Amazing speech in the French parliament where the words are spoken aloud: “The Great Replacement”

Eeyore – Nov 6, 2019

This really is jaw dropping essence of truth. Please do spread this to let others know there is at least one sane person with courage out there. Thank you Ava Lon for the translation and Gates of Vienna for the edit.

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  1. It is now only a question of how long the globalists can remain in power. As this gentleman eloquently states “The people have had enough”. This is a global phenomenon which encompasses both left and right political viewpoints. The global elites have finally shot their bolt. They have alienated the public to such an extent that revolution is all that is now left. When people have no future to look forward to, they will take action. That moment is now.

  2. This kind of guy deserves to be replaced

  3. A politician who tells the truth ? we have not seen this since Oswald Mosely
    Enoch Powell tried to but was silenced
    I wish we in the UK had some real politicians, i wrote and asked that nice mr rothschild
    for some, but he never answered

  4. The next politician of France who have the equal demands like Madame Le Pen, like UK BREXIT Party Mr Farage, like Germany AfD Ms Weidel, like Italy Mr Salvini.

    They all have one important thing in common: They want their country away from the EU Dictatorship. The do not want their country be dissolved into One Big Unhappy Socialist Soviet style Socialist States of Europe.
    They also do not want to become communists like the Bolsheviks did with Russia in 1917.
    It looks like exact one hundred years later the Khazarian Mafia is in a hurry to force their dictatorship on the world (Agenda21/2030).

    When the truth is said, the same theater as in German’s Parlament is playing in French Parlament. The government and supporting political parties are acting like apes and zombies while they know very well your man is right.
    But in this Europe of today, if you want your country back you are a fascist, a nazi, an extrem-right wing, &c., &c.. The same swearing words like everywhere in Lefty Europe Parlaments.

    Vive la France.

  5. “ben November 10, 2019, at 2:14 pm | Permalink
    This kind of guy deserves to be replaced”

    Hey Ben, What kind of guy is he? And with whom would you replace him?

  6. Khazarian mafia!? Nope, it’s Gypsy mafia, disguised as Jews.
    My aunt is a Jew – blue eyes, dark blond hair, white skin, narrow nose, A+ blood type. And she well hated that gypsy scam pretending Jews.

  7. Vive la France libre !

    There was no applause at all in the French Parliament for this truly great speech exposing and denouncing the deception and betrayal of the globalist banksters and socialists running all of our Western nations. This shows how absolutely owned the rest of the MP’s in France really are. I am not even French but I sincerely hope the yellow vests arise and take back their nation.

    What I am saying in the following is crucial regardless anyone’s religious preferences.

    My own Church (regardless of whether it was hijacked in 1958 by the Masons and the Rothschild banksters or just by the more recent papacy of socialist & globalist Francis) is now being used to spearhead the entire globalist one-world government & bank movement. The RC Church is the largest single “organization” in the world and has 1.3 billion members. A one-world government, bank, religion backed by an international army could not get off the ground despite the influence and all the power of the Masons, the banksters, the oligarchs, the Bilderbergers, the corporatocracy, the fake corporate media, the fake climate science, all the false-flags or the international socialist movement. They needed the moral force of the RC Church and they now have it without even a peep of protest within its walls or outside of them.

    Francis, who is a darling of the corporate media, since his contrived election as Pope in 2013, has gone to extremes to undermine and deemphasize Catholic doctrine regarding not only Catholic moral principles regarding marriage and sexuality, the sanctity of human life, the holiness of the sacraments, but also, over the last few weeks, even in discounting the divinity of Jesus.

    He and his fellow cardinals have been doing all of this at this particular time for a reason. It is all carefully timed and orchestrated – every stunt synod and slip of his tongue. The carefully placed present hierarchy members are now in a position to completely mislead their 1.3 billion followers, and they are either a part of, or being used by, the very evil and occult cabal running most of the leading nations of the world to usher in their their “new” totalitarian order.

    A minority of “conservative” bishops and cardinals have spoken out strongly against the internal doctrinal errors of Francis, but none of them have ventured to criticize their papacy, their hierarchy, their Church taking a leading role to usher in the UN globalist agendas which include the establishment of a all-pervasive world government, bank, currency and army, and the end of the sovereignty and self-determination of nations. When it comes to connecting the obvious dots between the doctrinal errors of Francis and the Vatican, [clearly to make the Church appear more politically correct and acceptable to the secular world through the media for the express purpose of being able to usher in a one-world globalist government, bank, currency, and army], these prelates either deliberately bury their heads in the sand or defer to the cabal globalist direction of the hijacked Vatican and papacy.

  8. Great speech, but despite speaking truth to power, he lacks a fervor of an Adolf Hitler. He talks as a Hitler-lite, missing a swastika armband and moustache. For now he is just Controlled Opposition: speaks the people’s mind so they don’t have to. Gilad Atzmon is the same for Jews. Right now the speech’s sentiments just fit into the Hegelian dialectic, to keep people divided into 2 camps, where through division the globalists conquer (divide and conquer/rule strategy). What needs to happen is this speech and its views must become populist from the ground up , ie. so called grassroots, and spread like wildfire with an eloquent, fervorful speaker. Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler come to mind, but Hitler especially. This fervor of Nationalism must spread in each country, to the level of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, to fight the Globalists in each country. If this does not happen in each nation, for nationalistic pride, then the surrounding countries under globalist control will gang up on that individual nationalistic nation. This is what happened to Nazi Germany during WW2 under the control of the Khazarian Mafia, Zionist Capitalist Communist Banksters. WW2 was NAZI fascist Nationalism vs. Pseudo-Capitalist Communism. This too was a Hegelian dialectic, but Fascism and Communism ( Right vs. Left), still have the same hierarchy, the vast majority ruled by the few rich elite. So even today, with such an eloquent speaker, the few rich elite (Globalists) still achieve their goal because they own the banks which own the multi-national corporations, which dictate government policy which rules over the people. Remember,
    crony corrupt Capitalism (Democracies) has Banksters own Corporations own Governments rule over the people. Then Communism is Banksters own Governments own Corporations which rule the people. So, in reality there is no difference between the USA or China, and the USA China trade dispute is a farce. The end result is the same. The few Banksters (globalist) system rules over the masses (many). In the Trump debate, Pro-Trumpers (patriots) vs. the Deep State Never-Trumpers, the result is also the same, civil war 2 for the destruction of America so the globalists can set up their NWO. Only God can destroy this satanic system and he does. read The Bible and the book of Revelation chapter 18 – 22. Oh yee of little Faith!

  9. I am 83 years old, i have never seen such hatred and racism in any government in the UK since churchill,
    Germany became the greatest economy in the world after the jewbankers broke them, they took back their country from the jews and they prospered.
    but the jew freemasons Churhill Rosevelt and Stalin forced Germany into war
    to put the jews back in power which is what happened.
    Before the noose gets too tight on our necks, lets chuck out the jews
    be rid of them once and for all

  10. people worldwide are sick of jews behaviour

  11. @ Fred B + Ted Brown:

    You guys got your knowledge from deep understanding. I say the same things about the current pope and the Ziobanksters. The Vatican is as it is today because jewry invaded it like so many other things.

  12. Stormin’ Norman,

    Whilst I agree with virtually all that you say :-

    ” This fervor of Nationalism must spread in each country, to the level of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, to fight the Globalists in each country. ”

    If this were to happen the imbecile sons of the working class British, Americans, Canadians etc, etc, etc, would rush forward to throw away their lives to prevent it, just as they did last time. The globalist elite propaganda machine would soon convince these poor fools that it was in their best interest, ie. the “right” thing to do.

  13. After the arrest of a very popular French comedian and subsequent imprisonment for poking fun at Jews and Zionists, the French corrupt elite are now starting conscription. There are many ways to stop a revolution. Here in the UK, they medicate the sheeple.

  14. I dont know if anyone reads these comments, but they are damn god, all of them

  15. I remember reading a story as a kid about the British sailors caught in the cold North Sea after their ships were blown up, wallowing in the sea watching their mates go by that couldn’t stop to pick them up because it was war, one bloke had the presence of mind freezing to death to call out “Taxi Taxi”. I’ll never forget it.
    Then the story of the bloke comes to mind who was stuck out to sea calling for God’s help but wouldn’t take it then meeting God in heaven, God asks why did you not take the boats I sent to pick you up as he kept on refusing the boats saying to the captain’s it’s ok God will save me until he finally drowned.
    The world is offering an alternative to neoliberalism called the multipolar world it is here and up and running and values sovereignty the right to self determination above a all else yet euranglolanders so glazed and dazed can’t even recognize their savoir instead they’re head stuck in some yesterday notion of an NWO order that will never come and already has passed.
    It isn’t an orchestrated one cabal or cartel rule it is a genuine reaction to neoliberalism well thought out and nationalist to its core.
    Euranglolanders conditioning is so strong it can’t allow prosperity through other channels supportive of sovereignty instead we get this throw off of a NWO Vatican lead charge which is bullshit. For a start the muslims didn’t sign onto the Vatican’s one world religion, secondly the Hindu didn’t sign on to the one word religion despite the fascist Hindu Modi, thirdly the Taoists didn’t sign onto the Vatican’s one world religion.
    That’s most of the world’s population right there so for the people above who think 1.3billion Christians can bring about a NWO while the multipolar now exists you’re becoming a joke please get a grip on what a millenarian sectarian is and from what I read they have always been the fuel to feed the elites who feed the western egregore. Exceptionalist aspirations are a dangerous thing before we can understand the Jew we have to understand our own exceptionalism first in all its ugliness.