German Actress Absolutely Destroys Traitoress Merkel in Open Letter, ‘You Belong in Prison’

Mike Walsh – Russia Insider Nov 7, 2019

Angela Merkel: the face of a psychopath? Click to enlarge

Dear Frau Merkel,
You are the most despicable and criminal Chancellor the German people have ever had to endure. You brought the German people terror, war, poverty and death by deliberately and illegally importing illegal migrants into the country, hundreds of thousands of mercenaries, terrorists and other die-hard criminals
According to article 16 of the constitution, not one of those who arrive through safe countries has the right of asylum in Germany. That is why all your guests are illegal criminals in Germany. The Schengen and Dublin agreements were also deliberately illegal. In the vow you have sworn, among other things, to keep harmful things away from the German people, but you do, every day, exactly the opposite.
You have no mandate to deal with the needs of all citizens, but only for the good of the German people, this alone was your mandate. You are nothing but an employee of the German people, for the power belongs to the people, and not you.
You consciously incited the entire nation against each other, split it and destroyed entire families. And you cap it all by insolently repeating the lie that we Germans are doing better than ever?
Due to your illegal guests, all public events must now be massively secured, surrounded by fences and guards armed with automatic weapons. There are now protection areas for women who seek protection so that they will hopefully not fall victim to sexual abuse committed by your guests. Every day your guests commit crimes of shocking violence.
Poverty among our elders and children is higher than ever. Almost a million Germans live on the streets. Helping these people, this was your mandate, and not flooding all of Europe with invaders from other cultures and feeding them with billions of hard tax taxes. Are you asking for respect?

Silvana Heibenberg. Click to enlarge

Your invaders, mostly criminals, who rape and kill in Germany, are then taken under your defense (and mainstream media / police) and portrayed as victims of “Right-wingers”. If you really wanted respect and possess a conscience, you would answer for your crimes before a court.
If justice does not visit you the people will because power belongs exclusively to the people, and the German people are your employers.  You are nobody. No Chancellor has ever intentionally caused the German people so much harm and suffering.
For the future, I only want one thing: that you and your entire entourage be brought before a court of justice for all the law violations and you and your cohorts go to prison for at least for life. Such a high betrayal of the sovereign people never existed in the history of Germany.
Paid commentators and hypocrites who still lick your rear, unable to think clearly and with their own mind, can refrain from any other adulation of you, for no reasonable man take such people seriously. I despise you deeply and wish you the punishment you deserve.  With much contempt, thanks to your Stasi platoon.
Retired actress, Silvana Heißenberg.
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Original source: The Ethnic European

24 responses to “German Actress Absolutely Destroys Traitoress Merkel in Open Letter, ‘You Belong in Prison’”

  1. excellent and proper letter, thank you !

  2. I love this and it speaks for both German people and their Anglo saxon brothers here in the UK.
    There has been petition after petition here in the UK to deport foregn nationals who break our lws, but this British government is as racist as that of Churchil.
    Angela Merkel was an east german communist jewess, greased into power by rothschild and the jews.
    The haters say she is Hitlers daughter pure bunkum
    they say Hitler was a rothschild more pure bunkum
    they say Hitler lived after the war in Chile Argentine Scotland etc. more pure bunkum.
    Its time we got the ropes and hung a few traitors from lamp posts,
    if the jews think its so good to have these people in our country, why is there none allowed in israel ? put them all ona boat and send them to israel

  3. Angela Merkel is achieving what her half counterfeit-Jew (Rev. 2:9) dad: Adolf Hitler, achieved; the destruction of Christian Germany

  4. Hut fuer Sie und Respect, Frau Silvana!
    Finally a gracious, brave and honest German woman who speaks up as it is for her country. And I fully agree with her. It is a terrible situation in Germany and growing if nothing is be done to stop it.

    The German people must listen to her, wake up and throw out that bunch of socalled politicians who are the German Government.
    Put them before the Court, indeed. Thereafter all of them who brought unnecessary violence, sadness, social unrest and poverty over such a beautiful country and its friendly and hospitality people, need the “Mussolini Treatment” be given.

    Time for an 1846 and high time for an Otto von Bismarck II to take the lead in good old Germany. The people deserve it, it is their country, their land, their assets and their properties and Merkel, unilaterelly is giving away the property of the German people.

    God bless Germany and his people.

  5. God bless Frau Silvana Heissenberg.
    Well put.

  6. Hear hear to the above comment.The suggestion that Merkel is related to Hitler is pure disinformation. However that is not to say there are indeed some questionable things about him….The stop order for example and the refusal to allow German troops to make tactical withdrawals.What you can say is…Hitler was surrounded by crypto Jews…..Himmler,Goebbels etc.
    The suspected crypto jewess and former Freemasons scholar and employee of Tony Blair….Jacinda Ardern is doing the same to New Zealand…..the third world immigrants have yet to become sufficiently emboldened to start murdering and raping…..AND there is every chance the Jewish controlled media wouldn’t report it anyway!!…..
    Is the German media controlled by Jews….well in virtually every other western country Jews control the media….so it would be very surprising if they did not.

    Incidently…..there have been reports that the current Argentinian Zio-Pope has denied that Christ was resurrected…..WTF!….Its called destroying the church from within…..Catholics really must consider removing him from office…..You dont have to be a Catholic to realise you cannot have a Pope questioning the foundation of the church and expect the institution to survive……this is bizarre.

  7. What a brave woman, unfortunately the jews control the banking system through the net of private “national banks” , they control the EUCB and the BIS in Switzerland. They control the press in EU and the US, apart from FOX. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Hollywood are controlled by them.
    They can shut down the financial system and create chaos within a week. They have the ultimate power. Voltaire once said; “May God spare us from the jews”. The last man to stand up to them was A.Hitler, now demonized beyond all recognition. I don’t see much hope for western civilization right now, maybe Trump has halted their plans for a decade, but they play the long game.

  8. 3 years ago the German authorities dug up Hitlers parents and hid them ina new secret location to discourage sightseers.
    At a Berlin lab and also one in the UK, extensive DNA testing proved there was no
    jewish DNA present.
    I will repeat this for the numpties,
    Hitler allowed the Britiah army to escape, because a large contingent in the UK hire archy wanted to join him against Russian jewish communism.
    Although our royals are jews, they were terrified that they would go the same route as the French and Russian royal families, so secretly got the very popular king Edward VIII
    to be peacemaker, this was the real reason Churchill wrote his resignation speech, it had nothing to do with Wallace Simpson, Churchill informed him he resigns or dies in a nice air crash, which was Churchills favourite method

  9. The waddling piece of pig shit stuffed into a sock will have a shudder ‘n shake attack once Merkel pig hangs from a hemp rope and shits into her Hosenanzug for the very last time.

    And then there’s still couple million human garbage to deport from Teutonistan.

    Would be boring to not have some plan for the future, would it not.

  10. Just as Rothschild tried to push communist jews the Millipede brothers onto the UK
    the comunist pervert macron onto France
    so the German people got Merkel
    wake up people, we do not need to be slaves to the jew

  11. See the mistake Germany made by not passing a law to forbid former East Germans from holding high political office for forty years after re-unification.

  12. They say its so cold in London today
    that the jews have their hands in their own pockets

  13. “If you really wanted respect and possess a conscience, you would answer for your crimes before a court”.
    This is the problem: they don’t possess a conscience.
    If they had one, they wouldn’t come to Europe, they would come back to their countries and they wouldn’t pretend to live in Europe thanks to the taxes paid by European workers.
    They don’t have a conscience and this is the real reason for which there is the interest to flood Europe with such criminals.

  14. Angela Merkel was behind the prosecution and imprisonment of 88 year old Ursula Haverbeck who lived near a german work camp and exposed there were no gas chambers
    no shrunken heads no jews ground down to fat to run the trams and no chair backs made of human skin, this heroic woman needs our support, they say she will die inside.

  15. “What you sow, you will reap”. Merkel has sown division and discontent in Germany, which is a Jewish trademark. Her Jewish roots are in Poland. She admitted before the Knesset (Parliament), when visiting Israel, that Hebrew was her mother tongue. Silvana is spot on with her letter. With people like her, there is still hope for Germany. .

  16. It’s a good letter but the actress obviously has no idea that Germany is 100% controlled by the U.S., therefore the witch is an employee of the U.S., not of the German people and this rapefugee weapon and the genocide of the German people is manufactured by the U.S. to destabilize the whole of Europe (if Germany falls, Europe falls) and to take over the world

  17. I have written a letter to Ursula Haverbeck. She is a hero and people should be shouting her name and the TRUTH from the roofs. It breaks my heart that she is in prison and that the Germans are still mostly absolutely clueless

  18. The judeoschitzoids needed Europe and Amerika to build and protect israel. Now that it’s been done, Europe and America are of no use.

  19. The commie jewess Merkel is now doing to Germany, and the German people, what the jews were unable to to during WW2..

  20. Merkel’s traitorous dead blue eyes tell the story right there.

  21. Well spoken, Silvana – millions of sane people in all european countries are agreeing with you!
    Much respect and admiration to eastern-european countries like Hungary, Czech, Serbia, Poland and more, for keeping islam and other enemies of Christianity out of their countries, protecting their population, life-style and heritage and also teaching their children in schools about the history of their countries so it’s never forgotten!