Hillary Is The Frontrunner: Polls Have Clinton In Dead Heat With Biden, Beating Trump

Steve Watson – Summit News Nov 5, 2019

Queen’ Clinton heckled at massive rally in Texas

Two new polls seem to confirm that Hillary Clinton is the de facto Democratic frontrunner, and the overall leader in the Presidential race for 2020, as the 2016 loser held a huge rally in Texas on the same night President Trump held a rally in Kentucky.

new poll from Harvard Harris finds ‘crooked’ Clinton in a dead heat with ‘sleepy’ Joe Biden in a hypothetical match up, even though Hillary has not officially declared she is running, despite repeatedly teasing the idea.

The survey asked Democrat voters “Suppose Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and John Kerry decides to enter the race, who would you support as a candidate for President?”

Joe Biden scored 19 percent, with Clinton racking up 18 percent. Elizabeth Warren rested in third with 13 percent, with Kerry on 8 percent, and Bloomberg at 6.

The poll found that essentially, if Hillary were to announce she is running, she would instantly take half of Biden’s support and become the joint front runner.

Meanwhile, a second poll, from Fox News, suggests that Hillary would beat Trump in a hypothetical match up 43% to 41%.

The poll also shows Biden beating Trump 51% to 39%, Warren at 46% to 41%, and Sen. Bernie Sanders at 49% to 41%.

However, some noted that the results of such polls should be taken with a pinch of salt given that practically every poll was completely incorrect in 2016.

Hillary continues to act as if she is running, holding another huge rally this week in Texas.

Clinton took to the stage to Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”(Ironic given that she could barely stand during the 2016 run) with former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards moderating the event.

“There’s nothing easy about what we’re going to be trying to accomplish in the next 365 days,” Hillary said, adding “So we can’t get discouraged, we have to be resilient. We have to get up every morning and keep working as hard as we can. Register everybody you know to vote, and make sure they do vote.”

Clinton was confronted during the event by a protester who asked whether Juanita Broaddrick or Paula Jones qualify as ‘gutsy women’, the theme of Clinton’s latest book.

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6 responses to “Hillary Is The Frontrunner: Polls Have Clinton In Dead Heat With Biden, Beating Trump”

  1. Last night on Jeff Rense radio show his November 4th prediction (yesterday) for Hillary to announce her candidacy was revised to next Monday which would be 11 Nov. The reason being was that she would wait one week before the first primary (NH?) to register.

    It looks to me with all her recent appearances she is definitely thinking about running, but she did poorly a couple weeks ago with her sparring with Tulsi. She also made the claim she has the right to be president. This would be her last chance.

    Trump’s campaign lies and refusal to do a damn thing about big tech, the wall, illegal immigrants, and reduce troop levels significantly has hurt his base and most definitely killed his chances with the swing voters. So there’s like a perfect 50/50 chance of voting results right now.

    I believe Trump’s fate depends completely on the stock market and economy, which is why Trump is being very vocal about the Fed aggressively lowering interest rates. The problem is the Fed FOLLOWS interest rates and the stock market does whatever the hell it wants to. If the market plunges anytime now to the election that would be the last straw and Hillary would be swept in by a big majority.

  2. Why this whorey bitch isn’t swinging from a rope says a lot about the corrupt and lop-sided American Justice system . . .

  3. Those people who voted for Trump did so to keep hilary out
    god help us/
    When the Monica lewinsky scandal broke, Hilary was going to take bill to the cleaners, so Sheldon Adelson said to her keep your mouth shut and we will make you president,
    she is a mad as a box of frogs
    god help us

  4. Good comments all! These polls are all lies to sucker the sheeple again. The sheeple must turn off the MSM, stop watching the Bread and Circuses: NFL football, American idol, NHL hockey and all those daytime and evening soap operas. Surf the web and find the ALT Media sites to learn the truth.

  5. Yeah hey ! stormin norman is so right,
    The soldiers who marched on the Houses of parliament with a rope to hang churchill
    for taking us into 2 needless wars, had the right idea.
    Close all synagogues in this country and turn them into soup kitchens
    Read the needless war, its on line, its by Archibald Maule Ramsey
    this tells the truth about what the jews did

  6. Notice Whore-Clinton is addressing the crowd from a chair….normally you would a podium of some sort.This shows she is probably incapable of standing up for more than a few minutes.
    Surely Americans could not vote for this crypto jewess?……
    At the next election there’ll be two Jews standing against each other……that way you can be sure that the billions of dollars of American taxpayers money will continue to be siphoned off into Tel Aviv banks…..year in year out.