Evo Morales & The Left-Right Charade

henrymakow.com – Nov 13, 2019

Evo Morales just now in Mexico City: “If I’ve committed a crime, it’s being Indigenous… it’s implementing social programs for the poor and hungry. If I’ve committed a crime or a sin, our sin is being anti-imperialist.”
And if you believe this, I have some swampland in Florida for sale…Marcos’ article, Good Riddance Evo Morales elicited many complaints from people who have been duped by the false Left-Right Illuminati dichotomy.

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The central banking cartel uses the CIA to control both Left (Communism, globalism, satanism) and Right (Zionism, nationalism, tradition) in order to give the appearance of democratic freedom. Sure Communists like Morales throw some scraps to the poor while enriching himself and his buddies. But the real issue in Bolivia is whether US or Chinese corporations, not its people, will control its wealth.
Here are reminders that we already have de facto Communism. The central bank cartel controls all corporations and seeks to expand this control into tyranny over every aspect of our lives. Zionism must be considered false opposition [that is being used to set the stage for a third world war if necessary.]


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2 responses to “Evo Morales & The Left-Right Charade”

  1. the left and right wings, belong to the same bird.
    And that is rothschild.
    you have a big choice in the coming elections
    you can vote for the Rothschild tories
    Rothschilds labour
    or rothschilds lib/dem thingeys.
    Rothschold demands we stay in the EU, why ?
    because it suits him and the bankers, not us.
    we want our freedom and we want it now

  2. All parties on the political spectrum are totalitarian and ultimately satanic and spans all religions. Those advocating true direct democracy can be trusted as long as they agree to “recall” (sacked for any wrongdoing).