Good Riddance Evo Morales — Nov 12, 2019

Evo Morales is a typical Communist and NWO shill. He pretends to champion the poor while robbing the country blind and selling it cheaply to the Chinese. He is part of a plan to remake South America in the image of the USSR. 
Marcos writes: “Instead of crying “the CIA did it”, North Americans should start paying attention to people like Alexandra Casio Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Justin Trudeau. Do you think the Marxists will stop in Latin America?”

by Marcos — ( 

So Morales, the communist cocalero, is gone. Before your automatic conditioning makes you yell “the CIA did it!”, why not pause for a moment and reflect if the Latin American people are not able to make their own decisions and choose the path of freedom and honesty without the help of the US?
Consider that, first and foremost, Morales is a radical Marxist, a union leader who started his career supported by the Communist Party, who considers capitalism the worst enemy of mankind. Not everybody agrees with that. Also, consider that this dictator has been in power since 2006, having changed the constitution to stay in power forever, ignoring the will of the people expressed in a referendum. Finally, he stole the election once again; this time leaving a paper trail of evidence. You also would be upset.



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7 responses to “Good Riddance Evo Morales”

  1. Yes, good riddance to the man that had the audacity to re-direct much Bolivia’s wealth to the indigenous people, instead of letting it flow to Wall Street gangsters. Like the Lithium used in cell phone and laptop batteries. Morales preferred to deal with China, instead of the treacherous, nation-busting USA. What scum!

    Good riddance to the man that has increased the number of physicians in Bolivia, so the poor have a chance of living a longer life. And that housing he got built to replace the ramshackle huts the poor lived in? Let’s tear it down and build Trump style penthouses. To hell with affording the poor something so necessary like toilets, let them go back to shitting in bags. And to hell with the kids, who needs education when they’re going to work 14 hour days in some hellish factory?

    Let’s all get behind the OAS, who claimed Morales had stolen the last election, even though the OAS, supposedly dedicated to helping that part of the world, has it’s HDQ in the most corrupt city in the world D.C.

    Too bad Morales didn’t stay in Bolivia and get a well-deserved anal shanking like Libya’s Qaddafi got when democracy came to Libyans.

    Let’s all celebrate the mob of financial sharpies now heading to La Paz, to gang-rape that nation, just like they did to Russia. Maybe there will be some more Jew oligarch billionaires made raping Bolivia, like the ones that stole a huge amount of wealth from the Russians.

    After reading this, you might think I’m a Commie or pAntifa type. Wrong. But neither am I a fan of unrestricted capitalism, which has most of the flaws of Communism, except we kill people in a kinder, gentler way.

  2. Thanks Greg Bacon, for restoring my gut feelings regarding Evo Morales..

  3. Also, my gut instincts about Makow have been reinforced..

  4. Neoliberalism desperately trying to salvage something out of the decay.
    As was with the Ukraine if this doesn’t show how equally destructive right movements are with the left nothing will.
    Yet again another German company trying to take full control of a sovereign country’s natural resources while they throw back austerity.
    Man o man he was nearly there about to create a primary industry that would cover 70% of world supply.
    Yet again Trump makes a Richard cranium of himself but is transparent in that process at least.
    One down Nicaragua and Venezuela to go however I like the last words of Morales as he left for Mexico, something to the effect of I’ll be back.
    US will never know peace.

  5. The new regime are probably US backed, therefore both are two cheeks of the same evil NWO ass!

  6. It is boring hearing this Marxist claptrap or the left v right or the liberals did it. All of this are used to pit people against each other.