How Does US Army Evade #MeToo Scrutiny? – Nov 10, 2019 

As we observe Veteran’s Day Monday, we feature a groundbreaking 2012 documentary, “The Invisible War” which exposed one of America’s most shameful and best kept secrets: the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military.
More than 200,000 women are in the active-duty military. A female U.S. soldier in a combat zone is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. An estimated 500,000 men and women have been victims of sexual assault. Only eight percent of the cases have been prosecuted. 
Many victims are threatened with death if they report the crime.  
This film prompted U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to announce substantial changes in policy that strengthen the prosecution of rape in the military. However, the article below indicates the problem has not been addressed. 
This documentary is painful to watch. That’s why I put the trailer first.  While the media is full of stories about sexual exploitation, this serious problem in the US military is largely ignored. Why?  My guess is that the military is exempt from #MeToo because it serves other Illuminati agendas. 


Here is the full documentary

Pentagon report shows a sharp rise in military sexual assaults The troubling statistics also show that the majority — about 70 percent — still do not officially report such incidents.   May 2019

by Jen Kirby Vox

The US military is reporting a disturbing spike in the number of active-duty service members who said they’d experienced sexual assault last year, raising questions once again about the military’s handling of misconduct.


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4 responses to “How Does US Army Evade #MeToo Scrutiny?”

  1. Having Women in front line combat positions is insane on many levels. A Federal Army of any country is trained to fight and kill, they tend not to be the finest people of choice. Putting Women in these positions is asking for trouble and no amount of indoctrination is going to change that. Even Hitler, when faced with a 10 to 1 advantaged enemy, placed Women in these rolls. This Women in combat positions has become just another social engineering project. If you to stop the rapes, get the Women out of these positions.

  2. There shouldn’t be any women in the military, period. It defeats the purpose of having a military to defend that nation, as it’s there to protect the women, who will give birth to the future generations.
    If they were to allow women in the armed forces then it should only be lesbians, as they won’t be having children and are expendable, but then any female in the armed forces, regardless of sexual orientation will make the enemy’s eyes, light up with delight, for not only are they weaker than them, but they’ll certainly be raped upon capture. Rape will be used also as a means to acquire military secrets also.
    It’s just a bad move of putting women in the military.

  3. I am not totally against women in the military, being a U.S veteran myself, but I absolutely disagree with trying to put women in combat. We’re simply not made that way. It’s an argument against God and physiology. And to be honest, I saw women cause many problems while on active duty. They got pregnant to avoid deployments, and often tried to play the female card. I believe women can do some. jobs, so as to release more men for fighting, but the idea of putting the weaker sex in combat is just ridiculous. How many females can carry 130 pounds of gear in rough terrain? I never could! What happens then if out in the boonies a squad or platoon gets stranded due to mechanical breakdowns or destruction of their vehicles? Things like that have and do happen in wartime. I’m not saying rapists should be excused, but the reality is wo.en have always been more physically vulnerable than men.

  4. I suppose these deluded feminists who want to “join the army” still have a maternal instinct of sorts beneath their flak jackets…?? Really? A woman’s body is designed to produce and nourish life but they want to go into combat and kill life; that’s about as deluded as it gets.
    Women are and always will be a distraction to men; they feminise the army, navy and airforce and thus make them weaker and less effective in real combat. Everybody knows what happens even to civilian females in a military war zone and even more so to captured “female soldiers” so keep your cyanide pills handy ladies cos you get no sympathy from me as you should have known better. Remember what the Romans did to Boudicca and her daughters.
    This is of course, the fault (and it’s deliberately done…) of the politicians who allow and vote for these things to happen under the guise of “equality”.
    If it comes to the Navy Seals or the SAS versus the Spetznaz, my money will be on the Spetznaz. There are no women in the Spetznaz. Vodka anyone……..??