Suppressed News? Or Disinformation? Test Yourself

We were a little sceptical when we first encountered the following but ran it anyway because; if nothing else it is a dynamite piece. However, when it transpired that Dan Senor was still in Baghdad and after several correspondents expressed more scepticism, it was decided to continue running the story, but with an amended introduction.

Because, If nothing else it is object lesson in modern disinformation. First and foremost, it appeals to the emotions. Note how it calls the readers attention to Palestine and Iraq and how America is being used to secure the Middle East. We all know this is true but that is the hook. Such hard truths are being used as bait, to draw the reader’s sympathies into a bigger lie. Note too how the reader’s sympathies are further engaged by references to “kids killed for no reason” and how Senor answered questions, “occasionally wiping away a tear”: all of which are used to lure the reader’s sympathies into the central deciet.

Namely that Dan Senor actually said these things at all.

The ultimate goal of this story is to discredit those media outlets that actually run it. And those websites that do carry it are most likely to be in the “alternative” fold: websites like What Really Happened? Rense, Counterpunch and this website are all obvious targets. Read it and learn: this is prime disinformation…Ed.

Senor Shows Human Side, Is Whisked Away by Security Contractors
Ron Jacobs in Baghdad’s Green Zone – Counterpunch

In a surprising turnaround, Coalition spokesman Dan “the man” Senor admitted to media gathered inside the Green Zone Thursday that American helicopters had knowingly attacked a wedding party 15 miles from the Syrian border and southwest of the town of Qusaiba. Earlier, the Coalition had denied the charges, claiming that the attack was against “enemy fighters.”

“There were no enemy fighters in the area,” said Senor. “Our soldiers knew that the only people in the village were Iraqi civilians. They went ahead and attacked anyhow. It’s a form of terror we use often.”

This acknowledgement by Senor confirmed what local Iraqis had been telling Arab and European media since they were notified of the attack. Television outlets broadcast film taken at the scene, showing a truck heaped with bloody bodies, many of them wrapped in blankets. Several of the bodies shown were those of children. Until Senor’s statement, US officials were insisting that the dead were all “foreign fighters.” To prove their point, these officials produced weapons and passports they claimed they recovered from the scene.
“We bombed a safe house,” said General Abizaid “There were nothing but foreign fighters in the area. They deserved what they got.” He went on to describe the village as one known to be friendly to the resistance against the US occupation.

This version of events was challenged by doctors and nurses at nearby Ramadi hospital, who told media that forty-five people had been killed, including ten women and fifteen children. Doctors said most of the children were between 2 and 5 years old. Independent media reporters were able to obtain photocopies of the passports the Coalition claims they found in the rubble of the houses destroyed in the attack. None of the descriptions or photos matched any of the dead or wounded. When confronted with this, Senor admitted that there were no foreign fighters in the village.

“There were no foreign fighters in the village,” said Senor. “In fact, there are no foreign fighters in Iraq except for those fighting with the Coalition. Just like the WMD, the whole foreign fighters helping out the insurgency thing is a lie.”

This admission was followed by a quarter-hour of rapid-fire questioning by the assembled media. Most of these questions centered on the acknowledgement by Senor that the administration invaded Iraq knowing that Iraq possessed no WMD. Senor fielded the questions, occasionally wiping away a tear.

“You know,” he said. “I was willing to go along with this whole invasion and occupation because I truly believed that Saddam Hussein was a bad guy who really was a threat to the United States. I told my bosses that I would tell you guys in the media anything that they wanted me to tell them. WMD, Al-Queda, anthrax, no prison abuse or only isolated prisoner abuse, whatever. But when I saw those dead kids killed for no reason in their sleep I don’t know, something just cracked inside of me. I couldn’t justify it. I mean, there’s no way those kids were foreign fighters and, if they were, then we really shouldn’t be here if babies are picking up weapons to fight us.”

Reporters wrote Senor’s remarks down, incredulous at what they were hearing. Never in the collective memory of all the media gathered had any government spokesman been so candid. Senor continued, switching to the topic of Israel.

“As for Israel,” he began. “They have no intention of stopping their assault on the Palestinians. They want to dominate the Middle East with the United States. It’s all part of a big plan to” At this point, two unidentified security contractors dressed entirely in black jumpsuits similar to those worn by SWAT teams in the US grabbed Senor. He was led away at gunpoint. Chaos ensued among the press corps as they raced to file the story. While attempting to send their reports via the internet, all connections were mysteriously shut down. This reporter was able to relay his report via a separate wireless connection maintained by independent supporters.

Senor’s current whereabouts are unknown, although unnamed sources at Abu Gharaib prison in Baghdad have told this reporter and other media that he is being held there and will be shipped to Camp X-Ray at Gauntanamo Bay soon.

The White House and Pentagon have denied Senor’s statements in separate press releases. The White House went further, suggesting that Senor had either lost his mind or forgotten who was signing his paychecks.

Ron Jacobs is author of The Way the Wind Blew: a history of the Weather Underground, which is being republished by Verso.

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Having posted the above we contacted the writer Ron Jacobs, asking for more in a similar vein. Realising that he been caught out, he wrote back:

“Thank you for your email. I am currently away and not reading email.

If you are writing regarding the Dan Senor story… please read on. It is not true. It was a satirical piece that took on a life of its own. It was not my … intention to mislead anyone. Please accept my apology for any confusion.


Now ask yourself: does Jacobs article read like satire? Dead and dying children are not great for laughs and Ron Jacob’s knows it. But having been caught out once he lies still more, in an effort to cover his butt. This is the sort of man who now works for the Powers That Be. Indeed he may even work for US military psy-ops in Iraq, putting together press briefings with Brig. General Mark Kimmitt and Coalition spokesman Dan Senor. And when he’s not bury censoring field reports he probably relaxes over a few drinks and jokes about dead and dying Iraqi children. Ron Jacobs: make a note of that name, he is a professional liar who puts Goebbels to shame.