Pope Francis may be removed from office

Sic Semper Tyrannis – Nov 13, 2019

“The priests and scholars “protest against and condemn the sacrilegious and superstitious acts committed by Pope Francis, the Successor of Peter, in connection with the recent Amazon Synod held in Rome,” and they give detailed evidence of the different incidences of pagan worship during the Amazon Synod.

Most prominently, Pope Francis hosted a pagan ceremony with Pachamama statues in the Vatican Gardens on Oct. 4 and even blessed one of the statues. Additionally, he prayed in front of the Pachamama statue at St. Peter’s Cathedral on October 7 and then accompanied it in procession into the synod hall.” lifesitenews


People bow to Pachamama during a pagan rite in the Vatican Gardens prior to opening of Amazon Synod, Oct 4, 2019. Click to enlarge

Pope Francis appears to be intent on re-defining the Catholic body of teaching as understood and developed for two millennia.

He agrees with the Sheikh of the Al-Azhar mosque/university that God welcomes a diversity or religions.  This is a direct contradiction of Catholic belief in the singular nature of Christianity in God’s “eyes.”

He told an Italian communist atheist author friend that he does not believe that Jesus Rose as an actual man and in his own body which later ascended into heaven.   He said that “a spirit” resembling Jesus rose from the tomb on Easter.  The belief in the Resurrection is the central tenet of the Catholic Faith.  I wonder what he thinks happened to the body since the Gospel is quite clear that the tomb was empty at Easter.

And now he has sponsored the worship of an animist cult within the precincts of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Gardens and blessed one of their idols.

IMO, unless he is willing try to pronounce ex-cathedra as to the orthodoxy of his faith, he has a limited future as pope.  pl




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  1. Either the crypto jew is replaced…..and NOT by another one…..or the Catholic church is destined to collapse from the rot within it.

  2. Satan’s Deputy is doing his Master Will ….

  3. This was just a cultural ceremony which may included some Pagan God which is harmless. Jesus himself never put a ban on Pagan Religion but only encouraged them to follow him without being forced to do so. He knew well that Pagans are not stupid and naive and even have a few things the Christians can learn from, especially when it comes to live in balance and harmony with nature and how to take good care of that. Those who call for the Pope’s resignation are all arrogant hypocrites who think they are all-knowing and do not need to learn anything.

  4. its a farce , Archbishop Donald Coggan noticed the decline and said quote ” the church will rue the day it allowed in homosexuals to the preisthood”
    A fish rots from the head down and churches are the same, not once has a pontiff spoken
    out on the genocide in palestine, the public dont want al this stuff, the only relevent religious leader is bishop williamson who is seen as the last real church leader

  5. The church has been infiltrated by sabbatean satanic death cultists and now run by a Pope connected with SRA in Argentina and the Miltia in power while archbishop disgusting

  6. Please reed the story of Osiris, his story is the original – Apostle Paul, that looks like the story of Christ, were stolen some 20000 years after Osiris. As said Apostle Paul robbed the story and made one for Gesu Christ out of it. When the Christians went to Rom, in order to make their agressif religion more tasty for the tolerant Roman Pagan Religion, they were obliged to accept compromises and look: The Angels are a Pagan institution, not Christian. Christmas, Easter and s.o. Read “The Pagan Roots of Christianity”. I suppose that the Pope knows this story but the ignorant “worshippers” don’t do

  7. The grounds of the Vatican have always been hosting Pagan ceremonies since the Vatican is built over the Circus of Nero, Circus of Caligula
    It was begun by Caligula on the property of his mother Agrippina and completed by Claudius, Caligula’s Uncle who took over as Emperor after Caligula was assassinated- 41-53 AD.
    Caligula believed he was a god and he dressed as the various gods including Cybele and Magna Mater, the Queen of Heaven. He was so violent and crazed that he was killed by his own guard after only four years in power.

    The circus was the place of the first massive Christian martyrdoms in 65 under Nero.

    A cemetery was nearby. It is here that the tomb of Peter lay. It was over Peter’s tomb and other martyred saints who lay in the cemetery that the Roman emperor Constantine deliberately built a basilica (Old St. Peter’s) over the site. He used some of the existing structure of the Circus of Nero. The basilica was centered on Peter’s tomb which is located beneath the high alter of the Vatican.

    It was as if Satan himself chose the seat of the world’s largest cathedral and home of the Harlot to be above the blood and remains of the martyrs she murdered as if they acted as a sacrifice to her demons and principalities. https://erikagrey.com/the-vatican-is-the-home-of-the-whore-of-babylon/
    The Name Vatican And Etruscan Goddess Vatika Of The Underworld – What Is The Connection?
    “Vatican” predates Christianity and is shrouded in mystery. More than twenty-eight centuries ago, and before the legendary founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus, there was a people called the Etruscans.
    Sadly, most of Etruscan literature and mythology has been lost, but we know that the guardian of this necropolis was the Etruscan goddess Vatika (sometimes spelled Vatica). She was the goddess of the Underworld and it was her duty to keep a watching eye on those who had passed away. [ goddess of death ] http://www.ancientpages.com/2017/04/25/name-vatican-etruscan-goddess-vatika-underworld-connection/
    The Mother of Mount Ida was transferred from Pessinus to Rome on a ship built of pine trees from Mt Ida, through Tenedos, Lesbos, the Cyclades, Euboea, Cythera, around Sicily and then to Ostia (chief port of Rome).
    The temple of Cybele/Vaticanis/Magna Mater
    Caesar Augustus the first Roman Emperor [63 BC – AD 14] rebuilt the Roman Temple after it burnt down, and he acknowledged Cybele as chief divinity of the Roman Empire reversing his uncle Julius Caesar who had been very accommodating to the Egyptian Great Mother Goddess Isis http://carnaval.com/cybele/
    Magna Mater or Cybele was relocated to Rome about 204 B.C. and was carefully moved by the matrons of Rome to the Temple of Victoria on the Palantine Hill until a Metroon was built in 191 B.C.
    To secure its destiny Rome sought an antidote. The sacred texts were unambiguous. The solution, according to Roman historian, Titus Livius Patavinus, consisted of obtaining a large, black stone, which had fallen from the sky and was later engraved with an image of the most revered goddess in the ancient world. The only problem was that the meteorite goddess resided in Turkey. https://andrewgough.co.uk/pessinus/

    It is no coincidence that the Magna Mater was fetched from Pergamum and its temple ended up on both Paladin Hill and at the site of St. Peter’s Basilica. This is no doubt the woman called “wickedness” who now has a home, which would continue to evolve and cause more bloodshed of the saints.

    The Black Stone of Mecca, or Kaaba Stone, is a Muslim relic, which according to Islamic tradition dates back to the time of Adam and Eve. It is the eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba, the ancient sacred stone building towards which Muslims pray, in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.The Stone is a dark rock, polished smooth by the hands of millions of pilgrims, that has been broken into a number of fragments cemented into a silver frame in the side of the Kaaba. Although it has often been described as a meteorite http://mystikave.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-black-stone-of-mecca.html

    See any connections here ?

  8. Newsflash: Catholicism is Paganism and so is all of Christianity. Say it isn’t so.

    When are you people going to grow up and see the trees in the forest?

    Is human sacrifice for the atonement of sins pagan or not?

    Do you need to atone for your sins to get with God or get into the pearly gates? Yes of no? If you believe yes then you are a christianized pagan. A very radical yet freeing idea is that you don’t need a savior or a pope or anyone outside of yourself to find heaven.

    If you are enlightened and a bright person full of love you can transcend all the fear based limitations falsely placed on your heart by the power mad priest-Rabbi-banker-preacher-Imam. God is available all of the time for free. God is in your heart and not in your head or on an altar. God is not external to self, your “sins” don’t separate you from the divine.


    As far as Pope Francis is concerned he should be impeached for pushing the fraudulent globalist Climate Change Agenda. He is a 100% fraud. If he really was of light and love he would NOT push enslavement of mankind agenda. but as Pope sitting atop a great pyramid of wealth and power he’s in on it with his fellow billionaires.

    When are people going to grow up and quit listening to old men in costume dresses wearing penis sheath headdresses doing hocus pocus mumbo jumbo rituals meant to fool you? NEVER. LOL We must listen to the Pope, he is closer to God the fooled masses say and believe.


    Here is the classic political power pyramid diagram, study it carefully, the job of the priestly class is to fool the masses for the elite. What is the job of the priest or the Pope? To fool you for the owners.


  9. After all, it’s a limited slip differential pope.

  10. If an ordinary priest would have done what this pope is doing, he would have been already been removed from office by his superior.

  11. Yukon Jack, if there is no such thing as sin, then there is no such thing as cause and effect; but clearly there is – if i murder i get sentenced to jail, if i commit homosexuality I may well get AIDS. Therefore i conclude you can sin, which means doing an action which hurts yourself sooner or later. Also known as reaping what you sow.

  12. A lot of comments here from people who do not have a clue of what the heart of any religion really is let alone the Catholic faith. Too many to deal with. But the fact that this particular religion is the largest organization in the world with 1.3 billion adherents and is being used by the Western (anti-Christian) secular establishment to spearhead the new world order (One World Government & Bank) is not a matter of superstition, but a fact. Conservative Catholics like myself see the pagan idol stuff like Pachamama as something this globalist political papacy together with the Vatican has deliberately orchestrated and amplified, in order to exhibit to other religions of the world that the RC Church really incorporates all faiths (similar to the Masons or the United Church).

    All of Pope Francis’s off-the-cuff remarks to de-empathizing traditional morality, and standards for marriage and the sacraments, and even the divinity of Christ the since he became Pope in 2013, have been carefully orchestrated to give the Church a very progressive and “politically correct” image. Everything he has said has been timed and planned and even Benedict stepping down for him. Benedict was just too politically incorrect not only as a conservative Catholic writer and moral theologian, but he was just to sectarian to open UN Agenda 2030 in New York in September 2015, let alone be an ecumenical leader for other religions to come under the proposed new UN umbrella and controls.

    The Pachamama stunt, the Amazon Synod (as well as the earlier Francis synod on the family) was meant to exhibit not only to the secular humanists, the socialists, and oligarchs of the West, but also to all of the major religions of the world, how “open”, ecumenical, innocuous, watered-down, and universal the Catholic Church is or has become. In all of this then why would the Western banksters (all of the secular oligarchs and power brokers) want or need the Catholic Church to usher in a one-world government? Because their long-term intent has been to utilize the residual moral force and organization of the Church to sell to the world their global system and control.

    Only in very few Catholic dioceses do you find the pedophilia problem exceeding the estimated institutional average, but most certainly the Church which is the only remaining bastion against such conduct, has been singled out. Oh, the bishops wring their hands when they see the scandal in Pennsylvania with all the allegations and the full force of the state charging priests. Yet, the incidence is around the average from what is estimated in most secular institutions, and when asked why the authorities do not also go after other religious institutions like the Amish which appear to be worse off, there is nothing but silence.

    I am not an apologist for any such conduct. I am essentially just a humble analyst dealing with facts. Since the 1960’s a significant number of Catholic seminaries and religious orders stopped screening out male applicants for religious life if they were homosexuals. The stats are that with respect to all of the “pedophilia allegations” against priests 4 out of 5 of them have arisen with respect to homosexual priests and teenage males. The other 1 out of 5 is mostly to do with homosexual men predation of younger boys and heterosexual priests having relations with teenage females. This huge scandal has been a huge weapon in the hands of the secular forces (which at the same time are tying to legalize pedophilia) to muscle conservative Catholic bishops to go along with a very obvious hijacked globalist and secular establishment Vatican NWO agenda.

  13. Atheists need Not Apply:

    Pope Francis is a fraud because he preaches warped Catholic doctrine with Islamic prayers and reads the Quaran, thus making up the new possible One World religion of Chrislam. Mr. Bergoglio ( Pope Francis) is a Jesuit, which is an order started and infiltrated by Jews pretending to be Catholics/Christians ( Ignatius Loyola and Adam Weishaupt), also known as crypto-jews. Pope Francis became pope on 13 March 2013,
    ( 13 03 13). Too many bad numbers there. It also happened at 7:06pm ( 6 hour, 66 minutes – 666). More bad numbers. Plus the saint Bergoglio is named after, despite being a lover of animals, also had end-times dreams and prophecies similar to those found in the book of Revelation of the Bible.

    As for the Vatican and where it sits? Yes it is a cemetery, but Simon Peter the apostle is not buried there. Simon Peter only made it as far as Asia Minor, present day Turkey. The supposed Peter buried at the Vatican is actually Simon Magus (Simon the Sorcerer). This fake Peter, played on the fact that the real Peter, also called Simon Peter, shared the name Simon. Simon Magus, Simon the Sorcerer, is the imposter that tried to buy the powers that the apostles had. That in the Bible. Remember too, that Roman Catholicism is based in some ways on Judaism, where both are actually based on Babylonian Mysticism. the only prophet that did not fall for Babylonian Mysticism was Daniel. The Biblical book of Daniel shows how Daniel never ate the Babylonian food or obeyed their customs. As for Jesus, he said to never worship idols or false gods, thus referring to the 10 Commandments. Pope Francis is a false prophet.

    Finally, in the Bible it says for true Christians are to get out of her, my people. The “her” refers to the false church, found at the Vatican and all of her offspring (Daughters of the harlot). If your church teaches anything but not about Jesus Christ and the Bible (Christ/the Cross centered) doctrine, you are in a false Church. Run away from the Pope ASAP!

  14. Part of outing the OWO, the unveiling… of all its lies etc… the puppet show is coming to an end… he has his role to play in this finale…. will he next admit how ‘this Jesus thing has been good for us’? Or why the Eastern rite celebrates the real JC’s birthday..?

  15. The ol carpet bagger in 2017 Jun 25 said very clearly, “a personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous and very harmful”.
    One does not have to be anything other than human to find the way.
    Why is it Egypt is mentioned 600times in the bible and the pyramids aren’t?. Could it be no observance was actually had.
    Why is it the Sinai bible “version” which is more complete than the heavily altered Catholic or KVJ bible “versions” does not mention the resurrection or miracles and it is on view in a British museum?. Then we have the oldest most complete bible known to man known as the Ethiopian bible written in a language very few in these times understand.
    Sshh hitler created detergents because he had a fear one day the Catholic church would take the formula for soap out of existence. Looks like they did before for personal gain no reason this totalitarian regime won’t do it again.

  16. @Yukon Jack

    Sin does not separate us from God immediately as you suggest, it does however distance us from God, insisting on sinning eventually can completely separate us from God! Sin is not some imaginary thing, it is an action that affects your heart, mind and body. It seems you don’t reject the idea of good and bad actions, at least no one can claim that actions have no effects, just think of the actions that are not in line with the ultimate divine goal as sins. Your sensitivity towards “sin” perhaps is rooted in Christianity, because Jesus س is claimed to have died/sacrificed on the cross for our sins (some of which are yet to be committed) and that Christians must confess their sins not only to God or themselves but to some other humans for them to be cleared! Essentially sin is an action that damages or hinders one’s self or other fellow humans and God has specifically pointed them out and commanded not committing them, there are lesser sins and greater sins. This has the same meaning as hindering God’s plan. Any religion/ideology that advocates free for all, is against discipline and without discipline man can’t create added value of any kind and can’t become stronger. Much of human flaws and good attributes manifest in relation with other humans in family and society. God listens to each of us and is aware of each and every one of our hearts, however God’s plan on earth can only be achieved by a leader and a central authority. Anarchy is irrational anyway. So the next key point is “authority”. The saying: “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” is obviously false in monotheism. Source of all real power is God, so any religion that advises his followers to not seek power and authority would be castrated and at the mercy of Satan! Any religion that advocates “personal relationship” with God in solitude and abandoning society is a cartoon religion! A sick man may be further corrupted by power, for that matter even knowledge can corrupt a man! The saying that “power comes with responsibility” only makes sense in monotheism because God is the ultimate power. How else would one achieve responsible power? By putting a computer cheap in everyone’s head?! Or one police for each individual? Why not put God in everyone’s heart?

    Your radical idea that we don’t need a savior or central authority is irrational. Much of human security comes from authority, like-minded humans should group up and create their own authority. If they can’t it’s either because they don’t know how or they lack discipline and will or they lack understanding. Satan’s slogan is “Freedom”, freedom is given or begged while “Power” is earned. Religion must empower man, if it doesn’t then either it has been hijacked or it is fake. Monotheism at its core must regulate all “fear based limitations falsely placed on your heart”. Here it is: “If God wills a benefit to reach or not reach you, no one can prevent it except you.” the sentence goes deep and remove all false fears if you genuinely believe it and dig it, there is love in too!

    God’s plan is clear… you see fake religious authorities failed throughout history, yet somehow you fail to see all those other non-religious authorities that failed throughout history too, in fact they were more. You will see the end of Liberalism, Communism, etc… as well. Let all who claim to have a plan come and try, the “theoretic void” is already here, liberalism was the end of history! Eventually people have to recognize the true divine authority and the need for it, otherwise they don’t deserve it. Divine authority can not happen among pathetic people, those who lack discipline and do not guard themselves against sin; they are ruled over by Satan. The most they can do is to escape to mountains and pray God as loners, if you deny this then come up with an authority that can defeat evil on earth and itself is immune to infiltration and impurity. You can’t, why you ask?

    People ignore historical narrative, as if they live in vacuum, what did God promise our ancestors and what did they promise God? You can’t just bypass history and your DNA and directly ask God to fix things with lightnings! God had dealings with our ancestors. The disagreement between children of prophet Abraham ع must be sorted. You can’t just see your self separately. Furthermore one can’t forget Satan’s role in all of this.

  17. Read CHRIST in EGYPT. by D.M. Murdock.
    It seems to me that Jesus of Nazareth was an Egyptian – all that area was Egypt at the time – right up to the border with Syria.
    “IUSA the KRST was bon in a stable on the 25th. December, or a Virgin called IsisMary.
    He taught in the Temple at age 12 and he was baptised at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser.
    He had 12 companions, walked on water, healed the sick and raised the dead.
    He was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb of rock.
    He was resurrected – naturally.”
    It is all in the Book of the Dead and the Pyramid Texts.
    It seems that the Essenes who were Jews – usurped the teachings of Christianity at the time of the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria – and all the other great shrines and libraries of Egypt.
    KRST was a title of anyone who went through the rigorous spiritual training of the Egyptian priesthood – and the kings and queens of Egypt. Jesus of Nazareth seems ot have been such a man.
    I also recommend “…..and forgive them their debts.” by Michael Hudson. It is about the Jubilee which was a time of frgiving all debt so that society could remain functional and sane and safe – and it was practised by all the ancient societies for many thousands of years – and seems to have been what Hammurabi struggled to keep up.
    Greece and Rome gave up on the Jubilee andso both were destroyed.
    Remember Jesus of Nazareth overturnng the table of the money men?

  18. It is important not to confuse the metaphysical idea of sin in the eyes of God and crimes. Crimes are not same as sin. A monkey steals a banana away from a gorilla. Did the monkey commit a sin? A native stealing from white man invading his land, did the native commit a sin? A person cheats on their taxes, did they commit a sin? A banker steals from the treasury, is that a sin?

    A lawbook book defines crimes, sometimes they match with what people think is committing a sin. Sin is in the eye of the beholder and their belief system.

    quote: “Yukon Jack, if there is no such thing as sin, then there is no such thing as cause and effect; but clearly there is – if i murder i get sentenced to jail, if i commit homosexuality I may well get AIDS. Therefore i conclude you can sin, which means doing an action which hurts yourself sooner or later. Also known as reaping what you sow.”

    Certainly there is cause and effect and there are punishable crimes, but there are no sins in the eyes of the Lord as claimed by the theist. You can “sin” against the king or court, but it is metaphysically impossible to sin against God. All acts are permissible, you can do anything you want. For instance you can murder for the state, you can don a uniform and kill woman and children and get medals.

    The Christian will not assert that American Sniper Chris Kyle committed any sins. He obeyed the state and thus is sinless. Same for all the old testament slaughter. You can wipe out whole peoples for the Lord and be sinless according the the Jew Bible.

    Many philosophers have noted that all sins prohibited by men are practiced by the state on a daily basis. You shall not bear false witness unless you are impeaching Trump, then it is ok and sanctioned by the state. You can not kidnap and extort ransom yet the state arrests and holds bonds a thousand times a day.

    quote: “God’s plan is clear.. ” is the most false statement ever. God has no plan for us, just look at all the death and chaos that goes on for ever and ever. What does make sense is that earth is some sort of penal colony and the most insane are put in charge to keep everything in chaos.

    quote: “God listens to each of us and is aware of each and every one of our hearts, however God’s plan on earth can only be achieved by a leader and a central authority. Anarchy is irrational anyway. So the next key point is “authority”. The saying: “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” is obviously false in monotheism. ”

    Your denials: anarchy is irrational + power corrupting monotheism is false. Look at the the absolute hell caused by the consolidation of power under monotheism. The Abrahamic monotheistic religions have unleashed pure hell unto this world. My god is the only god is how men kill each other without guilt. The zero tolerance effect under the mental state of one god only has caused the deaths of hundreds of millions.

    What the religious monodupes miss is that a powerful central authority is how a small group of men rape whole nations. Serving the one god is really service to the one rich prick who owns it all. Queen of England. The monarch who owns all the Queensland.

  19. @Astraea
    Dec. 25th is a Pagan Holy-day that has nothing to do with the Christian World.

    Jesus is shown celebrating Hannukah in John 10:22,23. It is at this celebration that He declares “I and My Father are One” [John 10:30], which testifies to His Divine origin in His conception. It also reinforces Hannukah as the time of His conception.

    Historically, then, it is more accurate to celebrate Jesus entering the world through conception at Chanukah rather than to celebrate His birth at Christmas. As we shall show, Christmas is not the birthday of Christ. (In fact, Christmas is an invention resulting from religious compromise with pagan tradition. Christmas only has harmony with the truth, in that it falls approximately at the time of year when Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit.)
    The Birth of Jesus/Luke 2

    Nisan, when John the Baptist was born, is the first month of the Hebrew year. As we have shown, Mary conceived six months after Elizabeth conceived, which means Jesus’s birth would have to come six months after John’s birth, during the seventh Hebrew month of Tishri. Since we know that John was born at Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread, we learn the time of Jesus’s birth by counting six Hebrew months from Passover. The Feast of Unleavened Bread begins on Nisan 15 and six months later the feast of Tabernacles begins on Tishri 15. Therefore, Jesus was born on the first day of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles).
    The King James Bible calls this food crib a manger. Jesus was not born in a barn, but rather in a temporary tabernacle which had been built for the celebration. He was placed in a “manger,” demonstrating in a type that He is the Bread of Life from heaven.
    The eighth day, Jesus was circumcised according to the scriptural command [Luke 2:21]. For a male, this is what accomplishes a full Hebrew birth. The Feast of Tabernacles is for exactly eight days. The first and last days are both holy Sabbaths. Jesus was born on the first day, a holy Sabbath, and circumcised on the eighth day, a holy Sabbath. Evidently, God intended this entire Feast of Tabernacles to be set aside in order to accomplish and celebrate Jesus’ birth into the world.

    Note that God provided two holy feasts that lasted eight days, Passover/Unleavened Bread and the Feast of Tabernacles. John the Baptist, the forerunner of Messiah, was born and circumcised in the eight days of the first, then six month later Jesus, the Messiah, was born and circumcised the eight days of the second. John came in the first month of the year and Jesus came in the seventh month. In ministry, John introduced the way through Messiah and then Jesus perfected it, even as the first and seventh months signify.
    It may help you to understand the seeming movement of Jesus’ birthday by looking at your own birthday. Even though your birthday might keep the same number year after year, the day of the week it falls on changes. In like manner, Yeshua’s birthday is on the same Hebraic calendar number each year, Tishri 15, but in relation to the Gregorian calendar it changes. However, you can plan for His birthday to always occur sometime between the latter part of September and the early part of October.
    Clues to determine Jesus’ birthday The date of Jesus’ birth?

    Therefore, according to the texts above we can approximate the month of Jesus’ birth to be around the time of Tishri (mid to late September). To arrive at this date, start at the conception of John the Baptist, Sivan (June), count forward six months to arrive at Gabriel’s announcement of the conception of Jesus, Kislev (December), then count forward nine more months, the time it takes for human gestation, to reach Tishri (September), when Jesus was born.

  20. Human plays god with ants, who is the real sinner? A power mad human who likes to watch living things suffer gets a house size aquarium ans seeds it with every kind of ant colony. The would be god puts black ants, brown ants, red ants, yellow and white and every shade in between into the aquarium.

    Every ant specie has certain traits and abilities, They soon start fighting with each other over philosophy, religion, wealth, territory, etc. Some of the ants see strange lights in the sky when the aquarium owner is moving lamps around. The philosopher ants are convinced God is sending them a sign. Some claim to even hear the gods talking (as the human sicko has invited his friends over to have a beer and watch the action of ant wars).

    Because of the nonstop wars, one of the ant tribes that wears little kippahs invents the concept of sin and teaches it to almost all the tribes by authoring a very successful holy book called the Scared Teachings of the Holiest Ants. The head theist ant says if we all follow God’s Law then we could live in peace. Many agree and teach the holy ant teachings, but the wars continue unabated.

    After 5,000 years of war some smart ants called the Brights start doubting God’s intentions and say “sin is make believe”, “God doesn’t care what we do”. A New Age ant chimes in, “Whoopee I am God”. Other ants called Antifa say they want to tear down the hierarchical ant colony, who put the Queen in power?, it’s a Illuminati conspiracy.

    While the different races of ants squabble over the “end times” caused by so much ant “sinning”, the human zoo keeper has gotten bored and starts spraying the skies to kill off the ants, but the little buggers are resilient and won’t die. Some bright ants yell those are chem trails, others who are not so smart, no those are contrails.

    Being frustrated that the ants won’t die, the human rents a D10 Cat to demolish the ant colony experiment. Some of the ants hear the roar of the dozer as it rolls along shaking the ground, getting closer the roar is earth shaking and the brights say look it’s Nibiru, the religious ants yell ‘the Anunnaki have returned to save us, praise be to the Lord God who sits on the Most High Chariot’.