Key Syrian White Helmets backer found dead in Istanbul: diplomat

Introduction – Nov 11, 2019

James Le Mesurier. Click to enlarge

The former British Army officer who helped found the Syrian White Helmets, James Le Mesurier, has reportedly been found dead near his home in Istanbul.
Le Mesurier’s career had been steeped in intrigue. Apart from helping to found the White Helmets, who have been implicated in staging alleged “Syrian government atrocities” for the benefit of the Western media, he has also been linked to Western NGOs and Gulf state monarchies.
In other words Le Mesurier’s involvement in various “humanitarian” efforts was a front. In reality he had been spotted in various trouble spots all over the globe where he had involved in helping to stage various false flag operations, which were then blamed on those the West had targeted for regime change.
One such was President Assad in Syria.
The following Reuters report omits to mention it but the UK Foreign Office and the U.S. State Dept funded Le Mesurier’s efforts with over $100 million. The funding was provided despite allegations that the Syrian White Helmets were linked to al Qaeda and that they had been involved in the execution of woman and children.
Although the exact cause of his death is still unclear, Sky News is reporting it as a “suspected suicide”. Ed.

Key Syrian White Helmets backer found dead in Istanbul: diplomat

Reuters – Nov 11, 2019

The founder of an organization that trained the Syrian “White Helmets” emergency response group has died in Istanbul, his neighbor and a diplomat said on Monday.

James Le Mesurier, founder of the Mayday Rescue group, was found dead early on Monday near his home in central Istanbul’s Beyoglu district, the neighbor said. The diplomat said the circumstances around his death were unclear.

The White Helmets, known officially as Syria Civil Defence, have been credited with saving thousands of people in rebel-held areas during years of bombing by Syrian government and Russian forces in the country’s civil war.

Mayday Rescue is a not-for-profit organization with offices in Amsterdam and Istanbul whose projects have been funded by the United Nations and various governments. Mayday Rescue did not immediately respond to an emailed query about Le Mesurier.


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  1. I don’t like your use of “execution” in “execution of women and children”.

    This implies that the killings were done with the sanction of a sovereign power, and, thus were legitimate.

  2. Another Epstein type suicide!! Men like Mesurier do not kill themselves.

  3. Well that is a start, now suicide the rest of the evil white helmets, help to make the world a safer place. and regarding the snow flake Kerdasi amag, America claims to be a sovereign power as does Israel, UK and the rest of the commonwealth, and they all kill lots of women and children with impunity: all sanctioned by the state.

  4. Activisor.. May he rot in Hell beyond eternity !

  5. Is there proof he is dead, maybe he is actually incognito, on another mission to implicate innocent parties?