Trump must go on the offensive against Big Tech

SEIZE the domains of Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to force end to censorship

Mike Adams – Natural News Nov 4, 2019

I was speaking with former ambassador and U.S. presidential candidate Alan Keyes yesterday, and he made the crucial point that since government is an extension of the People, politically-motivated censorship of the Peoples’ ability to engage in speech is, in fact, a form of treason against America.

By selectively censoring conservatives and Trump supporters, tech giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Reddit and YouTube are engaged in criminal treason and must be held accountable for their actions.

It’s time for President Trump to seize the domain names of Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others, taking them offline until they agree to respect the fundamental civil liberties upon which any free society is based… namely, freedom of expression.

To achieve this aim, Trump merely needs to declare these tech giants to be engaged in criminal collusion to violate the civil rights of millions of Americans. Because of what’s at stake — the 2020 election and the very future of a free society — emergency actions must be taken to halt the treason of censorship and force these civil rights violating tech companies to respect the fundamental civil liberties enshrined in the First Amendment, without which no election can be legitimate, fair or free.

The treason of Big Tech must be stopped now, or the 2020 election is illegitimate from the start

The tech giants are right now engaged in criminal collusion to silence all pro-Trump voices as a means to steal the 2020 election. These are crimes of treason against America, and those crimes must not go unanswered. When such powerful, multinational corporations decide to overthrow nations and install their own hand-picked leaders against the will of the people, those corporations must be not merely stopped from committing treason, but dismantled and prevented from ever operating again.

Google and the other tech giants now believe that they alone get to choose who becomes president, and that their un-elected, anti-American CEOs and in-house spooks get to appoint the leaders they want. The will of the people be damned. The First Amendment is being shredded by these criminal corporations that now pose the single greatest threat to the future of America and the free world.

It is time to stop their collusion and treason against America. Human freedom cannot coexist with tech giants’ censorship, so we either dismantle the tech giants or we kiss human freedom goodbye.

Restore freedom of speech in America by taking down the criminal tech giants and arresting their CEOs and managers… they are all treasonous CRIMINALS

To restore freedom of speech in America, Trump must now identify the tech corporations that are violating the basic human rights of free citizens, then seize their domain names and shut them down, only allowing them to rejoin the internet community once they agree to operate as public utilities that provide services to all, regardless of political affiliation or types of speech.

The evil tech giants must also be forced to stopping banning apps that offer political speech they don’t like. Apple continues to ban the Natural News upgrade app, claiming that because we are critical of Satanism, abortion and vaccines, our app is not welcomed on Apple device. (Yes, Apple is pro satanism, infanticide and vaccine murder.)

Just as it would be wrong for a phone company to deny phone services to people based on the speech they express during phone calls, it is wrong and illegal for tech company gatekeepers to deprive Americans of their free speech civil rights merely because the tech companies don’t like what people are saying.

Tech TRICK: All conservative speech is “hate speech” according to lawless, dishonest tech CEOs

As you’d expect, they’re claiming that censorship of conservatives is merely enforcing “hate speech” provisions, but the catch-22 in all this is that lunatic Leftists believe all conservative speech is, by definition, hate speech. Thus, they are censoring political speech by deceptively labeling it “hate speech.”

This is unacceptable in a free society.

The censorship treason of the tech giants must be stopped, or America as we know it will cease to exist. To silence the speech of tens of millions of Americans based solely on their political views is simply irreconcilable with democracy in any form.

President Trump, seize the domain names of the tech giants and make them stop their treason. The very survival of this constitutional republic depends on the restoration of free speech online.

Arrest the CEOs and managers of the tech giants and charge them with treason. Restore freedom to all Americans by taking down the powerful, malicious corporations that directly oppose freedom.

Send Jack Dorsey to prison for life, which is actually a more merciful punishment that what he deserves.

Where can you find freedom on the internet? Here are the sites:

Read all the censored news headlines from across the web at

Watch censored videos (or post your own) at, the free speech alternative to YouTube.

Check out other news aggregation sites like, or

Use alternative search engines like or (which searches independent media).

STOP using all Google services. AVOID all mainstream media fake news broadcasters (which now includes Fox).


3 responses to “Trump must go on the offensive against Big Tech”

  1. Noble sentiments but how do you expect a President who allowed over a Trillion dollars for the implementation of 5G and then 6G, who well knows how dangerous this tech is, as Mar o ‘Largo is except from the roll out, but instead pitches it as race to beat China. I am afraid the rot is bigger than just the tech companies.

  2. Does Mike Adams really think Donald Trump is going after big tech? BLOTUS sits on the bully pulpit and has nothing thus far, either because he is a huge tweeting bullshitter or that he doesn’t understand the power of the Presidency. So far he’s nothing but a ass hat clown making all kinds of noise and doing nothing.

    With all the great hope swirling around Trump the police state marches on, and this Trump savior deception is going swimmingly well for the mega-state designers pulling the levers of power.

    Trump is all hat and no cattle like they say in Texas. He’s long on talk and short on action, and the reason I believe is that his Presidency is an engineered deception of the highest order. All this Q-Anon speculation and 4D chess is an illusion entertained by a desperate population sensing their beloved America going straight to hell.

    This theory is back up by everything we have seen thus far, like his reversals and kowtowing to Israel, he even gave the Golan Heights to this terrorist state, and now is openly proclaiming ownership of another state’s oil. A high crime for any other head of state except that he’s a pirate on the USS Bounty.

    In the meantime the deficit and federal spending is soaring, the national debt just swooshed by 23 TRILLION and who cares, everyone thinks El Trumpo is some great business man when in fact his businesses filed bankruptcy 6 times.

    When Trump gets done wiping his ass with the United States and our Constitution the nation will be wrecked beyond recognition – and this was the exact fear projected on Hillary. The nation needs a strong leader that arrests thousands of deep state and wall street operatives, not some playboy spendthrift who spent other people’s money then defaulted throughout his entire career.

    Trump’s no conservative, he doesn’t represent our values, he is in only for himself and his raging monumental ego – which is having the good effect of him doing whatever he has to so he doesn’t lose the next election to Hillary – which would crush his ego and cause an immediate heart attack. You see Trump can’t be alive and lose, his head would explode.

    With all the damage done by Trump thus far voters might give Hillary a chance and see how she works out, and in my estimation she would be more fiscally conservative and less likely to cave to Israel. Hillary may be bad but Trump may prove worse.

  3. Poor Mike, ever afraid to use the “J” word . .