Leaked footage shows moment Israeli policewoman shoots Palestinian in the back ‘for fun’

  • Israeli policewoman alleged to have shot Palestinian after telling him to run away
  • She was later sacked after the offence was released and may face charges
  • Video of the incident was released by Israel’s Channel 13 news agency
  •  Believed to have been recorded at the al-Zaim checkpoint outside of Jerusalem
  • Human rights group B’Tselem said the incident was down to ‘culture of impunity’

William Cole – Mail Online Nov 5, 2019

This is the shocking moment an Israeli police officer was recorded shooting a Palestinian man in the back ‘for fun’.

Leaked footage, believed to be from the al-Zaim checkpoint outside of Jerusalem, shows the man falling to the floor in howls of pain after being hit with a sponge-tipped bullet.

Broadcast on Israeli television, the cruel footage shows border officers shouting at the young man to ‘get out of here!’ in Arabic.

One officer then points his rifle at the Palestinian man, who holds his hands up and starts to calmly walk away.

However, Channel 13 news agency report that the police then continue to shout contradicting instructions at him as he begins to panic, before one of them shoots him in the back.

They report the police as saying the man was not seriously hurt, although newspaper Haaretz reported that he was ‘seriously wounded’.

Israeli police said they removed the policewoman from the force after learning of the incident, while other police involved in the incident were re-assigned.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the justice ministry had opened an investigation into the incident, which he said took place a year and a half ago.

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Israeli Soldier Shoots Unarmed Palestinian in the Back

13 responses to “Leaked footage shows moment Israeli policewoman shoots Palestinian in the back ‘for fun’”

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    Discusting attitude and behaviour.
    And nobody is going to put her in jail for this coward deed?
    Oh, this is called “Israhell is defending itself”, I see.

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  10. Unpleasant, disgusting, but not at all surprising. Coming soon to your town if you let them win.

  11. Oh dear, I sympathise with the other comments but these videos and images while (likely) real, are released with the idea that you’ll become angry or even angrier. Like the images of Abu Graib torture, these are released so you become conditioned. The first time I saw a video of a US policeman murdering a member of the US public, I was upset that such a thing could happen. Now it’s a weekly event.

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