When White People Are Assaulted, We Are Supposed to Look the Other Way

Kyle Hunt – Renegade Tribune Nov 11, 2019

The biggest threat to America (and the world) is supposedly White supremacist violence. We see it hammered into the minds of the masses every single day. Whether or not people actually believe the BS is another story. In order to make the asinine assertions of the jewish supremacist media seem even somewhat credible, hoax stories are concocted about White extremist shooters, and unfortunately most people do seem to believe the faux news.

When real stories of Black on White violence surface, we almost never see it in print media or broadcast over the television screens on repeat, the same way we would if the races were reversed. It is not just that this type of violence is so common that it is more of a “dog bites man” story; these stories are deliberately suppressed so as to maintain the perpetual victimhood of Blacks and other “minorities” and ensure that Whites are only seen as the oppressors, and never the victims of racial hatred.

I will cover a few recent stories that really illustrate the incredible level of violence that is being unleashed upon the most vulnerable White people, which is exactly what the knock out “game” (attempted murder!) was really all about. Women, elderly, and little children are often the ones attacked in these anti-White assaults, as I detailed years ago in No Country for White Children, No Country for Elderly Whites, and The Illegal Invasion of America.

The first story comes to us from a Popeyes Chicken in Tennessee, where a White woman was overcharged for her “meal” and then verbally harassed by the Black store workers when she tried to get her money back. The Black workers falsely accused her of using the “n-word,” which in today’s culture appears to justify brutally assaulting whoever used the term. The woman was picked up and slammed on the concrete by a large black male worker outside of the Popeyes, and she ended up with broken bones, 6 cracked ribs, and a broken knee.

Notice how the Blacks all just stand around the old lady while no one even attempts to help. Apparently she received no help for around 10 minutes after the video stops.

This story is not even one of a kind, since a man was also recently badly beaten for using the “n-word” in Popeyes chicken, then forced to apologize, and had his chicken sandwich stolen. Read about it in the Daily Mail, which appears to celebrate and justify the assault. Just imagine if a bunch of White guys beat the hell out of a Black man who called them honkeys or crackers, and then stole the meal he just purchased. It most certainly would not be celebrated as justified comeuppance for “hate speech.”

The next story comes to us from a high school in Kyle, Texas, where a White girl with special needs was repeatedly punched, thrown to the ground, and had her head stomped on by a Black teacher. The girl, who suffers from seizures, had to be taken to the hospital and is still recovering from her injuries.

Read about the whole story in the Daily Mail.

You will notice that the racial component to these stories is never addressed, even when it appears obvious. If the races were reversed, the hysteria and outrage that would ensue would be incredible.


4 responses to “When White People Are Assaulted, We Are Supposed to Look the Other Way”

  1. Ur (N)ignorance astonishes even me. How U gonna justify walking up 2 some1, acting the fool, then expecting 2B treated like it’s all good?

    1st case: Take it 2 the SIDE. Show Ur PAID receipt 2 the manager. Let em correct or explain the situation.

    2nd case: He still thought his “I’m Yt and I say so” card was still active. WTF? Still think it’s the 1950’s, huh? Where’s Ur inbred “Honky” friends when u need em? LM@O.

    3rd case: The days of “Understanding” R over. U take a swing @ somebody, EXPECT em 2 DEFEND THEMSELVES.

  2. Zebra crimes is the police code name for black on white crime,
    this is filtered into a much lower category than white on black crime
    which is automatically a grade one hate crime.
    After the first london riots when socilaists got the black community all riled up,
    the National Front party gained so many voted, the vote counters were told to put a lot of the votes onto the labour puile, thise that had the ticks in pencil were rubbed out and changed, this is why counting takes so long.
    The government pulled the race card and made voting for the NF party a bad thing, with adverse publicity and smearing it in the racist way governments always do.
    Police have to go easy on the black mugging gangs and drug gangs, as blacks have promised more london riots worse that before

  3. Yep! in South Africa the black leaders are threatening stealing land bought and paid for and calling for genocide when the time is right. Just you use the Kaffir word which means infidel in Arabic from who it was borrowed and you get 3 years or more in Hell. Its suley further proof the builders cannot work with a multi cultural hell on earth. A recent study in Sweden exposes the failure of multi ethnic states and proves the tensions do not act as a catalyst to development but to third worlding the host. Aah! the media who owns the media thats a problem use the alt media never the advertisement’s subsidized mainstream. I love R TV its balanced and makes a whole load of common sense. Remember the destroyers are panicking as we all are catching on too there theft and bias currency arrangements. Soon we will however nationalize there stolen gain booty. Remember I am a Brit European you are a Paki Asian so get the hell used to it or go to Paki Hell.

  4. The comment at the top by James illustrates the pitiful level of literacy and cognitive abilities demonstrated by black Americans. James obviously never worked in a service industry, specifically restaurant, position which may have had black clientele, because, let me tell you, it’s a nightmare. I worked my way through college with restaurant and bar work. Even black co-workers, waiters or bartenders, hated waiting on black people, as the large majority of black customers typically completely lacked social graces or a scrap of etiquette, angled for free stuff a large majority of time, and could be unacceptably aggressive in their complaints.

    Before addressing James’ nearly illiterate and nonsensical points, let me say that NOTHING short of pulling some sort of weapon on the aggressors justified the vicious actions shown in those videos. An older woman got ambushed and beaten by a bunch of out-of-control savages because she had the nerve to say she got cheated and a school girl got viciously beaten by an out-of-control ape for being a snotty kid.

    So, James, let me address your points one-by-one as you listed them:
    1: It’s a fucking Popeye’s chicken shack. It doesn’t appear there was a line at the service counter. Approaching the cashier or manager at the service counter about a mistake with an order would be appropriate. In fact, there’s really no other way to do it in an establishment like that. Do you know how many niggers do what you suggest and “take it 2 the side” to discuss the matter rationally? Practically zero, which can be verified by anyone who has ever gotten food from a place with black clientele.

    2. My ebonics dictionary apparently needs an update and I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying, but I think I get the gist. The subject of the second case, featured in the Daily Mail link, was a white trash piece of shit who absolutely deserved to get the shit kicked out of them. So I’m totally with you on that one.

    3. What? I’m sorry your brain damage is so severe, James…not necessarily for your sake, but more for the rest of society who has to deal with you. That incident has nothing to do with “Understanding” and everything to do with a large adult losing their shit and viciously beating a girl who was doing little more than being a punk kid. The girl appeared to take a weak swipe at the goon because the goon looked to have their hands close to the girl’s throat as the goon was grabbing the girl. Then the ape went bananas and went WAY overboard in throwing jack-hammer punches and then STOMPING on the girl’s head…as a teacher, in a classroom. Wow. Typical lack of impulse control so common in the black species.