Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress

Vigilant Citizen – Nov 14, 2019

An ad by Sprite Argentina features a mother helping her daughter bind her breast and a grand-mother helping her grandson dress in drag.

Sprite Argentina (owned by The Coca-Cola Company) recently released on its social media platforms an ad titled Orgullo (translated to Pride) which depicts several scenarios involving parents and their gender dysphoric children dressing up as the opposite sex. Set to the emotional song You’ll Never Walk Alone, the ad depicts the premature sexualization of children as a wholesome family activity.
Here are some of the key scenes:

A mother applies make-up on her son, who looks about 13 years old. Click to enlarge


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6 responses to “Sprite Argentina Ad Features Parents Helping Their Children Cross-Dress”

  1. Identify the makers of the advert….most likely you will find it is a Jewish company.
    This is the case with adverts promoting multiculturalism and homosexuality in NZ….the incidence of these ads has greatly increased within the last year.

  2. (((Commies))) hate Nature, b/c of its beauty and that they can’t bend it to their will, so now they’re going to use doctors to butcher their way to insanity, taking all over us along for on their demented ride to Hell.

    They’re making their big move now, its all or none. Their pAntifa shock troops are in place, the (((MSM))) is in their pocket and the schools are turning out warped kids.

    If we don’t rise up and take back what is ours, and soon, we’ll be heading to the nearest quarry, with a free bullet to the back of our heads from the Commies.

  3. I have a freind who is a primary school teacher, she was told she had to dress her little boy and little girl in each others clothing, so that when they were old enough to decide what they wanted to be, they could.
    This madness extends to taking the class out they woud have to puta black boy with a white girl, any white boys were put at the back and had to walk with another white boy
    they were told homosexual perversion was a good thing.
    How evil to do this to our kids, and yes its the jews doing this to us

  4. The Bolsheviks, like in 1917, are marching in full know.
    They are in a hurry to oppress the world, to start with the Western World.
    Ten years to go before we all are their slaves.

    Agenda21/2030. It is an Action Plan, people. Wake up!

  5. Enough, organise and fight back, our backs are to the wall, there is no other option. The next generation are finished unless we try.

  6. So sad that the method they use is all emotion based, nothing factual about the misery, depression, drug addiction, STDs and suicides that happen as a result of their self expression and promiscuity.