Germany, but even over there, the actual increases in those crimes is marginal”

    “Marginal”? Really? You’ve obviously been duped. The Swedish authorities have been accused of concealing the real extent of the sex crime explosion in Nordic countries. According to Andrew Brown in the Guardian:

    “The raw figures suggest a huge rise in (rape) reports, from 1,707 in 1995 to 6,697 in 2014.”

    That’s a four-fold increase in less than twenty years. Hardly a “marginal” increase. You sound like another New World Order dupe to me. Either that or you are one of their quislings.

  5. No need responding to “mojos” pathetic tripe….

  6. A ” civil servant” mugged by a team of young blacks on the london underground recently, meant a breifcase of sensitive papers were lost. police raided homes across 3 counties before retrieving them
    Police do not come out for muggings, or burglaries below £ 30,000
    they just fob you off with, claim on your insurance.
    But these papeers were damning and show Boris Johnston is a bought and paid for israeli plant, the same as every other prime minister back to churchill
    we have no democrasy no matter who you vote for the dirty jews get in every time
    because they rule all 3 major parties

  7. mojo talks out of his bottom, ignore him.
    New labour came to power largely with financial help from Sainsburies Tesco and the CWU
    The CWU is the postal union, they donated heavily from members pension funds because New labour wanted to sack 30,000 workers and bring in sorting machines into every office.
    A deal was struck between Peter Mandelson and postman Allan Johnston,
    the sorting machines in use were programmed to throw out people on the Tory voting list
    and a small postal van took boxes of these postal votes down to a sorting office in Dorset where they were kept until well after the election then destroyed.
    The man behind the programme “Chris Cooper investigates” tapped the phone of Lord Levy Tony Blair’s handler, and he claimed that the single remit for New labour was a war on the people of Iraq for Israel.
    Some while after New labour was in office Peter Mandelson went back on his word in true jewish style and asked for 30,000 postal workers to be sacked on any grounds possible to save on redundancies, and Royal Mail trawled through sick records, non team players, religious men especially Christians , those nearing retirement etc and let them go often on trumped up charges.
    In less than a year postman Allan Johnston was made a minister in the New labour government, this rise was suspicious and astronomical
    and then machine sorting was brought in to postal offices.
    So for anyone who is thinking about a postal vote I really wouldn’t, also every voting paper has a secret number on it, at the end of voting day its an easy thing to see who has not voted on the computers
    and then take this vote for whom you want, in the past its been New labour

  8. sorry but mojojoe sounds like a racist c*nt to me.
    We all need to be aware of the agenda of people like him and in fact the whole NWO
    plans for us which are horrific.
    Its funny but before any major war the government always plays the race card,
    it usually runs something like this
    1 they plan to come here and rape our women and kill our kids
    2 they tipped babies out on incubators onto the floor
    3 they are barbarians and have these WMDs which can reach us in 45 minutes
    4 we must fight for our freedom or we could end up in death camps
    That wonderful book ” lies in wartime ” explains it in great detail,
    British people need to be free of the rothschild EU and jewish fincial control
    and dont listen to the racists

  9. Wow so when you have nothing to come back at me with you claim I am racist, yet your claiming to be truth seekers and use Wikipedia, the no1 bought and sold disinformation service… OK.

    So according to official (Jewish allowed) numbers, less than 45 million people in total died in the whole of ww2, yet no mention of the upto (and probably more than) 50 million Chinese the Japanese raped and murdered.
    No mention of the millions of Russian and non Russian citizens and prisoners of war deported back to Soviet Russia to be executed or interned into Syberian gulags till they died.
    No mention of the tens of thousands of officers Stalin had executed for fear of these battle hardened and experienced people deciding on a coupe detat, since it would have been clear for them to see how the war was intentionally being dragged out to no ones benefit but the bankers, Why else would Germans who were on the verge of victory in Europe decide to open up a new front with Russia, over securing Europe then deciding on that after a few years of rebuilding, rearming.
    Why did they let over 200 thousand British escape at Dunkirk, but apparently we are to belive that the well armed and led Germans were just incomeptent, but if that was the case how did they encirle the British army in the first place?
    Hitler himself intervened on that one to ensure the british were not taken out of the war entirely, as they would had of they lost so many at once.

    No mention of the tens of millions who died in Africa throughout the war, but since anyone who is not white need not be recorded as a war casualty afterall, but somehow I am the racist, not the actual racist in charge who constantly warp history and make out like they are innocent.
    Use slaves and deny the slaves died, according to Wikipedia less than 100 thousand from Hidustan died (India did not even exist until after the war and the partition of the 60’s, so the fact you belive such drivvel from wikipedia, who cannot even get the country name right, has no mention of China, proves the lies on there already) Yet a country with hundreds of millions of servants (officially at the time, when we already know history has intentionally lied on numbers in the ruling classes favour, so more than likely were a lot more servants in the country than they claim) to the British Empire was never exploited and sent to die in the deserts of Africa right.

    So we are expected to believe that in the last century the population of the planet has gone from 2.5 billion pre ww2, to almost 8 billion today, but the fact we have allegedly exploded in population so fast is just an excuse to endorse eugenics as the planet cannot accomodate so many allegedly.
    More than likely the pre ww2 population was more than 5 billion, as usual we are lied to with an agenda in place, which will be supported the more extreme the numbers seem.

    But anyway the whole reason for Brexit was and still is down to racists not liking the idea of the children coming into contact with people of colour as much as they do these days in the multicultural cities, hence why over 90% of the Tories votes came from the countrysides and majority white areas like Essex, Kent.
    They all fear and hate the possibility of having non white family members, so see reducing immigrants as a way to prevent this happening.
    Afterall the claim of Muslims implementing Sharia and such other BS non sense is prove a lie, where the Islamic marriages are required to be registered at the British registry office, the divorce can still be handled by the Islamic serves, but ever person has the right to go through the English law courts for divorce.
    Yet the Jews already have their own courts setup in the UK, their divorce courts are the only way to handle a divorce between Jews, they have their own criminal courts, yet every English person has no issues with the Jews, even though it is them who are already taking over the country and no one else.

  10. My opinion is that Mr Corbyn is a genuine man and if I voted, which I don’t, he would get my vote. I like his policies they gel with me. However he is a wannabe and I have no space or time for Poly-ticians.
    I would be very, and I mean very surprised if he became P.M. the force against him is too powerful and are real rulers of G.B.

  11. I agree with you Guillaumè

  12. Mojo Jojo contradicts himself at every turn.

    After writing: “your claiming to be truth seekers and use Wikipedia, the no1 bought and sold disinformation service… OK.”

    He goes on a few lines down to quote from Wikipedia himself.

    Then he writes: “when you have nothing to come back at me with you claim I am racist”

    After which he goes on to accuse those who don’t agree with him of being “racist”.

    In other words he is doing exactly what he accuses others of doing.

    Thankyou Mojo Jojo for a lesson in hypocrisy and blindness to your own faults.

  13. @mojo jojo Just go back to watching the BBC. Ireland is a truly one -party state also. They have an unelected queer failed Indian doctor as leader in an unelected party with only 25% of the vote and therefore no mandate in a provision stretching back to the formation of the state. All parties have an open border policy. They’ve also at 10,500 living homeless in Dublin while the immigrants get brand new houses!.

  14. Mojo jojo: The reason for mass immigration into the UK is and was to crush conditions and pay for the white niggers of the working class indigenous population. After WW2 with the deaths and permanent disabilities, the government reacted with horror at the thought of rising pay, and demands for better conditions (which were dreadful in many UK factories until they closed in the eighties and nineties) because of the labour shortage. There were many Poles Ukrainians Czechs and Russians who settled in the UK replacing those Brits killed or crippled, never ANY need for coloured immigration.