We’re Sanctioning The Wrong People

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News Nov 5, 2019

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

2 responses to “We’re Sanctioning The Wrong People”

  1. This guy is a huge hit in the UK and has a cult following.
    America needs to grow some balls and take its country back from the jews

  2. All goy nations need to take their countries back from the jews, not just America only.

    All the central banks of the ‘leading’ nations are owned by jews who use the power of money to finance their chosen politicians into high office so that jews control all major governments through those politicians.

    England, France, USA, Russia, China, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Canada, etc, are all under the umbrella of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) headquartered at Basel, Switzerland –

    http://www.bis.org/about/member_cb.htm – lists 60 nations whose central banks are directly tied to BIS. Less developed nations are so powerless and so easy for jews to control that the Rothschild Banking Cartel doesn’t bother with controlling their money supply.

    The reason Switzerland is excluded from the wars, immigrant invasions, and evils which plague the other nations is that Switzerland is where jews run their main money operations such as the BIS.

    It’s no accident Switzerland was kept out of WW2, WW1, and prior wars. Another reason besides the BIS that Jews keep Switzerland neutral is so Jews in Switzerland can do business with nations on both sides of the wars.

    The Rothschild banksters control the whole world, not just America. These banksters are the human hierarchy through which Satan rules the world by the power of money.

    Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senators, Governors, etc, are just political puppets, front men, hired help, through which bankster jews control the governments of the nations.