Israel kills 8 members of same family in Gaza

Middle East Monitor – Nov 14, 2019

Just over a month old, Palestinian baby Farah, was found in her brothers dead arms after Israel carried out air strikes in Gaza on 14 November 2019. Click to enlarge

 Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip have killed eight members of the same family, the Ministry of Health announced today.

Witnesses said Israeli occupation fighters targeted the Al-Sawarka family home at 1:15am local time today, destroying it.

The house is located east of the city of Deir Al-Balah, in the middle of the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Health named the deceased as: Rasmi Abu Malhous, 45, Mariam Abu Malhous, 35, Yosra Abu Malhous, 39, Waseem Abu Malhous, 13, Mohannad Abu Malhous, 12, and Mu’az Abu Malhous, 7.

The bodies of two children, Salim and Firas Abu Malhous, were removed from the rubble this morning, it added. Twelve other family members were injured in the attack including a 35-day-old baby who was found cradled in her dead brother Mohannad’s arms following the attack.

This brings to 34 the number of Palestinians killed in the three days of Israeli bombardment of the Strip. The casualties include eight children and three women. Some 111 people were injured, including 46 children and 20 women.

Those killed were:

  1. Asma Mohammad Hassan Abul-Ata, 39
  2. Bahaa Saleem Hassan Abul-Ata, 42
  3. Mohammad Atiyah Maslah Hamouda, 20
  4. Ibrahim Ahmad Abdul Latifa Al-Dhabous, 26
  5. Zaki Adnan Mohammad Ghanameh, 25
  6. Abdallah Oudh Sakib Al-Bolbeesi, 26
  7. Abdul-Salam Ramadan Ahmad Ahmad, 28
  8. Rani Fayez Rajab Abu-Nasr, 35
  9. Jihad Ayman Ahmad Abu-Khatir, 22
  10. Wael Abdul-Aziz Abdullah Abdul-Nabi, 43
  11. Khalid Maudh Saalim Farraj, 38
  12. Ibrahim Ayman Fathi Abdul-Aal, 17
  13. Ismail Ayman Fathi Abdul-Aal, 16
  14. Ahmad Ayman Fathi Abdul-Aal, 23
  15. Rafat Mohammad Salman Ayyad, 54
  16. Islam Rafat Mohammad Ayyad, 24
  17. Ameer Rafat Mohammad Ayyad, 7
  18. Alaa Jaber Abd Shteiwi, 30
  19. Mahmoud Daham Mahmoud Hathat, 19
  20. Suhail Khidr Khalil Qaniteh, 23
  21. Yousef Rizeq Khalild Abu-Komeel, 35
  22. Mu’min Mohammad Salman Qadoum, 26
  23. Mohamed Abdulla Shurrab, 28
  24. Haitham Hafez Al-Bakri, 22
  25. Obada Hassan Al-Kordi, 28
  26. Mohammad Hassan Abu-Mu’amar, 25
  27. Rasmi Abu Malhous, 45
  28. Yosra Abu Malhous, 39
  29. Mariam Abu Malhous, 35
  30. Mohannad Abu Malhous, 12
  31. Mu’az Abu Malhous, 7
  32. Waseem Abu Malhous, 13
  33. Firas Abu Malhous
  34. Salim Abu Malhous

A Palestinian house was destroyed, killing 8 members of same family, after Israel carried out air strikes in Gaza on 14 November 2019. Click to enlarge



3 responses to “Israel kills 8 members of same family in Gaza”

  1. The holocaust of the Palestinian people goes on as planned.
    And the world?

    Sits on its hands and watches a people get genocided by “brave IDF-scum soldiers till their teeth with all kinds of weaponry”, attacking unarmed women, men, chldren, elderly.
    Time for the IDF to receive the Noble Peace Price.

    After all, Israhell have the right “to defend itself as the chosen ones”.
    The Palestinians as it seems have no rights to defend itself, not even the right to live a peaceful live.

    The injustice and violence against the Palestinian People is going on for a hundred years now.

  2. Its a shame the Muslims, are so pre-occupied,. with infighting, that they don’t unit, and wipe this scourge from the face of the planet, then they can go back to their infighting, peace will only come by removing evil, and there is nothing more evil than the Zionists, and Israel, all of whom are Satan followers.

  3. @Alf
    Like everything else in our liberal societies, Muslim infighting is also engineered by the Synagogue. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a type of Islamic Freemasonry, already well implanted in Europe since Yugoslavia’s war. Dividing the Palestinians and rule them with controlled opposition works as well as dividing the Western societies and ruling them with identity politics. Satan’s evil is only matched by its cunning.