If a tree falls in the forest….

Irish Savant – irishsavant.blogspot.com Nov 6, 2019

“If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it did it still make a sound?”. This is an apparently subtle question from philosopher George Berkeley. To my mind it’s bullshit because…….of course it made a sound, you dipstick. But actually he might have been onto something in that if an event takes place and nobody is ever made aware of it did it really take place? The same question arises with a planetary time warp (you can see my superior mind at work here).  So here’s my point: If nobody hears of  the depredations of a country’s black/brown invaders have those depredations – from a practical perspective – really occurred?

Irish Minister of Justice and Equality meets Brandon Arrey. Click to enlarge

I ask because there’s been a truly embarrassing faux pas by Ireland’s Minister For Population Replacement, the pathetically useless Charlie Flanagan. Charlie made a big fuss of ‘new Irish’ athlete Cameroon-born Brandon Arrey as he recently introduced a new raft of Orwellian ‘hate’ legislation. He wished him well as a symbol of the New Ireland. He didn’t know how right he was. Because within days Arraey was shown up to be a misogynistic racist of  the worst kind. Earlier tweets recorded him in conversation with a Hispanic associate – “Well you are just a Mexican bastard and your mother is going to have a miscarriage and die with the unborn baby still inside her”. Lovely. And his new countrymen didn’t escape his wrath. “Went to the Burren [County Clare] today and the tour guide kept calling me Brendan. I was like my name is Brandon you fucking whore, I was ready to kill the Bitch”. “Shut the fuck up you white wigger!!!” and “Ireland will be multicultural in 10 years and your kids will have [no more than] the same rights as mine. I can only laugh writing this” summarised the esteem in which he holds his new benefactors.
Oh deary deary me Brendan. I mean Brandon. You landed the Minister with a PR disaster. Well you would have had it been reported in the media. But it was not. In contrast to the blaze of publicity surrounding the launch, the exposure of Arrey for what he is was met with a wall of silence from the Irish MSM. So special thanks to The Tricolour, a patriotic site trying to ensure that trees falling in the forest do get to be heard.


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  1. Sport is a political weapon no more that that
    Football in particular is the NWO weapon of choice, talented English players are turned down to get in black players.
    One magazine recently said the English football team only had 3 English players
    how shocking is this.
    The politicians who brought in all these people should be hanging from lamp posts

  2. Well it’s about time someone organised a lynching party then.
    Be aware that the British Secret Police are headed up by a crypto jew….Andrew Parker and apparently increasing resources are being diverted to control people who object to the Jews immigration program.

  3. Know your philosophy.
    So what do we mean by the word ‘sound’? Percussion vibrations passing through the medium of air? Then if there is no receptor, or ear, we can ask, was there a “sound, or were the vibrations only dissipated into the trees of the forest with no sound? Berkeley’s argument that “being is perceiving” was not coined to challenge the classical realists, but to challenge the empiricists and materialists of his day who essentially said that the only valid source of knowledge was from sensual perception of the physical world and that innate knowledge and revelation was bunk. This line of thinking (in the branch of philosophy called epistemology asking the question “What is knowledge?”) of course had implications into other areas of philosophy and religion, including ethics which back in the 1700’s was a subject charged with more with moral authority than the etiquette of our day. Berkeley, who was also an Anglican bishop, in order to thwart the atheistic trend, essentially pointed out that one cannot prove the existence of any “thing” without a perceiver. In the grand scheme of things he postulated that God who is the Creator is essentially the grand perceiver of all things. Hume also said that you cannot get from an “is to an ought”, which essentially meant that a statement of fact alone can never give rise to a normative conclusion of what ought to be done. This view at the time also significantly encroached on the largely Thomistic- Aristotelian “natural law” foundations of Christian moral thinking, which taught that because something has a certain nature it “ought” to behave according to that nature. There was also the implication in the empirical – physicalist thinking – that despite any cause or will of a Creator, mankind was not bound by such. Berkeley suffered a lot of ridicule in this time and since, but his challenge to the physicalist and materialists has not been answered, and now with the rise of Quantum mechanics it appears that perception does in a scientifically verifiable way affect reality.

  4. Interglacial periods only last so long… and those islands will be covered in deep ice, so maybe the EU’s ‘immigration’ plan is working after all in depopulating the safer zones to the south?

  5. OMFG!

    1 click bait of some “Cross over”… does NOT equal an INVASION. 1 damned FOOL does NOT speak 4 THE WHOLE. Speaking 4 the whole. INTEGRATION DOES NOT WORK!

    U could VISIT… Sure. RESPECT THE CULTURAL DIFFERENCES. I don’t need 2 go someplace that has a Mickey D’s on every corner.