Young British Girl Explains What She and Her Friends Go Through at a “Diverse” School

BitChute via Renegade Tribune – Nov 4, 2019


9 responses to “Young British Girl Explains What She and Her Friends Go Through at a “Diverse” School”

  1. Poor girl is in grave danger, parents must withdraw her immediately and write to school saying that if they cannot guarantee our child’s safety, then she will not go to school. Consider home schooling and include jujitsu or Krav Maga training.

  2. It’s time for all moral and right and thinking people to empower themselves and take affirmative action , against this depraved and evil scum and make sure the political parties are involved and then we will see what they are made of.

  3. This is why so many Brits are home schooling their kids.
    At my nephews school adult homosexual males are a real pest to the boys a sthey come out, this used to be called poofeteering, police dismiss it saying homosexuality is no longer a crime.
    why do we put up with this sickness ?
    My sister in law is a social worker in Bolton UK she says Asian cab drivers were taking under age girls to Rochdale Manchester and surrounding areas for Asian males to have sex with, some of these vulnerable girls were aged just 11 and 12 years of age,
    one girl said she was abused over a 4 year period by between 80 and 100 asian males
    what are the police doing ? fuck all

  4. The sickness continues, when New Labour were secretly sponsoring PIE
    and like the BBC giving job preference to homosexual deviants, i knew we were ona down ward slope
    BTW the word “GAY ” is insulting to homosexual deviants as it stands for Grab A Youth
    proving the link between pedophilia and homosexuality

  5. Why did the cameraman do his best to reveal her identity towards the end, zooming in to reveal her facial features, instead of protecting her by pixilating her entire face and hair? Cameramen often do this in supposedly “identity protected interviews”, revealing as much as possible of the victim’s face, even in silhouettes. They prove themselves unworthy of trust.

  6. Name the school and let’s get it closed down! Time for the head to face the fury of the British people.literally as the police will not do their jobs

  7. No one should blame concerned Americans and Europeans for moving out to other less-damaged more traditional societies and countries or to the mountains and caves! Specially now that things are going down the curve.

    Every country and people has it’s share of sickness and problems. However what we see in the west today is cancer in very advanced stages that has taken over most of the society. No matter how valiantly “white cells” try to fix and defend, it may be futile.

    People afflicted by individualism, liberalism and secularism become ripe and candid for other next-level sick “isms”!

  8. But its all schools, just watch this

  9. It’s all schools, as patriot points out above, because the sickness is sponsored and enforced by governments and those (((insane perverts))) that give them their orders. That’s why it’s happening in ALL White countries at the same time.

    Charging the entire Rothschild family with crimes against humanity would be a good start.