Australia’s Coral Reefs Are Not Dying

Institute of Public Affairs – Nov 13, 2019

Beige Reef – Presented By Dr Jennifer Marohasy

A key claim in a January 2016 article in the scientific journal, Nature, is that there are no longer any living colonies of Acropora – a particular type of coral – at Stone Island off Bowen Harbour in the Whitsundays, and that other corals are now covered in mud.

Dr Peter Ridd’s path to dismissal by James Cook University began with an email questioning claims that the corals at Stone

Dr Marohasy and her team went to find out the true state of the coral reefs around Stone Island.

What they found contradicts the Nature paper and proves this key reef system is very much alive.

Read the IPA’s media release here.

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Throughout history, individuals have been crushed by the masses, particularly when their evidence does not concur with the overall agenda. Rational argument is not possible when people think in terms of slogans, especially when some of those in authority have no real firsthand experience of nature

Dr Jennifer Marohasy


6 responses to “Australia’s Coral Reefs Are Not Dying”

  1. When it comes to global warming and climate change, you cannot believe anything you read in the corporate media, or see on television propaganda. There is an agenda designed to make you pay global taxes to “counteract” climate change. It is just another cabal scam. Of course we are experiencing climate changes, but these are mostly caused by natural cyclical events particularly solar flares. The Greta Thunberg propaganda show is fake science and simply part of the scam. “Climate Change Emergencies” springing up around the country prompted by well meaning people are not supported by real science, and are a reaction to corporate media paranoia. Extinction Rebellion are doing the public a disservice with their scaremongering.

  2. It is trite to say that most public university professors are decidedly on the left with respect to both social and economic issues. If you are are a Christian and a student you are safer in the sciences and even there you should keep your views very close to your chest. The same can be said regarding corporate and government media. If you do not go along with the agenda and the fake narratives, and they find out you are a Christian you will quickly be weeded out. The totalitarian monopolistic cabal controls our finances, our currencies, the price of gold, the price of oil, our major politicians, our governments, our universities, and the media mainly through money. That is their major weapon and they make trillions every year with fake cold wars, real hot wars, insider trading, arbitrage, drugs, gambling, bribery, intimidation, etc. They are accountable to no one. They fund and direct our science. If they decide they can make even more money and have more control under the umbrella of a world government, and a world bank with a world Fed made up of private banksters enforcing trade in their currency, nothing will stand in their way not even the truth. To that end they have funnelled billions and billions into our universities, the media, the entertainment industry, and the pockets of our fake politicians to propagate the fake crisis and hysteria of “climate change” (recently renamed from “global warming” based on the fact of global cooling), for the express purpose of furthering their agenda for their world government and monopolistic bank. It no longer is just Christians whose moral views conflict with their agenda who are weeded out of universities, the media, and any position of establishment power. It is anyone who is an advocate of the truth. It is so bad now that no matter the facts, no matter the reason, no matter the logic, the bought and the brainwashed, religiously ignore all you say and weed you and your evidence out of their sight.

  3. @ Fred B

    religiously ignore all you say and weed you and your evidence out of their sight.

    You gotta read a book by a Gerry Fox entitled if you can believe it:

    Climate Change the Work of God

    wherein this author not only proves the existence of God but proves astonishingly that climate change is the work of God in relation to that other pollution of the human race!!!!!!!!! That which is and comes out of the human heart called sin!!!!

  4. How does a minute ocean temperature change affect coral reefs?

    Coral reefs are particularly sensitive to pollution, and are not affected at all by a minute change in temperature. Increased CO2 only makes them grow faster.

    I remember when I was in Guam, the coral reefs were bleached white from the locals who fished with bottles of clorox. Low tide the fisherman dumps a bottle or two of clorox and all the fish a belly up in a few minutes. A ton of fish harvested for two bucks.

    The clorox also kills the Coral Polyps (the little animals that make reefs).

    A decade later a “climate scientist” from the IPCC comes along with his tin foil hat and says increasing ocean temperatures killed the coral.

  5. The truth about the reef is two fold. Firstly it is slowly moving north as a whole and you can see this over the year’s via satellite.
    Secondly a lot of agri chemicals and mining pollution gets into the underground water tables which eventually flow onto the reef.
    It is 6:17pm I live in the Queensland sub tropics and a massive storm just came through after one very hot dry day and it dropped 12 degrees C in less than half an hour. That is normal and has been for the 50yrs I’ve observed the weather. Bloody beautiful thank God, but you could have kept the hail to a minimum for the materialistic who value their cars.
    Now when I look up the word climate in the dictionary it mentions region only and can’t mention the planet as a whole because to be truthful the world is made up of numerous different regions meaning different climates.
    So today the climate changed and I’m thankful but for the doomsday millenarian sectarian they need a new doomsday scenario this “global warming” product isn’t worth the plastic its wrapped in.
    Would you buy it.

  6. If Climate Change is so bad why is it that the water levels in Australia are virtually constant and have been for the last 140 years? The Fort Denison PSMLSL have recorded water levels for the last 140 years with little change in the level.

    For the deluded people who keep on pushing their beliefs: Religion is just another word for brainwashing. I ask you this, How can you believe in something you cannot see?