NYT Says We Need Refugees to Fill ‘Void of Cultural Diversity’ in Towns That Are Too White

Kyle Hunt – Renegade Tribune Nov 5, 2019

Even though White children are a minority in the US school system and most major cities have been ethnically cleansed of a White majority, there are still some towns that are not diverse enough for our jewish supremacist overlords. The New York Times has argued that refugees need to be resettled across rural America, into areas that are a “void of cultural diversity” (too White).
One of the examples given of a “void” is the majority-white town of Missoula, Montana, which is more than 89 percent White and 3 percent Hispanic. Amazingly the entire country was around 90% White in the 1960s before jewish Senator Jacob Javitz pushed through the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. jewish supremacists have made it their unrelenting mission to commit a massive genocide (according to the UN definition) against the White population of America, as well as White populations around the world.

New York Times editorial staff. Click to enlarge

The article details how Congolese refugees in the US are looking to bring their relatives into the country through the refugee resettlement program.
The New York Times reports:
To supporters like Mr. Engen, the Congolese are filling a void of cultural diversity in a town that is nearly 90 percent white. In the 1980s, Hmong refugees from Laos settled in Missoula. The children of immigrant families are usually the few students of color in city classrooms, while their parents work long hours at businesses eager for the help.
The argument being put forth now is not even that this will somehow benefit or “enrich” White Americans, but that these poor refugees are not feeling welcome and comfortable enough in areas that are “too White,” so therefore “diversity” needs to be forcibly shoved down everyone’s throats to better accommodate the new arrivals.
The New York Times previously reported that “New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.” Oh, boo hoo! So now we need little Congos in every town in America?
The US has permanently resettled more than 1.7 million foreign nationals and refugees through a number of programs and there are around 445,000 in the US through a Temporary Protected Status program. This all costs the American taxpayers around $9 billion every five years.
If the jewish supremacists get their way, these numbers dramatically rise in the coming years.


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  1. here in the UK government tells the CBI ( Confederation of British industry)
    they must employ foriegn first, this means almost all the people living on the streets are our own people.
    Conspiracy news gave evidence in a recent exposure that the NHS shows far more foreign nationals in th UK than our own people.Small farmers are deliberatly bing put out of business so big builders can but the land cheap to spew up millions more rabbit hutch housing for more inmcomers.
    Whistleblowers in the New Labour administration gave much evidence of anti-british policies, many of the new housing estates are on flood plains and new extra driain away or sewage run offs have been built.
    Crime figures for the migrants have all been D noticed,
    The only enemy is your government

  2. well said Kevin Player

  3. They’ve got to go back!


    Here in America, YT ppl couldn’t move fast enough into their own communities. Problem is, they needed to TAKE from OUTSIDE their community in order for it to “some what” stabilize. Notice I DIDN’T SAY GROW.
    So now, you think by bring in a new crop of “Darkies” that you can still maintain your 1950’s ways of “Yt control” thinking. I give it a year. Or until the “Move in funds” dry up.

    LOOK! Call it right. Caucs running to the MEGA cities for the jobs, and your worried as HELL as to WHOSE gonna MAINTAIN the FOOD FARMS, out in the country.

  5. Amazing and pleased to read all the gibberish spewed out by the American and British/European lumpen! Boys, boys: you came, you won and conquered…. in the past! Now it’s the turn of those people you complain about to come, win and conquer! You may say “we took it by the sword!” Yes, you did but times have changed: weapons and means of occupation and conquest are different now! We the new conquerors don’t want to destroy the country and make the land unusable like you did when you came! We want to take over peacefully and enjoy it, not destroy it! One advice: send your white women over to the conquerors so that the poor women revive and enjoy their womanhood and you guys, just go and enjoy each-other… you are so good at it!

  6. Love this because it prompts the question: was this written by a Zionist to incite frction between the races?

    We leave readers to decide.

  7. It wasn’t written by a zionist. Jews like to operate in stealth mode unless they are playing the victim card. This article is too much too much goyim knowing and shut it down category.

  8. I Say that we need goyim reporters and columnists to fill the void of religious diversity in Newspapers and TV channels that are too jewish.