Climate Crisis False Flags Are Already With Us

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Nov 10, 2019 

The Lynmouth Flood occurred on the night of the 15-16 August 1952, principally affecting the village of Lynmouth, in north Devon. 

Lynmouth, 1952. Click to enlarge

A storm with heavy rainfall, combined with already saturated soil and flood debris, led to the flooding of the village and a total loss of 34 lives.
It has been reported by various sources since 2001 that this catastrophic event was caused by RAF “rainmakers” during ‘Operation Cumulus, that was being carried out during August 1952 by the RAF supported by an international team of scientists.
The disaster put an end to that particular ‘experiment’.
Dr Richard Day was a Rockefeller insider, who told a group of paediatricians in Pennsylvania in 1969 how America and the world was going to change in line with a global plan.
What he said has since proved to be correct in virtually every detail. Day said that insiders knew what was planned because there is a knowledge base within the Elite network that is very different to the one in the public domain.
Recording or taking notes at the meeting was forbidden, however one audience member managed to recall and divulge much of the debate.
As well as covering issues ranging from ‘the future use of terrorism’ to ‘population control’ to ‘the microchipping of persons’, Day stated that, ‘We can or soon will be able to control the weather.’ He said, ‘I’m not merely referring to dropping iodide crystals into the clouds to precipitate rain that’s already there, but REAL control.’ And weather was seen as a weapon of war, a weapon of influencing public policy.
Rulers could make rain or withhold rain in order to influence certain areas and bring whole countries under their control.
There were two sides to this that were rather striking. He said, ‘On the one hand you can make drought during the growing season so that nothing will grow, and on the other hand you can make for very heavy rains during harvest season so the fields are too muddy to bring in the harvest, and indeed one might be able to do both.’ There was no statement how this would be done. It was stated that either it was already possible or very, very close to being possible [in 1969].


During this recent and, perhaps, ongoing period of history many millions of us now understand that the ‘War on Terror’ was initiated by the mega-911 event and that the real perpetrators of that event was the international ruling establishment itself, using various arms of its military and Intelligence Services to commit the crime it intended to (and successfully did) blame on innocent parties as a pretext for future military despotic adventurism.
After 9/11 our rulers understood that a ‘war on terror’ requires ongoing real terror and they were happy to use their agencies to provide it. Most large terrorist events over the past 18 years have been false-flags and details of the fiendish threats against which our governments were desperately working to defend us FILLED THE PAGES OF THE MASS MEDIA EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old leader of a global protest against inaction on climate change, marched at a rally in New York City Friday. Around the world, millions of other people joined her.

Over the past couple of years the threat against which our government must protect us has changed. It is no longer a religious fanatic in a cave in Afghanistan inspiring like-minded Islamic lunatics to try and murder us all. The threat is now the weather-systems of our own planet. The image of Osama Bin Laden has been replaced by the hysterical hallucinations of a 16-year-old Swedish pavement-squatter who knows we are going to kill her and all her young friends if we don’t change our behaviour radically NOW.
Uh, oh … here it comes. EVERY DAY the papers are full of it.
A new unprecedented flood here, unstoppable wildfires there.
Isn’t this all a bit … well … familiar?
We cannot prove that our rulers are carrying out ‘weather’ attacks against us (like we could prove many ‘War on Terror’ False Flags from the available evidence) because we have no access to information that is private to military and Intelligence Services contractors.
However, observing the identical format of this new terror template, from honest examination of painful experience, using our own simple God-given common sense …
… We can know that this is exactly what is going on.
The ‘War on Terror’ has failed to own our minds. Now the Luciferian powers-that-be are weaponising the very planet against us. After this fails all they have left is nuclear strikes to achieve their goal.
This struggle is not going to get any prettier.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

7 responses to “Climate Crisis False Flags Are Already With Us”

  1. An individual brushing shoulders with the Elite was told, “We have ten of them now.” “Ten what?” Weather machines.”

  2. It was Sir Anthony Blunt the communist spy and boy-rapist
    who exposed the fact that th RAF was deemed to be the biggest cowrads of the war.
    He said that the bombers woud take off to bomb Germany but finding the military establishments guarded, would drop their bombs in the sea and return home.
    Rothschiold was furious at this, soa decision was made to avoid any where that was guarded and just bomb civilan targets like hospitals schools and dormitory towns,
    Rothschild also ordered factories left as he wanted to take them in war reparations.
    So the RAF was behind the flooding of certain towns, ordered to cause mass murder on its own people, this again proves how gutless they were.
    After any UFO sightings people that ring the RAF are immediately ridiculed as they lie and lie againthis is why British people have little respect for the RAF

    “The general idea for it, for this kind of study dates back at least to 1961. It started with some of the new people who came in with the Kennedy administration” …

    “Of course, there are those earth-shattering events of natural origin which have always served to throw a wrench into TPTB machinery no matter what the time or the place. Since 2012, it has become more obvious to those who are conscious that something is awry throughout this entire plane of existence. Every sphere of life has been spinning out of their regular orbits with greater acceleration.”

    Meanwhile away from prying eyes … HAARP SBX1

    “The Khazarian holdovers on this planet are getting more creative as the situation is getting worse for them. The slew of “natural disasters” hitting Latin America and coastal portions of the US mainland, through the use of HAARP derivatives, indicates how desperate the situation really is for the Cabal.”

  4. P.S. The Russians also have an ocean going secret weapon.

    The floating power station, called the Akademik Lomonosov

    Russia Hints Earthquake Weapon “Active” As 7.1 Trembler Strikes California
    Russia Inactivates Earthquake Weapon After Trump Ousts Top US Navy Admiral

    China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station: The Epicenter of the California Earthquakes and Hub of Geoengineering is Exposed

    China Lake backstory : / / /
    The primary or initial torture for many children in western U.S. was done at China Lake, California which officially has gone under the designations of: Naval Ordinance Test Station ( NOTS), Naval Weapons Center (NWC),

  5. The beauty of weather weapons is that you can blame the destruction as an act of God while playing god in the basement of the Pentacon and secret underground bases. I imagine power mad crazed scientists with an computerized etch-a-sketch wiping out wide sways and long stretches of traditional America, especially any area that is full of peaceniks, Constitutionalists, gun owners, and lovers of freedom.


    With a flick of the presidential pen Trump could stop the terror, but no, he tweets the blame on the California Governor:

    “Congressional representatives have rushed to the defense of California Governor Gavin Newsom after President Donald Trump threatened to pull federal funding from the state, which has been hit by devastating fires.”

    This is most telling, because El Trumpo knows what is going on, is guilty as hell, and is transferring blame to another party like he always does. Massive chemtrails over the Pacific Northwest ALWAYS precede the fires. I actually watched them from my local and even predicted to my friends.

    Remember that tsunami aftermath that enemies Bill Clinton and GHW Bush visited together?

    “PHUKET: US former presidents George HW Bush and Bill Clinton will arrive in Phuket on Saturday as part of a US presidential delegation to inspect tsunami-affected areas throughout Asia.

    They will arrive at Phuket International Airport at 11:55 am, to be welcomed by Khunying Pojamarn Shinawatra, the wife of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, and Foreign Affairs Minister Surakiart Sathirathai.

    The former heads of state will then be flown by helicopter to Takuapa District, in Phang Nga, where they will inspect the devastated village of Baan Nam Khem and progress on housing for tsunami victims, and fishing boat recovery projects taking place there.

    During the afternoon, Mr Bush and Mr Clinton will view the damage caused by the tsunami along the Phang Nga coastline by helicopter before arriving back at Phuket International Airport at 3 pm.”

    How much you wanna bet these twin deep state operatives went to view first hand the damage of their top secret weapon? And posing as relief workers. Aha!

    Folks what they are doing to us is worse than we can imagine.

  6. Putins Words: it is deplorable to use children to set agenda.

  7. Good comments from people that are awake, ( Knowledge and understanding). To have fun, I will believe Greta Thunberg, if she can kayak her way from the eastern Americas to Spain in time for the next UN Meet-and-Greet. As for the rest of the article, it shows how far back these weather machinations go, but forgets to update (like the commenters did) concerning China Lake, Cascadia (Pacific NW), HAARP, DARPA and 5G technology. Also not to mention GMO mosquitos, infected Nanobots (Zika virus) and, Food and Vaccines that are poisonous.