Are You Ready For A Catastrophically Cold Winter?

Here Is What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You…

Michael Snyder – The End of the American Dream Nov 11, 2019

Experts are warning us that this will be a “freezing, frigid, and frosty” winter, and even though the official beginning of winter is still over a month away, it already feels like that in much of the country right now.  Over the next several days, it will literally feel like it is mid-January in much of the central and eastern portions of the United States.  Many areas will be hit by temperatures that are 30 degrees below normal, and heavy snow is expected in some areas of the Midwest.  Unfortunately, this bitterly cold weather is coming at a very bad time for corn farmers.  According to the latest USDA crop progress report, only 52 percent of the corn in the middle of the country has been harvested.  So about half of the corn is still sitting out there, and these extraordinarily low temperatures could potentially be absolutely devastating.  In essence, this cold front threatens to put an exclamation point on an absolutely horrific year for U.S. farmers.  According to the National Weather Service, we could possibly see “170 potential daily record cold high temperatures” over the next three days…

“The National Weather Service is forecasting 170 potential daily record cold high temperatures Monday to Wednesday,” tweeted Weather Channel meteorologist Jonathan Erdman. “A little taste of January in November.”

The temperature nosedive will be a three-day process as a cold front charges across the central and eastern U.S. from Sunday into Tuesday.

We are being told that low temperatures in certain portions of Texas could plunge into the teens, and all across the Upper Midwest we could see low temperatures that are well below zero.

Of course this is not the first wave of record cold weather to come rolling through this season.  During the month of October, a couple of major blizzards roared through the Midwest and countless new cold temperature records were established.

And unfortunately we should expect a lot more bitter weather in the months ahead.  Both the Farmers’ Almanac and the Old Farmer’s Almanac are projecting that this upcoming winter will be unusually cold and snowy

Not long after the Farmers’ Almanac suggested it would be a “freezing, frigid, and frosty” season, the *other* Farmer’s Almanac has released its annual weather forecast—and it’s equally upsetting.

While the first publication focused on the cold temperatures anticipated this winter, the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that excessive snowfall will be the most noteworthy part of the season.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which was founded in 1792, says that the upcoming winter “will be remembered for strong storms” featuring heavy rain, sleet, and a lot of snow. The periodical actually used the word “snow-verload” to describe the conditions we can expect in the coming months.

So why is this happening?

It is actually quite simple.

During a solar minimum, solar activity drops to very low levels, and that tends to mean lower temperatures on Earth.

Earlier this year, a panel of experts gathered to discuss the current solar minimum, and they came to the conclusion that it could last for years

If you like solar minimum, good news: It could last for years. That was one of the predictions issued last week by an international panel of experts who gathered at NOAA’s annual Space Weather Workshop to forecast the next solar cycle. If the panel is correct, already-low sunspot counts will reach a nadir sometime between July 2019 and Sept 2020, followed by a slow recovery toward a new Solar Maximum in 2023-2026.

“We expect Solar Cycle 25 will be very similar to Cycle 24: another fairly weak maximum, preceded by a long, deep minimum,” says panel co-chair Lisa Upton, a solar physicist with Space Systems Research Corp.

But that would actually be a best case scenario.

There are others that believe that we have now entered a “grand solar minimum” such as the one that our planet experienced several hundred years ago.  That one was known as “the Maunder Minimum”, and it resulted in a “little ice age”

The extreme example happened between 1645 and 1715 when the normal 11-year sunspot cycle vanished. This period, called the Maunder Minimum, was accompanied by bitterly cold winters in the American colonies. Fishing settlements in Iceland and Greenland were abandoned. Icebergs were seen near the English channel. The canals of Venice froze. It was a time of great hardship.

Ultimately, the longer winters and shorter summers during the “Maunder Minimum” resulted in famine all over the globe, and multitudes ended up perishing

The Thames last froze over in the 17th century when fairs were held on the frozen river. Click to enlarge

The Maunder Minimum is the most famous cold period of the Little Ice Age. Temperatures plummeted in Europe (Figs. 14.3–14.7), the growing season became shorter by more than a month, the number of snowy days increased from a few to 20–30, the ground froze to several feet, alpine glaciers advanced all over the world, glaciers in the Swiss Alps encroached on farms and buried villages, tree-lines in the Alps dropped, sea ports were blocked by sea ice that surrounded Iceland and Holland for about 20 miles, wine grape harvests diminished, and cereal grain harvests failed, leading to mass famines (Fagan, 2007). The Thames River and canals and rivers of the Netherlands froze over during the winter (Fig. 14.3). The population of Iceland decreased by about half. In parts of China, warm-weather crops that had been grown for centuries were abandoned. In North America, early European settlers experienced exceptionally severe winters.

So far in 2019, there have been more than 200 days without a single sunspot on the sun.

We do not know when solar activity will return to normal, but for now we should all prepare for a bitterly cold winter.

Beyond that, we had better hope that we have not entered another “Maunder Minimum”, because right now we are struggling to feed everyone on the planet even in the best of years.

Despite all of our advanced technology, we remain deeply dependent on the weather.  Even a year or two of bad harvests could potentially be absolutely catastrophic, and the mainstream media will not tell us the truth until it is way too late to do anything about it.

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8 responses to “Are You Ready For A Catastrophically Cold Winter?”

  1. Since CO2 can’t do the magic tricks assigned to it and the fact that we ARE in an Ice Age then it is no surprise that during solar minimums it gets really cold.

    A new theory by physicists has emerged about what actually controls the temperatures on planets with solid surfaces was atmospheric pressure and not a particular gas like CO2.

    The Zeller-Nikolov climate finding uses official NASA data to quantify the average temperatures of the hard-surfaced satellite bodies orbiting our Sun. The formula is not applicable to the gas planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Zeller and Nikolov claim to be able to determine the long-term average temperature of Venus, Earth, Mars, Titan (a moon of Saturn), and Triton (a moon of Neptune) by using just two informational values: their distance from the Sun and their atmospheric pressure.

    Zeller and Nikolov have found that the gaseous composition of atmospheres is immaterial to determining long-term average temperatures. For example, the atmosphere of Venus is composed of 96.5% carbon dioxide, while Earth’s atmosphere contains only .04% carbon dioxide, yet those vast differences are irrelevant to the mathematical calculations required to determine average temperatures. This mathematical proof tells us that even though Venus has 2,412 times more carbon dioxide than Earth measured as a percentage of its atmosphere, that CO2 has no measurable effects on its average long-term temperature. Zeller and Nikolov claim that carbon dioxide and all the other atmospheric gases only contribute to temperature by their physical mass and resultant atmospheric pressure. They point out that their predictions for planets and moons are accurate to within one degree Celsius, a confidence-inspiring finding so precise that coincidence can reasonably be ruled out.”

  2. send this article to greta. there is no global warming.

  3. Somebody better get this global warming stuff sorted before we all freeze to death.

    Perhaps little Greta the Great Thornburg can warm us all with the prodigious amount of hot air that gushes from her overly large mouth and the warm fuzzy laser beams that shoot out of her molecule-seeing googly eyes.

  4. The thing about it is that Michael Snyder is another ambulance chasing Alex Jones wannabe who, just like his mentor (i.e. Alex Jones) greatly exaggerates everything he ‘reports’ on, so that I find it very hard to put any stock in anything he says.

  5. Sea surface temperatures coincidentally go down in periods of less sun spots. When about 5 or 6 years ago the sun spots disappeared people predicted another Maunder Minimum (mini ice age) like in the 1600 & 1700’s. Perhaps because of conflicts with US global -warming propaganda policies it became more to get accurate Pacific sea-surface NASA data on the net. Then the sun spots came back a few years ago but they were not lasting as long as expected – so less energy from the flares of much shorter durations. It is a fascinating topic, but we the unwashed know so little.

    The military in North America have vast stores of inventions and scientific findings which they hord and keep classified. Their electronic technology is usually 10 to 20 years ahead of what goes public. They likely know exactly what will happen with earth temperatures from natural causes out of human control, but they would never tell us even if a major ice age was upon us – you know, hush hush, chain-of-command, national security, and all that shit. They make perfect examples of the hubris and condescending elitism manipulating us round the clock with their exclusive knowledge, uniforms, surveillance etc, – all at our expense.

    Buy an AK 47 and pretend you are part of a Resistance.

  6. When the Sun is weak, our magnetic protection is weak. This actually means that more harmful rays from the Sun reaches the surface of the Earth. The other thing that happens during a solar minimum is that the jet stream becomes erratic. So when the Sun is strong and active the Jet Stream is taught, so The Artic weather systems stay in the North. When it’s weak, the Jet Stream loops into the deep South, such as Southern Italy and Southern USA.

    Of course, this is part of a much bigger phase that the Sun is going through. The Sun does one or two things every 12,000yrs or so. It either micronovas or it super flares. The Erath magnetic field has fallen by 20%. This means we are fast approaching a magnetic flip or better described as falling on to its side so the poles will reside in the Easter Indian Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean just off Northwestern South America. This event plunges the Earth into an ice age, not to mention 2 mile high tsunamis. It is a very bad time. The Supernova evert reverses the ice age.

    If you search YouTube, you can find some good info on this. The changing weather has nothing to do with anthropogenic climate change. We can see government making preparations for this event which is due in the next 2/3 generation, maybe sooner.

    They have built seed banks in places which have survived the above-described events time and time again. They are building deep underground cities with supplies. They are aften called military facilities and they have renewed their attempts to collonise the Moon and Mars. The best preparation is knoweldge. If you get a direct hit, nothing will save you, but a bit of knowledge … books on various subjects & the ability to control your fear might just save your children and their children.

  7. Thanks Rothschild for weather modication and tax of the rich its crazy you tosser. We always win see! No more Fed tax and false promise currency and npo more wars for Jewsrael. Its about to go upside downs and we want your assets I mean ours cunt!