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Reddit – Oct 2019

Thunberg and parents in antifa t shirts. Click to enlarge

Given how popular this child (yes, she is a child – not a scientist, not an economist – a child) has become, I would like to know more about her.

Let’s start with some fundamentals: her religious background, because I think it’s important to know which God™ she believes in — if any.

Based on my research:

  • Her mother: Malena Ernman (jewish?)
  • Her father: Svante Thunberg (jewish?)

Whenever I do a search for Greta Thunberg, I see tonnes of jewish newspapers heaping praise on her “activism”, and have also noted that the boat Geta sailed across the Atlantic on was owned by the founders of Israel:

How did an unknown child from an acting family in Sweden, get on Rothschild boat, and then in front of US Congress — speaking on a topic that she knows almost nothing about?

Whenever I see Deep State False Flags (and make no mistake, I believe Greta™ is one — a global “agent provocateur”), I have come to learn the managers are almost always Zionist, and often jewish.

Are we seeing another (typical) example of this pattern? Have they no shame? Using children to cry in front of cameras — again:

I am interested in exploring the agenda of this global “agent provocateur”:

  • What’s her “mission”?
  • Who sponsored her to speak in front of the US Congress?
  • She isn’t a isn’t a scientist – with expertise on climate change;
  • She isn’t a isn’t an economist – with expertise in economics;
  • What’s her religion? What God does she believe in, if any?