Construction boom shows doomsayer ‘experts’ wrong on Russia

RT – Nov 9, 2019

Moscow City, Moscow. Click to enlarge

The cottage industry of ‘experts’ predicting the inevitable demise of Russia for years is ignoring the hard evidence of progress such as the infrastructure projects that the West is unable or unwilling to undertake itself.

The late US Senator John McCain once famously snarled that Russia is “a gas station masquerading as a country.” British scholar Robert Service – a biographer of Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky – seems to echo that sentiment in his latest work, ‘Kremlin Winter’, published last month and receiving fawning reviews in mainstream Western outlets such as the Financial Times. 

Judging by the reviews, Service’s book is little more than a journey through well-worn cliches about Russia popular among the experts in ‘Thinktankistan’, the league of doomsayers who have been predicting ‘Russia without Putin’ for as long as he’s been in power. He describes the Russian economy as being roughly the same size as that of the Netherlands, dependent on oil and gas exports, and not manufacturing much.

One could counter that the Russian economy is actually twice that size, or offer reams of data on its ongoing diversification.

Problematic trends such as alcoholism, violent crime, and demographic collapse have largely been halted or reversed since the 1990s, when they emerged as a side effect of predatory privatization – pushed and praised by the very think tanks lamenting Putin for 20 years now.

In the view of Western experts, President Vladimir Putin is the one keeping Russia down while funneling money into the military. Except that he’s not, slashing the military budget in 2018 to focus more on infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Russian military has not been any less effective – the success of its Syrian expedition is one obvious example, especially contrasted to the expensive but ineffective US interventions.

Winter is commonly associated with gloom in the West (e.g. Shakespeare’s “winter of our discontent”), but the season simply does not have the same gloomy connotation in Russia. Instead, General Frost is remembered fondly as the ally against Napoleon and Hitler.

While the calendar winter is coming, it’s a metaphorical springtime for Russia in terms of construction. While public transportation and infrastructure in the UK and the US have fallen into disrepair under the austerity policies of the past decade, Moscow has embarked on an ambitious plan to expand underground and light rail. Over the past decade, the Russian capital has built over 120 kilometers of metro rails and 64 stations (as of mid-2018), in the most ambitious expansion program in the Moscow Metro’s 80-year history. It might even be the most ambitious in the world, far as anyone can tell.

Lakhta tower, St Petersberg. Click to enlarge

The Moscow Metro is just the beginning, too. Once the last stretch of the federal highway M11 is completed by the end of 2019, any Muscovite will be able to drive the 684 kilometers to St. Petersburg to marvel at the Center. That 462-meter, 87-story skyscraper will be the tallest building in both Russia and Europe once it is completed in 2020.

Good news isn’t limited to Moscow or St. Petersburg, either. Crimea was connected to the Russian mainland by a 19-kilometer highway bridge in 2018, which is now open to both cars and trucks. With the completion of the parallel railway bridge, passenger train service is scheduled to start in early December, with freight trains following suit in the spring. This will be a major step in further integrating with the rest of Russia the peninsula that seceded from Ukraine in 2014.

The Kersch Strait Bridge, linking Crimea with southern Russia. Click to enlarge

The US and its European allies cited the accession of Crimea as a pretext to impose trade sanctions on Russia, hoping they would “isolate” Moscow and break its economy. Those hopes have been repeatedly dashed, however, as the sanctions spurred the growth of domestic industry and agriculture.

It also spurred Russia to sign a major gas deal with Beijing in 2014, and launch the construction of the ‘Power of Siberia’ pipeline in the Far East. The 2,000-kilometer pipeline will connect the gas fields of Yakutia with the Primorye region and China when it opens in early December, weeks ahead of schedule.

Two other gas pipelines – ‘TurkStream’ under the Black Sea and ‘Nord Stream 2’ under the Baltic Sea – are also on track for completion by the end of 2019. Once operational, they will provide Moscow with reliable avenues of supplying Europe with natural gas, free of potential obstruction by hostile governments – as was the case with Ukraine in 2009, for example.

Kremlinologists sitting in their ivory towers in the West dismiss all this observable evidence of progress and strength as mere “surface gloss of prosperity,” insisting instead on finding some “underlying weakness” at the heart of Russia. Yet the past two decades have proven them wrong, time and again.

One is almost tempted to conclude that residents of Thinktankistan are projecting all the economic and political troubles of their own countries onto Russia, much like the proverbial scapegoat. The proof that they’re wrong is in the pudding – or the roads, as the case may be.

Nebojsa Malic, senior writer at RT




3 responses to “Construction boom shows doomsayer ‘experts’ wrong on Russia”

  1. Nebojsa is obvously correct. Putin with one brain is smarter than all the collective brains of thinktankistan.

    Or maybe it too difficult to let go of precious shibboleths, especially if you are paid. The paymaster oligarchy gets its rents via usury and various finance schemes, not through production.

  2. Wow, the truth comes out and western MSM and the Khazarian mafia (ZioBankster) Thinktanks are full of excrement. Russia and China are part of the New Silk Road or Brick and Road Initiative (BRI) and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the new Shanghai Exchange Mechanism (Bank of International Settlements – BIS alternative / replacement). Once Germany and its EU come on board, this Eurasian Landmass LAND power will replace the Anglo-American Israeli Alliance (the Sea Power), but Turkey must leave NATO first. Then the dominos will fall. To think this all started with a group called BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. However, do not forget that this is just another manifestation of the NWO!

  3. Make no mistake; Israel is a Jewish Talmudic Bolshevik creation from start to finish & birthed from Mother Russia – Godless & Communist just as the United States has now become.

    Israel was a creation designed to give more than a so-called ‘National homeland for Jews’ and control of Jerusalem and the increasingly important Middle East of the Suez Canal and nearby oil fields – it was a ‘crime bunker’ and entry point for Soviet Communist penetration of the United States under the cover of a ‘Biblical’ Israel which clueless Zionist Christian Americans fell for and continue to fall for to this day.

    In fact America’s Christian evangelists are better described as de-Christianized Zionists. Firstly, they believe in the Jewish god of revenge rather than the Christian God of forgiveness: they believe in the Old Testament more than they do the New Testament with the exception of the book of Revelations. Secondly, they give priority to a Judaic state in Palestine rather than a Christian state in America. Given that these dumbed down victims of Zionist ideology are more concerned about foreign, rather than domestic, issues they could be referred to as de-Americanized, de-Christianized Zionists.

    America’s political leaders are not, nor ever have been true Christians or even true Americans, but Zionist traitors who use the support of Evangelical Christianity to win elections solely in order to promote foreign policies supporting the illegal Zionist state in Palestine.
    There is not a scrap of difference between Zionism (Jewish Nationalism) and Bolshevism {Jewish Internationalism).

    Israel is LITERALLY legally TIED to the United States who is now transferring its wealth, technology and even people – technology specialists – over to its sphere of influence, the new Rome, capital of the Pan Eurasian Belt & Road Initiative – Jerusalem. Like a vampire, Israel has slowly sucked the US dry and is getting ready to abandon it, leaving it to continue to plunge into absolute chaos and a Police State.

    Israel was founded and run by Polish and Russian Communist Jews from day one. ALL of the initial leaders of the Stern and Irgun gangs were Russian Communists. Every single Israeli PM is either born in Poland-Russia, or they are the sons of Polish-Russian immigrants to Palestine. The rest were born in Poland-Russia. Now, have you ever bothered to check these simple facts? I never did – til now.

    Israel had been helped continuously by the Soviet Union who assisted at every turn to set it up – whilst also arming the Arab states. The goal – destabilize the region. Just as Putin has been ably assisting recently in Syria with Iran, whilst working closely with Israel.

    Yes, Vladimir Putin, the KGB grand super spy is deep in bed with his Polish buddy Bi Bi and all his Jewish friends – old Communist Russians and Poles, who have access to ALL the American high tech sector in the greatest security penetration ever – E-V-E-R! Its been going on for years – right under the noses of the American people and even worse, the various security services have even appeared at times to assist it.

    The sons and daughters of this Teflon coated Communist scum now hang with Trump. They totally infect the entire US government including Wall Street, Banking, Media, Hollywood, etc., and they are deeply embedded into Israel which was set up as a Socialist Marxist state that provided a back door into the United States from Russia.

    And finally, when Israel is no longer needed, it will simply be abandoned or destroyed allowing Russia & China to gain total world dominance with Antichrist Putin at the helm. For more on this topic go here: